the perfect roommate

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it is a very helpful essay and will make your college years better.

Tenzin Yeshi

Ms. Schaefer

English G2

12 March 2019

The Perfect Roommate

Ever have an annoying sibling where you never connect such as different hobbies. Well, this can relate to having a roommate since living together is a necessity. Living with a roommate is the same as a sibling so this essay would be helpful for finding the perfect roommate. To start, the roommate needs to do the same hobbies, they need to be clean/tidy, and needs to be chill.


First, the roommate needs to do the same hobbies because it’s going to be more fun. Imagine going to parties together and playing fun sports together. In addition, gas money can be saved since carpooling is an option. This means that the roommate will start to feel more comfortable and allows them to understand each other better. For example, if there is a group of friends going bowling, they will get the time to have fun with each other and talk a lot. These experiences can help to develop a stronger friendship which is needed between roommates.


In addition, the roommate needs to be clean/tidy because all the chores shouldn’t be weighed on one person’s shoulder. They have to clean their own part of the room or their dishes which is a healthy habit for anyone. These chores will later adopt as a necessity which helps both roommates to keep a clean and functional room. This can help both roommates get better grades because they get better at reminding themselves of their agenda such as homework or a chore. Another reason is that they can keep neat binders where their work is easy to find.


Last but not least, the roommate needs to be chill because some things wouldn’t be as awkward to talk about and helps the vibe be easier. This means that if there is a problem, the roommate would be a friend to go to which strengthens the friendship as well. Being chill also eases up the vibe and the relationship would be fluent. For example, asking them to play some duos on Fort would be an example of a good vibe. Having a good vibe would help roommates have fun during their stay and help each other out.


Finally, the roommate needs to do some of the same activities, they need to be clean, and they need to be comfortable. Roommates would have a better friendship after doing a lot of the same stuff together. They would also have a clean and environment which helps them both gain better habits. The most important reason is that they both need to be comfortable around each other. Students need to read this essay before moving in with a new roommate because living with someone where it’s awkward and boring is not how fun-filled and exciting years of college are suppose to be spent.


Submitted: March 21, 2019

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