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If you think about it The 'end' is really unholy. Ahh, who cares again who cares. ying and yang you should not kill..made in the image it's all weird really again who cares who cares

Submitted: March 23, 2019

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Submitted: March 23, 2019



This gotta pay off it just has too!


I don't have a backup plan


All my spirit is poured into this.


Maybe it's cursed now.


All my time spent alone


What is love?


Who needs it?


Not I, dead prez be whispering




These thoughts are offset, I'm just upset.


Bitch complaining fcking up the plan


didn't I tell u just sit n be cute, support me.

fuck just sit and be cute you know I love you bae, muah.


Dead end job doing security with no security.


I quickly learn it ok not to care for those with empty pockets.

My pockets got empty I got left in hell.


Being broke is the real root of all evil. So I got really close to the devil.


We're cummin damn girl gone in sixty seconds. Fuck the world I screamed.


I thought about giving up on my dreams.


My circumstances my life failing at almost everything.


If I never discovered the truth where would I be what thoughts would appear.


It is what it is.


I'm on a path you could say. I have to take care of family


Family is everything.


I spend my days thinking about how will I leave this earth.


I spend my days Thinking how can I double my money


I spend my days thinking what have I sowed


So I can reap during times of harvest.


I hear the voices telling me there talking about u.


I know it false but I can't help it when the whispering starts.



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