A few years after the Tokugawa unification of Japan, a Clan known as the Kasade challenge the Tokugawa in war, but behind the scenes, a strange man conducts a ritual to summon beings from the underworld. how will the people of unified Japan fight against the yokai siege?

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A nameless figure places a bright shimmering Orb on a pedestal. Chanting a ritual, the orb glows red, and with it's power, a rift to the underworld gapes.
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Chapter 1: Beginnings

In this skirmish, we're introduced to two warlords of the Tokugawa Clan; Shin'en, the Bloodshade and Draganouve, Gungnir's Fury. Through waves of Kasade soldiers, they fight, but one of them, and
only one is spared by Shin and captured by the Tokugawa.
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