Diamonds are a lie.

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who understands really?

Submitted: July 13, 2019

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Submitted: March 23, 2019



i don't who i am no mo

I lost myself

I gave up

I stopped believing 

slide right slide left

walk let's get it

this will be the story that tops them all 

I just left Maui I was having lunch with Drake

He ordered fish he suggested the hibachi steak

tailored suits diamond chain gator shoes

big money spending

my nose is stuffed my pockets flooded

I can't get any sleep now the money keep  callin

in the morn I wake up

the sunlight beaming thru my windows

I do a lil stretch and my mind starts racing

how will today go so I do the only thing I know

I pray for all greatness

I hear the devil on my shoulder so we play chess

I'm winning, of course, no stress

today will be better than my yesterdays I made promises

I step on a few toys it reminded me of what I had invested.

now I'm a hero let me put my cape on

I don't even remember the old me

I'm lying I do I swore to god I would change my ways

old habits are so hard to break

I know he forgave me I'm still here

I'm crazy enough to fight the bronx bomber 

Nah scratch that now I'm talking crazy 

my stomach it's bubbling omg too many pills on my stomach lord help me I'm sinking fast

life is a game of chess make the right moves 

King me not just in name gimmie the status.


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