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A short story in 500 words

Submitted: March 23, 2019

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Submitted: March 23, 2019








There was a loathsome child, and the loathsome child had no respect for anyone or anything. So, one day when the loathsome child had chased the birds away in the park from their food for the umpteenth time, something had to be done.


The big oak tree in the centre of the park was alive with the sound of avian chatter. Sparrows, Finches, and Robins bombarded the large black crow with all their worries.

“He’s horrible, as soon as we start to feed, he chases us away!”

The crow listened preening his wings, then with a nod of his head announced, “Then something has to be done.”

The birds with the crow returned to where all the good people left them food. The crow instructed them to feed.

As soon as they did, the loathsome child jumped out from behind a tree screaming and shouting and waving his arms. He even attempted to jump on the Robin. He really was a loathsome child.

The crow watched perched on top of the drinking fountain and when he had seen enough, took flight.

He flew high above the park all the time watching the loathsome child as he threw stones at the ducks and geese in the pond.

As he flew the crow all the while pondered what was the best punishment he could dish out to this loathsome child.

He swooped down low to get a better view of this despicable creature. He saw immediately that the child was rather large for its age and this needed to be taken into account.

The loathsome child was too busy terrorising the pigeons to pay attention to the fact that a large black bird was sizing him up.

Satisfied with what he saw, the crow once again climbed high into the sky. He needed as much speed as possible for his attack.

With his wings outstretched, the black crow closed his eyes muttered something in ‘crow’. Then as if by magic his wings became longer and his talons became stronger.

With the loathsome child firmly in his sights, the black crow folded back his giant black wings and like a black missile, started to make his approach towards the loathsome child.

The loathsome child continued to bully the little birds totally unaware that a black cloud was now loaming above him.

The black crow was almost upon the loathsome child, then pulling out of his dive the crow unfurled his wings. The loathsome child now for the first time looked up to see the black crow above him.

The loathsome child waved his chubby arms above his head as the black cruciform shadow of the crow fell upon him.

The crow was unperturbed by such feeble defiance and seizing the opportunity opened out his sharp talons grabbing the loathsome child by his equally chubby thumbs and plucked him off the ground!

The ducks quacked, and the Sparrows, Finches and Robins chirped at seeing the loathsome child being taken away.











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