Cosmic Knight Episode 26 The Battle

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Submitted: March 21, 2019

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Submitted: March 21, 2019



Hello guys. In the last episode we have seen a start of the war with Leo's doing countdown. Before we begin I want tell a few rules about the battle. The rule one is the battle is fought in waves. The attacking side send wave and the defenders have to fight with them. Rule two there is no other rules than these two. In will also you drama script style for a few more episodes. So without wasting time let's get started.

Scene 3 (Warzone in the battle)

Leo: What can you see?

Shooter: Nearly 20 of them are coming towards us.

Vanessa: 20, ok. Listen they will attack in waves, every next wave will have double the number of enemies than the leat one.

Tracy: Double the number?

Leo: Yuuup! But they are 20 and we are 17 that's not fair.

Shooter: They are in range.

Vanessa: Leo equal the number.

(Leo aimed his gun and then pulled the trigger six time.)

Leo: Done sister. We have only one to one enemy. Let's show the what we are.

Vanessa: Fire in the count of 3. 1, 2, 3 fire.

(And all the members pulled there triggers and after multiple six shots. All the enemies were dead.)

Eagle: Did it. They are dead.

Falcon: We won.

Kyra: Won, yes.

Charlie: We won. Game over?

Leo: No, we had just survive. More to come. Shooter report.

Shooter: Some big robots are coming.

Leo: Robots. They are using destroyers. Shit.

Vanessa: All hide. All hide Shooter report when they are in They range.

(Listening this all ran to hide behind the rocks. After a couple of seconds later.)

Shooter: They are now.


Leo: Vanessa pull.

(And Leo raised up an there was a box thrown by Vanessa to which Leo aimed and pulled the trigger. There was a deadly explosion right on the head if the enemy. Which made the destroyers to fall down.)

Sabrina: What was that?

Vanessa: T-90, most deadly externally triggered explosive.

Python: Wave to complete?

Leo: Yes it is.

Eagle: Wave Three now. Shooter.

Shooter: Foot soldiers, number 80.

Leo: All out.

(And all walked out from where they were.)

Leo: Guys just 940 to go.

AJ: Just?

(And there was a bit of laugh. An the third wave was there . The warrior fought bravely to them 41 were dead.)

Vanessa: Guys only 39 to end this wave.

Leo: All fine.

(All replied yes. But than.)

Viper: Ah..

Leo: Viper are you fine?

Vanessa: Viper.

Omega: Viper.

(Dodging from the bullet ran to Viper.)

Leo: Let me see. Gun shot M9. Oh. Don't worry nothing will happen to you. You are just getting unconscious because of the shock wave.

Sabrina: Leo is he fine?

Leo: Don't worry he is a warrior. Guy he needs rest and I can't take any risk you guys. I am retreating the battle.

Viper: No, no retreating.

(He faints.)

Eagle: No we will not retreat.

Gloria: Will never retreat.

Shotgun: No we not.

Leo: I can understand you feel, but sorry. Victoria retreat them.

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