Cosmic Knight Episode 27 The Twister

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Submitted: March 22, 2019

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Submitted: March 22, 2019



Hello guys. In the last episode Leo retreat his team back. Which was quite shocking. This episode begins from the room where the team was present before going to the Warzone. Let's see what happens. This episode is simple narrative form.

In the room all the team members except Leo and Vanessa were sitting on chair but was unconscious. Leo and Victoria entered the room. And walked towards them. "Leo it is the time to wake them up." said Victoria. "Yes, cadets wake up." Leo commended.
And all waked up by the loud shout and were surprised. "Where am I?" said Viper. "I can't see properly, Viper are you fine." said Omega.

 Slowly all got conscious and were able to see clearly. "Leo why the hell you retreated?" said Viper standing up form his chair and pushing it back. "Yes, why you did that? We could easily kill them, cause of you they had won. And we lost the battle. Can you explain why?" said Elisa in her fighting manner. "Yes why, we were winning." said Shotgun. "Guys wait. Relax. Listen to me." Leo was interrupted by Kyra "What you will say?" Victoria getting irritated said "Quite. Silence. Listen to him."

And all were silent by this and Leo said "Thank Viki, listen to me I sent you back because the situation was turning bad there was no other way I could protect you. Secondly I retreated you from battle, but I didn't retreat the battle."  "What you mean?" said Blade. "I mean you were not in battle anymore but I was there." Leo paused "And bow you can think the one who don't retreat an game would retreat an battle."

All were shocked by this "So what you did?" said Viper. "Ended them forever." Sabrina said  "We didn't loss."  Victoria said "Yes, you never. Leo give them the real news now." Leo said "Guys prepare for the ultimate shock. Which is you were never in the battlefield." "What the hell are you saying? We were there fighting there with them." Victoria said "You were not, you were actually in a simulation which have just given you a fill that you were in the battle. The suit we give you were designed to unconscious you we needed."

Shooter said  "How is that possible?" Leo said"Today is 3 of March you all were unconscious from last 36 hours. And the shock is not end yet. This all that happened from you from the entering the school till the Warzone all was a test, and congratulations you passed it. I proudly welcome you guys to the Cosmic Institute of Element X. Where you will learn the science of... No sorry where you will learn about Element X, the institute from where Sam had passed."

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