Cosmic Knight Episode 28 Building The Team

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Submitted: March 23, 2019

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Submitted: March 23, 2019



Hello guys. Sorry for being late I was actually having a few exams. So let's see where we were. There was a surprise for all. And this episode will also have a few surprises. So let's get started.

In the room where everything was happening, all were standing together. Leo was going to speak something but was interrupted by Omega "Guys I am sorry I can't continue with you guys." Leo "What you mean?" Omega replied "Straight forward I don't want to continue." Viper said "What are you saying?" Blade said "What are you doing you know?"  Victoria said "Don't want to continue, what all.

 We don't want any reason?" Leo "Guys if anyone want to quit I will not force him. You can go Omega but remember if you want to return the doors are always open for you my friend." Omega said "Thanks Leo and sorry guys." and Victoria showed him the way to out. Rest of the members were in grief for what has happened.

Vanessa entered from the room and walked towards the group and said "I got the news Omega left." Leo said "Yes he did. Okay I want you to give you a news, there was one more member in you team who would make your team to number 18 but now omega had left you will be just 17." Shotgun said "Who is the one?" Vanessa said "You guys know him." Leo said "He is the king of mischiefs, the backbenchers rock star of our class. I proudly introduce to you the bunker Troy."

Leo pointed towards the entrance. An boy entered the room walking in swag he will went to the group and said "Bunker boy is back. How are you all?" Eagle said "Fine. How are you Troy." Troy said "Well and good." There was a small laughing talk among the group and there was little happy mood among all.

All were getting fine and Leo said "So we all have got the team made. And what is left is to now let's go to the place where you will spend you next a few years. Victoria please teleport us."  Elisa said "Wait before going tell how you won." Leo said "It is a long flashback back. But I will tell it to you."

Guys I want to tell you that What the hell if.... Episode 2 will be out on 29 March so please don't forget to comment about the topic by 27 March.

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