Our battles are not ours to face. Let these words inspire you.

I'm tattooed on their memory. I want them to remember me. Recruiting former enemies, they all wanna be friends with me. Maybe it's this heart of mine, or maybe it's my energy. Like a splash of color on black & white, I'm painting my own legacy. I'm graciously embracing life. I'm not trying to fuss or fight. I woke up thankful for today, another chance to get it right. The sun will shine. The rain may fall. I'm not afraid to lose it all, caused what I gained is priceless. The blessing I've attained was worth the pain, any way you slice this. I'd rather expose my broken beauty than pretend I'm not in crisis. With every salty tear that falls, and stains my pretty face. A smile will appear when in remembrance of his grace; his undying affections. His correction in my twisted course that led to introspection. Realizing what he locked & blocked was meant for my protection. Logic says I should never have made half this far. It's humbling to look back, & then acknowledge where you are, and where you could have been. Reminisce about treacherous paths you've traveled that you never will again. There's new territory meant to discover if you just step out in faith. To waste the opportunity would be a grave mistake. The road is far from easy. The sacrifice is great. Sometimes you should accelerate instead of putting on the brakes.

Submitted: March 21, 2019

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