A poem with a little how robots started and my robotic version of me.

My Robotic Self:


In 1952 at the earliest,

The idea of robot from anyone

Came about from George Devol

With his robotic operating buddy named Unimate

Who would be protected with things as serviette

From its worn clothing and mouth to get things done

On every good and fine level

And keeping everything up to date


While stories as “Sonic” and “Star Wars”

Have given fun and loving robot characters,

Including ones, like Vader, at least partly mechanical,

Many dreamt of having a look-a-like of themselves

From the shell to the very core

And still programmed well for speech and orators

Or brutal enough to break any handcuffed manacle,

Plus also being as technologically advanced as Microsoft’s Excel


The closest for me would have to be

A humanoid cyborg named Schwarzenegger

Who is dark blond, not very talkative, and good to many,

Especially to fans who receive gestures

And autographs for free

For his generousness and acting as The Terminator,

"Predator," "Twins," and "Wonders of the Sea" for awards reflecting a gold Emmy

While mindfully giving tribute to any predecessors

As Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr.

To make his life more super


Since the compliment of looking and sounding like him

At 13 and in 2008’s fall time,

I’ve resembled him truly notably with a trim

With hair and smiles as shiny as a dime,

Plus showing smart moves

The good terminator would display

From the really old to youths

In anyways the genius traits would splay


(Chemic Robotics club’s undefeatable reputation

Was inspired by him and practices of chelation)


While Arnold is 71 and still around,

Let us all be glad he continually looks and sounds robotic

While being active and kind,

Deserving a big crown

For best actor for roles never chaotic

And, from now through his death, let his glory be fondly defined!!!!

Submitted: March 22, 2019

© Copyright 2022 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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