Brazil and Nato?

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Donald Trump had suggested that Brazil could join Nato in the future. Now, Brazil is an ally of Nato and the United States, but not a member, just like Sweden and Finland. But what the actual hell would Brazil do in Nato?

Firs of all, it's called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. North Atlantic. Does Trump know that Brazil is mostly located in the Southern Hemisphere? Besides, isn't Trump the one who complains how Nato costs ridiculously much for the US, so why would they want another member?

Okay, Jair Bolsonaro is like the Trump of Brazil. They seem to be quite similar when it comes to political opinions, so maybe they would be great partners in leading a treaty that's main goal is to protect Europe from the Soviet Union, or Russia, nowadays. Yeah, I fail to see why Brazil would care about how European countries handle their defence.

But who am I to say? Finland and Sweden literally have a shitton of soldier in Sweden, training with Nato forces... or actually they are training together and fighting against Norway's army, which has some Brits and Americans mixed in. We are literally in the same situation as Brazil, at least when it comes to relationships with Nato.

Except, not really. Brazil isn't probably faced with a lot of military threats, as it's a large country. Finland is in a shitty position when it comes to that, as we have over 1000 kilometers of border with Russia. That actually makes us joining Nato a tricky thing, as it could easily result in a war between us and Russia. Although, we could possibly not get fucked up, since we would have Nato troops fighting for ( I mean with) us. It's honestly such a confusing situation, as all the politicians here say "we're independent, we have nothing to do with Nato", but then we have US soldiers and Marines in Lapland getting the same training as Finnish soldiers, and Finnish pilots doing drills on US aircraft carriers.

Overall, I doubt Brazil has much interest on defending Europe in case Russia desides to attack Baltia or something. It's far away, and Brazil can easily work with Nato or the member countries independently, without putting too much money into it. It could benefit the US, but Brazil, not so much.

Submitted: March 23, 2019

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Bert Broomberg

An interesting essay. I'd say, there is probably some financial background to Trump wanting to tighten the military ties with Brazil. It must be something having to do with the fact that Brazil has a rapidly growing economy. The U.S. usually want a piece of that type of pie. Besides, expanding influence in South-America has always been one of the key elements of U.S. foreign policy.

Mon, July 8th, 2019 2:30pm

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