Undercover Agent X

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a undercover agent, who is found of girls has went to complete a mission where he meets two girls.
this story is about how he used them both to complete his mission, with whom he starts the relationship?

Submitted: March 24, 2019

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Submitted: March 24, 2019



Undercover Agent X

On Monday, I woke up on a bed with a woman, who is sleeping naked. I didn’t want to wake her up so I decided to clean the mesh and move away. When I went to shower, she woke up and came straight into the shower.

She told “Thank you, it’s one of the greatest night that I have lived.”

I was looking at her speech less and she was naked. I didn’t remember anything about her like how I met her or how we ended up here on same bed. All I remembered was that I was assigned to catch the dealer who is willing to buy a new un-marketed illegal device which can duplicate your DNA and produce a human body with in few seconds by my boss Mr. Linc on Saturday. I had to work undercover to spy on the buyer and let the boss know about this. All I wanted was a photo of the buyer but the main problem was that no outsiders were allowed there. If you wanted to get inside then you would surely use a secret card with a secret pattern on it.

Or else there was another way is that to accompany with someone who was having that card. If you get caught inside, you surely opening the death doors to welcome. At Saturday’s dawn I was walking along the park which was near to the club where the deal was taking place. I saw thin, white woman with a height of approximately 160 cm, she had tempted me all my levels off with her smile. I had been with many girls before who were excellent at some things. I had this feeling to be with her too. She had someone beside her, may be her friend. Her friend is too cute and was just like a kid, who is polite, generous. I met both the friends. I introduced myself. The tall woman name was Christy and her friend, who was kid cutie, was Sam. I myself thought that Christy was the card holder but later I came to know that the card holder was Sam but not Christy.

I found that they both are living in the same hotel room. So, I booked the one beside one. It was too expensive too afford, as everything has its price, the room, the card, the ladies has their own price. I liked my job so much because its helps you to get pleasures time to time. I had at least one make over at the place of my undercover mission. At the time after completing my dinner, I reached out to the window to watch the city night lights then I saw Christy talking to some guy. He handed her a gun. I didn’t understand anything about that. In the mean while I heard someone knocking the door. It wasn’t a single person but a group. I peeped through the door hole. I saw nearly six people who seems to be some bodyguards. I didn’t know what to do. I made myself look like one of the members of room service and escaped from them by going into Christy’s room. As I expected Christy wasn’t there in the room. But for my worst, Sam had come out of the room after having her shower. I froze for a second after seeing her. I didn’t have any idea what to do. i started walking towards the door to avoid that moment with Sam. Then I heard a voice of Sam said me to stop. Already I was not a person who controls himself. Sam approached me. I thought this could be my chance to go to the club with her. I also cooperated with her. She started to kiss me and I thrown her on to the couch and jump on her. We started undressing each other. When we were above to start hooking, someone knocked the door. I cleared all the mesh as quickly I can and Sam had opened the door. I was sitting on the sofa, drinking a glass of water. Christy had fired up on me, what I was doing there.

After that incident, I didn’t know what they had been discussing all night. I fall asleep by watching them murmuring something. On next day morning, I went to a walk in the near by park. Again, I saw Christy talking to some guy. This time they both saw me. That person with Christy called some others they all are hiding inside the park. They chased me into the streets and lanes of the city. My training had helped me a lot in knocking all of them down. I diverted one from the group towards me to put them down. I rushed towards Christy to know the truth. I came to know that she was also an undercover agent who came to know about the deal. I couldn’t understand this thing that a secret agent must stop the deal but we both were sent to obtain the information about the deal. Whatever I had to get some clothing for the party tonight. As I expected, Sam invited me to the party. I completed my shopping with the help of Christy. We got too close enough in those fine hours.

We all three had just entered the party. Sam dragged me towards the bar to have a little talk. While we both are conversing, I noted a person who was surrounded by bodyguards. I thought maybe he would be the buyer but he is the one who set the deal. He went into a special room n the club. I followed them slowly. It was the first time I felt my heart beating hundreds of times. The way had been becoming too silent as the deeper I was following them. In that bloody situation, someone had put a gun to my head from back. My heart had stopped for a while. I felt my sweat falling from my chin. I was too frightened to look back and started thinking about my last wishes that hadn’t fulfilled till now. Any ways he or she, who was behind my back would kill me. So, I thought if it was she then I would have kissed her for the last time. When I turned back, it was Christy. My heart became normal and all my thoughts had flown away. I led our ways towards them and she had my back. We both reached and we successfully completed our mission. While we are returning to Sam, some of the bodyguards spotted us. I started running. After running some distance, I realized that Christy wasn’t with me. I again ran inside to find her she was shooting all the others. For god’s sake, I didn’t had a gun. I really wanted to help but I had nothing to fight. At some point of time, Christy got shot on her shoulder. She can’t fire with that injury and all the guards were rushing towards her. I had to do something told my inner voice. I spotted a gun which isn’t that near to get hold of but if I manage to get there then I can help Christy to get out of the place. I got hold of the gun and within a minute or less I killed all the men standing there to hurt Christy.

I covered her injury and we both left the club. Before I left the club, I texted Sam that I had become sick after drinking some stuff so I was heading home. I and Christy had reached my room. All the reaming had known to you.

These was all that happened before.

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