Daughters of Luna

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Five Daughters of Luna Selene: The Deity of the Moon and their mate, Wolves of Fenrir. This is their story of how they were born, how they met their mates and how they finally came together.

A man drops from the night sky and the landing is hard as he screams and moans in pain. He stands up and looks up at the moon.

“MOTHER! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” he shouts at the moon.

Soon a large wolf runs past him and the man runs after the wolf.

“Sienna! Don’t run away from me!” he shouts as he chases after the wolf. All through the woods with the moonlight as the only illumination, the man chases the wolf, until he finally catches up and sees the wolf growing at him as it backs away.

“Sienna, please. I only wanted us to be together. You and I are both children of Luna. Please, you must come back with me” said the man as a collar magically appeared in his hands and he carefully walked towards the wolf. Suddenly, howling could be heard and out of no where five large wolves pounced on the man.

The wolves soon shifted into human men that tightly restrained the man as the collar in his hand dropped to the ground and then disappeared.

The wolf shifted into a beautiful woman with white hair, gold eyes and a fair complexion.

“Sienna please”

“I don’t love you, brother. I cannot bring myself to love you, not in the way that you want” said Sienna.

The moonlight soon shined over them as more wolves approached, shifting to their human forms. They were followed by a wolf that was larger than them. In fact, it almost towered over them, but soon started to reduce in size as it shifted into human man. He made his way to Sienna, covering her up and holding her.

“You violated my daughter, Auric” said the man.

“She’s my sister, I love her. It is you and mother who have kept us apart” said Auric as he struggled to get free of the men who were restraining.

“You put a magical collar around my neck to restrain me. Raped me, forcibly impregnated me. So, yes, I went to our mother and told her what you had done. Who do you think removed the collar from my neck?” said Sienna.

Auric’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I love you, Sienna. Our child...” he begin to say.

“Our child is gone. After mother removed the collar from my neck, she took me to Hades and he removed the abomination that you forced inside of me” said Sienna as her gold eyes stared at him with fury.

Auric continued to struggle to free himself.

“Sienna, no! Our child! You killed our child!” he said.

Auric finally broke free, but before he could reach Sienna, he realized that he was unable to move.

“MOTHER! LET ME GO!” Auric screamed.

Suddenly a strong whirlwind surrounded Auric, making his golden red hair blow wildly. As the whirlwind spun faster, Auric begin to scream in pain, his veins showing through his pale skin as the muscles in his body contracted. The whirlwind soon dissipate and Auric collapsed to the ground.

Auric, you have been stripped of your powers. This is your punishment for what you have done to your sister.”

Auric struggled to stand as he weakly looked up at the moon.

“Mother, please. Don’t do this to me” he sobbed.

Sienna’s father looked at Auric.

“You violated my daughter, your own sister. For no logical reason other than your insane notion that you were ‘helping’ your mother keep her lineage alive. Luna is quite capable of keeping her lineage alive. She does not need your help”.

“You should watch how you talk to me, Wolf. Without my mother, your flea-ridden race would be dead now” said Auric as he stood up.

Sienna’s father, Fenrir walked up to Auric, shifting into an anthropomorphic wolf that towered over Auric.

“It is you who should watch what you say. Remember that you are the product of an ill-advised affair between Luna and an insane man who tried to kill his own human wife because he thought she was tainted and tried to rape their young daughter, so that he could have an untainted son. Needless to say, your mind is just as unbalanced” said Fenrir as he looked down on Auric.

Auric cowered in fear as he looked up at Fenrir.

“Are you going to kill me?” Auric asked.

“No, I will not. Luna does not want you dead, however, I feel quite the opposite” said Fenrir

“Just so you know, you calling me and others of the Lupus Bloodline a ‘flea-ridden’ race. You just called Sienna that, since she is a wolf” Fenrir said with a smile.

Auric looked at Sienna realizing that his choice of words had made him look more disgraceful to Sienna.

Auric was about to say something only for Sienna to immediately shift into wolf form and she dashed off into the night, followed by other wolves.

“Farewell, Auric” said Fenrir as he disappeared into the night.

Auric stood up and cried out in despair as he looked up at the moon.


I have not wronged you. You brought these events upon yourself”

“I will never forgive you, Mother. Never! So, long as I live, until you restore to me what you have taken. I will take from those that you have bestowed” said Auric and he disappeared into the night.


Palace of the Moon

Luna looked down on the Earth and watched as her misguided and insane son went off into the world.

“He always will be a thorn in your side until his life is taken” said Fenrir as he walked in shifting from his wolf form to his human form.

“He’s my son, Fenrir” said Luna.

“He’s also insane, Luna Selene. He is a threat to everything you have set into motion. He needs to be put to death” said Fenrir.

Luna turned to Fenrir.

“What if Sienna had gone insane, would you be able to put her to death?” she asked.

“Even though it would break my heart. Yes, I would” said Fenrir.

Luna’s eyes widened with shock.

“Sienna is a warrior, Luna Selene. First and foremost, she understands that for the pack to survive, there cannot be any threats within the pack. Why do you think she was ready to take her own life when Auric raped her?” said Fenrir.

Luna stood there for a moment and then spoke.

“He is my son. I cannot kill him” she said,

“Then allow me to do it” said Fenrir.

“No. I will not allow anyone to kill him” Luna said.

“Then any of my wolves, both biologically and/or metaphysically will no longer be your guardians and I will instruct those wolves not to ever take of your blessing, if any should I will kill them” said Fenrir.

Luna’s eyes widened in shock once more at Fenrir’s words.

“Fenrir,….you can’t” she begin to say

“You are not the only deity here, Luna Selene. You chose to mate with his insane father. I have wolves to protect and I will not let them and their bloodlines nor our daughter pay the penalty for your bad judgment and your refusal to acknowledge that your son is beyond reason” Fenrir said as his human features partial shifted to lupine.

Nothing more was said as Luna and Fenrir stood and looked at one another. Moments later, Fenrir walked out and Luna cried in despair as she fell to her knees.

“You would let that abomination that you brought into the world ruin everything that you have planned” said Helios as he walked in.

Luna looked at her brother.

“He is my son” she said.

“And he is not your only child, Luna. You have other children, daughters and sons who will die at Auric’s hands because you refuse to see how much of a danger he is” said Helios.

Luna stood up.

“He is merely broken. Broken beings can be fix” she said.

“He’s not broken, Luna Selene. He’s insane, just as his father was insane. All the love and mercy that you bestow to him is not going to cure his insanity” said Helios.

“May I give a suggestion?”

Helios and Luna looked and saw that it was Sienna and standing behind her was Fenrir.

“Of course, Sienna” said Luna.

“Lock him away”

For the third time, Luna was shocked.

“I cannot...” she begin to say.

“Mother, let me just say that should Auric come after me again and/or try to kill any of my siblings or any of father’s wolves. I won’t ask for your permission to kill him, I will just do it. I will not care of what punishment that you will give to me for doing so. I will accept it knowing that I have done what was necessary. Yes, you gave birth to me and nurtured me, but I am also the daughter of Fenrir and I will lay down my life for the Lupines and for my siblings...those that are born and those who will be born”

Luna was silent.

“Sister, your daughter has given you an alternate solution. I strongly suggest that you take it” said Helios.

Luna had no choice, either lock Auric away or lose both Auric and Sienna. With a heavy heart, Luna waved her hand and suddenly Auric found himself swept up by a whirlwind and carried off into the night sky and locked up in one of the stars.

“MOTHER! NO!” Auric screamed

Auric screams could be heard, but they were faint.

“Only a wish made on the star, Altair in the constellation of Aquila can free him” said Luna.

“Let us hope that no one ever makes a wish on that star” said Helios.


Years Later

Luna Selene often looked out of her window at the stars. Tears falling from her eyes as she listened to the faint screams of Auric’s plea that he be released. Luna Selene, ever the caring mother, decided to visit Auric, hoping that it would ease his loneliness and perhaps assure him that she did love him.


“Why are you here, Luna Selene?” Auric asked.

“Why are you addressing me by my name?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“That is your name….. Luna Selene” Auric said in a tone that was dangerously malicious.

“I don’t like your tone, Auric. What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You are what’s wrong. You tore from me the powers that you bestowed me and tore away the only woman I ever loved. Sienna is lonely out there, at the mercy of barbarians who would take advantage of her without me protecting her” said Auric.

Luna raised an eyebrow.

“Sienna is a wolf and a warrior. She has a pack of her own and an Alpha mate. She more than safe and is capable of protecting herself and her pack” she said.

Auric’s widened.

“I am Sienna’s mate! I am her Alpha!”said Auric.

“You are her brother. You were not meant to be mates. Sienna’s destiny is different from yours” said Luna.

“Destiny is what one makes it, Luna Selene” said Auric as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Destiny is also pre-destined and it is clear to me that what Fates have told me is true. I would have two children and one of those children would embody all the madness that my powers inspires in those who minds are broken” she said as tears fell from her eyes.

"Save your tears, Luna Selene. They mean nothing to me. If you must cry, then cry for the heartache that you have brought upon me. Heartache that one day I will return to you tenfold” said Auric.

Luna walked up to her son and tried to reach out to him, only for him to back away.

“Give back what you took from me and I will forgive you and spare you my wrath” he said with an authoritative tone

Luna narrowed her eyes.

“My mad child. I love you, but I will not give you anything” she said and she disappeared.

Auric screamed, vowing to make Luna miserable.


Back in her palace, Luna sent a summons to Fenrir and within minutes, he arrived at Palace of the Moon.

“You sent for me” he said.

“You were right. He is beyond hope” she said as she looked at him.

“What has he said?” Fenrir.

“He wants revenge. I fear that one day he will be broken free of his prison and then he’ll destroy everything I have built” said Luna as she cried.

Fenrir walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her as they looked at each other.

“I’ve been blinded by my own foolishness. Thinking that perhaps over time, Auric would come to his senses. The Fates were right, I have brought forth a child who from the moment he was conceived is and has always been consumed by twisted and destructive madness” she said.

“Madness is part of who you are, Luna Selene. Madness and serenity, a duality that you cannot deny” said Fenrir.

“Yet I have put everything I have planned in jeopardy. I should have listened to Helios, I should have not taken in his father and given him the son he wanted” she said, tears continuously streaming down her cheek.

“We cannot undo time. Even beings such as us are not allowed to do that” said Fenrir.

Luna rested her head on Fenrir’s chest as he held her close.

“What are you going to do should Auric be freed?” he asked.

Luna looked up at him.

“I will need ten of your strongest wolves from any corner of the world. Five to mate with me and five to have sons” she said.

“What is your plan Luna?” Fenrir asked.

“To do what we set out to do when we first approached each other, continue our legacies and create a circle of witches and wolves to live in and defend Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus” she said.

Fenrir smiled

“It shall be done” he said.



Los Angeles, Ca:

Two of Fenrir’s wolves, best friends, Braeden McGrath and Rory Argent are holding their infant daughters by Luna in their arms. Braeden names his daughter, Bridget, while Rory names his daughter, Cadence. Both infant girls have physical traits of their fathers, Bridget, vanilla blonde hair and green eyes and Cadence, red hair and blue eyes. The one trait of their mother that they share is her luminescent pale complexion.

Luna walks up and kisses both girls on the forehead, blessing them with powers as the moonlight shined in their eyes, indication that they are Lunaria Witches, daughters of Luna.

“Protect my daughters, nurture them, give them strength and when the time comes, I will come to them” said Luna.

Braeden and Rory nodded and disappeared into the night.


Toronto, Canada:

Adam Tanaka in his wolf form is prowling through the forest, following the moonlight. He soon comes to a clearing and in that clearing, an infant girl lays in a white woven basket. Adam shifts to his human form and approaches the infant and smiles down at her as he picks her up.

I shall name you, Mizuki” he said.

“A fitting name” said Luna as she appeared to Adam and approached he and Mizuki.

“Will you come back for her?” he asked.

“I will come and visit often, but you will be the one to raise her” said Luna.

Adam bowed before Luna and then gently handed Mizuki over to her. Luna kissed Mizuki’s forehead as the beautiful little girl’s hazel eyes lit up as the moon, showing that she is a Lunaria Witch, daughter of Luna.

“Take care of her” said Luna as she gave Mizuki back to Adam.

“I will Luna Selene” he said and then turned and walked away into the night with his daughter.


Chicago, Ill:

It is night time and Hector Torres is in a heavily wooded area and there he removes his clothes, shifting into his wolf form. Once he sees a sliver of moonlight, he goes deeper into the wooded area until he reaches a clearing where Luna is waiting for him and in her arms, their infant daughter. Hector shifts back to his human form as he approaches.

“What is her name?” he asked.

“You can name her" said Luna.

Hector looked at his daughter and smiled. Her beautiful brown eyes lit up with the moon as he softly stroked her baby fine dark brown hair.

“Adalina, after my mother” he said.

“Adalina, it shall be” said Luna as she kissed her daughter’s forehead.

She needs her mother, Luna” said Hector.

“And I will be there to guide her” said Luna.

Holding his daughter close, he leaned in close and lightly kissed Luna.

“I love you, Luna Selene” he said.

“I know, but we cannot be together. My place isn’t here. However, I will keep my word, I will always be there for our daughter as I will be for all of my daughters” she said.

Hector nodded.

As Luna faded away with the moonlight, Hector turned and walked away with his daughter in his arms.


Baton Rouge, La:

brightly and Luna appears before him and in her arms is their infant daughter. Aramis walks up to Luna and smiles at her as Luna smiles back, gently handing him their daughter. Aramis looks down as his daughter, her light brown eyes shining brightly like the moon.

“Misha is her name” said Aramis.

Luna smiled.

“Aramis, I must tell you something” said Luna.

“What is it?” Aramis asked.

“Our daughter, she will be the one” she said.

Aramis looked down at Misha.

As Misha’s eyes continued to light up, her eye color went from light brown to silver.

Aramis looked up at Luna.

“You chose me, why?” Aramis asked.

“You know the reason” said Luna as she kissed Misha’s forehead and then looked up at Aramis.

“He’ll come after her” said Aramis.

“He’ll come after all of my daughters, it’s why you and the others were chosen to be the fathers of my Lunaria Daughters” she said.

Aramis held Misha close as the infant started to whimper.

“He’s already been freed, Luna Selene” said Aramis.

“I am aware of that. However, he knows nothing of you or the others, at least not yet. You have time before he comes looking. Raise her to be strong, Aramis” said Luna.

“You put a heavy burden on all of your daughters” said Aramis.

“No child of mine comes without a carrying some burdens” said Luna.

Aramis nodded as Luna faded away.

“Lunaria Regina, you have quite a destiny before you” Aramis said to his daughter.


2016 – America: Los Angeles

It is 3:15pm and Bridget McGrath pulls into the driveway of the one-story, three bedroom house that she shares with her best friend, Cadence Argent. Bridget is beautiful with long vanilla blonde hair, green eyes, and toned yet slightly curvy body. As she got out of the car, Cadence walked out, Cadence was just a beautiful with shoulder-length wavy red hair, blue eyes and a slender body. Bridget and Cadence both share the unique pale translucent skin color, a physical trait of being Luna Selene’s daughters, although both women are not aware of this or that they are sisters, despite being close as such.

“We got new neighbors” said Cadence as she helped Bridget with groceries.

“We do?” said Bridget.

“Yes, two guys that moved into the house across the street” said Cadence as she pointed to a house that was across the street to the left.

“There is one of them” said Cadence and Bridget turned to look.

A tall man with dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and fair medium complexion stepped out of the house.

Bridget raised an eyebrow as she smirked.

“Uh-oh, I know that look” Cadence said with a smile.

The man looked over and smiled at Bridget as he walked towards his truck.

“Do you know his name?” Bridget asked.

“No, but you can go over and ask” said Cadence as she grabbed two of the grocery bags.

Bridget continued to look at the man as he got a toolbox out of his truck. He looked at Bridget once more and then went back into the house.

“Look out, Brazen Bridget has zeroed in on a target” said Cadence.

Bridget turned and looked at Cadence as she got the rest of the groceries out of the trunk.

“Later” she said.


It is midnight and all is quiet, however a shadowy figure appears in front of Bridget and Cadence’s house and slowly makes it way to the front door where it simply dissolves and slips through the door. Once inside, the shadowy figure makes it way down the hall, where it’s splits itself into two. One enters Bridget’s bedroom, while the other enters Cadence’s bedroom. As the shadowy figure moves closer to Bridget and places it’s hands over her mouth and nose, to suffocate her when it begins hears howling.

Suddenly a huge white wolf burst through Bridget’s bedroom window, waking Bridget.

“What the hell?” she says as rolls out of the bed.

“Damn!” the shadowy figure says.

The wolf growls at the shadowy figure as breaking glass could be heard coming from Cadence’s room.

“Cadence!” said Bridget.

“You and your sister will die, Luna Witch. You will all die unless Luna Selene restores what she took from me” said the shadowy figure as it disappeared.

“Luna Selene?” said Bridget.

Soon Cadence rushed into Bridget’s room and hugged her.

“Cadence, I’m glad that you are okay” said Bridget.

“What the hell was that thing?” Cadence asked.

“Your brother” said the white wolf as it shifted to a human man.

“You are our new neighbor?” said Bridget.

“My name is Thane Lennox and I am one of Fenrir’s wolves and you two are the daughters of Luna Selene” said Thane.

Soon another man entered Bridget’s bedroom. He was tall with dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes and a tanned complexion.

“We need to get them out of here” he said.

“What the hell is going on and why are two naked men are in our house?” said Cadence.

Thane smirked as the other man smiled and then spoke.

“I am Dexter Javelin”

“Nice to meet you two gentleman, although this is not what we intended in regards to formally meeting you two” said Bridget.

“Listen, what we are about to tell both of you is going to sound insane, but it’s not” said Dexter.

“What might that be?” Cadence asked.

“What I said before, you are daughters of Luna Selene – Deity of the Moon” said Thane.

“Wait, Luna Selene, Greco-Roman deity of the Moon?” Bridget asked.

“Yes and we are wolves of Fenrir” said Dexter.

Cadence and Bridget were silent as they didn’t know what to think.

“Listen, I know this is a lot to handle. However, you two are in danger. That shadowy figure is construct of your brother. He sent it here to kill both of you” said Dexter.

“We don’t have a brother, we aren’t even related” said Bridget.

“Yes, you do and yes, you two are related. You are sisters, different fathers, but same mother” said Dexter.

“Who is our mother?” Cadence asked.

“Luna Selene” said Bridget as things started to make some sense to her.

“Listen, we don’t have time to stand here and explain. Your brother will come back, you two are not safe here.” said Thane.

“Usually, I would be asking twenty questions. However, my instincts are telling me that we need to get the hell of out of dodge” said Bridget.

“Strange as it is, I agree” said Cadence.

With that, Bridget and Cadence packed up a few things and followed Dexter and Thane out of the suburban neighborhood and to huge three-story mansion.

“What is this place?” Cadence asked as she and Bridget got out of their cars.

“Welcome to Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus” said Dexter as he and Thane got out of the truck.

“What?” Bridget and Cadence said in unison.

Thane snickered.

“Translation – Moon Magic Wolf Sanctum. The home of the Lunar Wolves and the Lunaria Witches. We are the keepers of this magical place” said Thane.

“We?” said Cadence.

“Yes, you two are the daughters of Luna Selene. Your fathers are wolves” said Dexter.

“Wolves….our fathers are wolves?” said Cadence.

“Yes. We can better explain everything once we are inside” said Thane.


Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus

The interior of the sanctum was huge with a spiraling staircase, dark flooring that resembled the night sky decorated with bright stars. Silver colored wall scones lit up the hallway that seem to stretch endlessly. On the silver laced dark blue marble walls hung framed painted images of a woman with long black hair, silver eyes, pale luminescent skin wearing a shimmering sheer dress.

“Who is this woman” said Cadence as she stopped and looked at one of the painted images.

“She is Luna Selene, your mother” said Dexter.

“I look nothing like her” she said.

“Neither does Bridget and yet both of you are her daughters” he said.

“This is confusing” said Cadence.

“All will be explained” said Dexter.

Cadence turned and looked into Dexter’s eyes.

Looking into his eyes, a feeling came over her. A feeling that they were meant to be soul mates.

I love your eyes

Cadence’s eyes widened in surprise.

How is it that I can read your thoughts

Dexter smiled.

It’s one of your powers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridget is able to do the same thing or perhaps something similar

Cadence was about to freak out when Dexter quickly wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

What is going on?

Tears fell down Cadence’s cheeks as Dexter could feel her body shaking in fear.

“It is as you were told Cadence” said a strong male voice.

Cadence and Dexter looked down the hall and standing there was Cadence’s father, Rory Argent.

“Dad, what the fuck is going on? She asked.

Rory shifted into a huge red furred wolf and Cadence almost screamed.

“Oh cool!” said Bridget as she walked into the hallway, followed by Thane and her father, Braeden McGrath.

Cadence looked at Bridget.

“Cool?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Yeah, our dads are werewolves. I think it’s cool and we’re the daughters of Selene, that’s definitely cool” Bridget said with enthusiasm.

“Only you would think something as freaky as this would be cool” said Cadence.

Bridget smiled big.

Rory shifted back into his human form.

“Let’s go into the conference room, there is much that you and Bridget need to know” said Rory and they all followed him.

The conference room was huge with the same walls and flooring with glass french doors under a huge arched doorway. The walls were lined with the same wall scones that illuminated the hallway. In the middle of the room stood a huge round white marble table that like the walls was laced with silver and had silver moon etched in, enclosed by a pentacle. Gothic dark blue chairs with white cushions on the seat and back surrounded the table. High above the table was a large glass skylight that allowed the moonlight to shine inside the room.

“Shall we all take a seat” said Braeden.

Once they all sat down at the table, Braeden and Rory begin to tell Bridget and Cadence about their mother, Luna Selene and the agreement that she made with Fenrir to create the Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus, a circle that would be made of Lunaria Witches (Selene’s daughters) and Fenrir’s wolves who would be their protectors and soul mates.

Once everything was explained, Cadence was silent, yet Bridget was very excited.

“Brie, how can you be excited about all this?” Cadence asked.

“How can you not? This is wonderful….we find out that our dads are wolves and that we are actually sisters and magical at that. It means that we are special” said Bridget.

Braeden smiled.

“She definitely has your enthusiasm, Braeden” Rory said.

“And Cadence has your too cautious and uptight attitude” said Braeden.

“I’m not that uptight” said Rory.

Everyone tried not to snicker.

“Uh, daddy, I think everyone would beg to differ, including myself. I’m surprised that I am even saying that” said Cadence.

“So, who is this person that wants us dead?” Bridget asked.

“His name is Auric and he is your brother” said Braeden.

“We have a brother?” said Bridget.

“Yes, but he wants you and Cadence dead. In fact, he wants all the daughters of Luna dead” said Rory.

“Why?” Cadence asked.

“Because he feels that Luna took everything away from him and has vowed that until she restores what was taken from him, he will destroy the Daughters of Luna” said Rory.

“What exactly did mom take from him?” Bridget asked.

“She took his powers and she did that because he had raped your sister, Sienna” said Braeden.

“We have another sister?” said Bridget asked.

“Yes, Sienna is the daughter of Luna and Fenrir. Auric is Luna’s son from a relationship she had with an unstable mortal mage. Auric proved to be just as unstable as his father, if not more so. Feeling that it was up to him and Sienna to maintain Luna’s legacy, he raped her, impregnating her. Sienna knew that it was not her destiny to have Auric’s child and so she asked Luna to take her to Hades and terminate her pregnancy” said Braeden.

“I’m guessing Auric didn’t take the news well” said Cadence.

“No, he didn’t” said Rory.

“After Sienna’s pregnancy was terminated is when Luna stripped Auric of his powers and then soon imprisoned him. Luna hoped that during his imprisonment that Auric would come to his senses, she sadly realized that he wouldn’t and set about her plans for all of her daughters” said Braeden.

“How many daughters are there?” Bridget asked.

“Five….you and Cadence are the first ones to learn of your magical heritage” said Braeden.

“Where are the other three?” Cadence asked.

“We don’t know. Only Luna knows that and for your safety is why none of the daughters of Luna were not aware of each other. Well, you two know of each other, you were just not aware of your magical heritage or that you are sisters” said Rory.

“And Thane and Dexter?” Bridget asked.

“We are your protectors and mates” said Thane.

“Once the Five Daughters of Luna and the Five Wolves of Fenrir come together, the Lunaria Lupi Magia Sanctus will fully activate” said Dexter.

“So, this place is magical? Awesome!” said Bridget.

Cadence just sighed.

Braeden grinned

“So, will we ever be able to go back to our normal lives?” Cadence asked.

“Afraid not, Cadie” said Rory.

“Now that Auric has found you and Bridget. The Sanctus is the only safe place for both of you. Worry not, he cannot breach the magical barrier surrounding the Sanctus and there is enough money in a trust fund that Luna set up for living expenses and upkeep” he said.

“So, we will have to leave our jobs?” Bridget asked.

“That’s right” said Braeden.

“I’m not liking this” said Cadence.

“Well, like it or not. You are the Daughters of Luna, this is your destiny” said Rory.

“It’s not all bad, Sis. We’re magical and our mates are handsome wolves” said Bridget as she smiled at Thane.

Thane smiled back.

Dexter took Cadence’s hand and she turned her to him.

“It will be fine” he said as he smiled at her.

Cadence managed a small smile.

“I hope so”


2016 – Toronto, Canada

It is 9:39pm and Mizuki Tanaka is still hard at work on her computer, finishing up a project for Northern Technologies.

“Mizuki, it’s now 9:40pm, call it a night” said Teresa Devon, Mizuki’s co-worker as she stood up and shut down her computer.

“I want to finish this” said Mizuki as she stared into the monitor, her fingers tapping fiercely on the keys.

Teresa sighed.

“Mizuki, you heard the boss. No working over time” said Teresa.

“I heard what he said, but I still want to finish this” she said.

“Mizuki, you are wasting your time. David Masson has made it plainly clear that no one can work overtime, unless it’s necessary and what you are working on is not even due until next week. You have plenty of time” said Teresa.

Mizuki stopped typing and looked over at Teresa.

“I make no apology for wanting to get things done ahead of time” she said.

“Mizuki, you are not the only one working on that project and you are also not the lead” said Teresa.

Mizuki sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

“So, what am I supposed to do?” she said in a slightly hostile tone.

“Mizuki, chill. You are taking things way too personally” said Teresa

Before Mizuki could say anything, her phone rang.

“Yes, dad?” said Mizuki.

“Mizuki, are you still at work?” Adam asked.

“Yes” she said.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” he said.

Mizuki palmed her face.

“Dad, I’m sorry” she said.

“Mizuki, this is very important” said Adam.

“Dad, listen there is this project that I am working on and really want to try and finish it” she said.

Adam sighed

“Dad, please” said Mizuki.

“Mizuki, this cannot wait. It is about your mother” said Adam.

“What about her?” said Mizuki in a hostile tone.

“Why should I give a shit about her. She was never around, why the hell….”

Adam shouted at Mizuki in Japanese, telling her to show respect.

Mizuki went quiet.

Teresa could tell from the look on Mizuki’s face that something serious was up.

“Mizuki, call it a night” said Teresa.

“Fine, I’ll be there soon, dad” said Mizuki.

“Good, I will see you soon, but hurry” said Adam.

Mizuki hung up the phone and saved her progress and shut down her computer.

Teresa said nothing as Mizuki gathered up her things and stormed out of the office.

Teresa whistled as she gathered up her things and followed Mizuki out of the office, turning out the lights.

“Mizuki, hold the door” said Teresa as she rushed down the hallway towards the elevator.

Mizuki held the elevator doors open as Teresa stepped in and pressed the button to close the doors and headed to ground level.

“So, do you want to talk about it?” Teresa asked.

“No” said Mizuki.

“Ookay” said Teresa.

“Listen Mizuki, the project will be there tomorrow” she said.

Mizuki said nothing and Teresa took that as a hint to not say anything more as the elevator made its way to the parking garage.

Once Mizuki and Teresa stepped out of the elevator, Mizuki walked towards her car.

“See you tomorrow, Mizuki” said Teresa.

Mizuki said nothing as she continued to walked towards her car.

“Geez, lighten up” said Teresa

Mizuki pressed the button on her key chain that unlocked her car as she approached it. As she opened the door, a strong breeze blew through her hair.

You will die, daughter of Luna Selene”

the half empty parking garage.

“I must be imagining things. Perhaps I am working too hard” she said.

Mizuki got into her car, closing the car door and as she was about to put the key into the ignition, she suddenly couldn’t breath.

Mizuki felt as if someone was strangling her from behind, but there was no one in her car.

You will die, daughter of Luna Selene. All daughters of Luna Selene will die unless she restores to me what she took”

Suddenly Mizuki’s eyes lit up and a glowing light surround her. A bloodcurdling scream came out and almost made Mizuki go deaf. Mizuki opened her car door and fell out and then hurried off, kicking off her shoes so she could run.

Soon Mizuki came face to face with a large black wolf and she froze in fear.

Suddenly the wolf jumped, but not at her.

The wolf looked as if it were holding something down. The wolf breathed and slowly the form of a man was revealed.

“You will not succeed” the wolf said

“I will destroy all the daughters of Luna Selene. I will not rest until she restores to me what she took” said the man as he turned into a shadowy figure.

The wolf hurried over to Mizuki, protecting her and growling at the shadowy figure.

“I will get back what Luna Selene took from me”

“You are a mad man. Just like your father” said the wolf.

The Shadowy figure soon disappeared and the wolf turned to Mizuki.

“I had no clue that wolves could talk” she said.

The wolf grinned at Mizuki and then spoke.

“I am just one of many of Fenrir’s wolf and we are able to talk”

Mizuki just stood there.

“May I suggest that you go speak to your father. He will have answers for you” said the wolf.

“What answers?” she said.

“The ones spinning around in your mind, Mizuki Tanaka” said the wolf.

Suddenly Mizuki’s cellphone rang and she jumped.

“Hell….hello” she said in a shaky voice.

“Mizuki, what’s wrong?” her father asked.

“I’ll explain when I get there” said Mizuki and she hung up the phone and quickly made her way back to her car, snatching up her shoes as the wolf took off into the night.


Mizuki arrived at her father’s house and got out of the car and quickly made her way to the front door. She was grateful that she had a key, but she was shaking so badly, that she could barely get the key into the lock. Suddenly, the door open and Mizuki screamed.

“Mizuki, why are you so jumpy?” Adam asked.

Mizuki soon broke down and leaned into her father’s arms.

Adam led his daughter into the house, closing and locking the door behind them.

Mizuki went into the living room and saw an unfamiliar man sitting on the couch.

“Hello” said Mizuki.

“Hello Mizuki” he said with a smile.

The man was handsome with dark wavy hair, dark brown eyes and a light olive complexion.

“Mizuki, this is Alonzo Vasquez” said Adam.

“Nice to meet you” said Mizuki as she sat down.

“Mizuki, Alonzo told me what happened” said Adam as he handed Mizuki a glass of water and took a seat.

Mizuki looked at Alonzo.

“We have not ever met” said Mizuki.

“Actually, we have. I pinned down the man who was trying to kill you” said Alonzo.

Mizuki’s eyes widened.

Adam soon spoke.

“Mizuki, Alonzo is a wolf of Fenrir, through his mother. That man who attacked you is your brother” said Adam.

Mizuki looked at her father strangely.

“I have a brother?” she asked.

“Yes, through your mother, Luna Selene – Deity of the Moon. You are her daughter and I am one of the five wolves that Fenrir chose to sire a daughter with her” said Adam.

“Wolves?” said Mizuki.

Adam raised his right hand and Mizuki watched in shock as his hand transformed into a wolf’s paw.

“I am a Wolf, Mizuki and you are one of Luna Selene’s daughters. Alonzo is your protector and mate” said Adam.

Mizuki turned to Alonzo.

“Mate?” she said.

“And protector” said Alonzo with a smile.

Mizuki was silent as what she had just learned left her speechless.

“Mizi, I know this is a lot to handle and I know that you probably think that what you have just been told is crazy” said Adam.

“Yes, dad, it is quite crazy. Actually more like insane” she said.

“However, what your father has just told you is all true. You have seen things that have no logical explanation, except for what you have just been told” said Alonzo.

“This doesn’t make any sense” said Mizuki.

“Whether or not it makes any sense to you. Now that your brother has found you, he will try again to kill you. You are no longer safe” said Adam.

“How is that creature my brother?” she asked.

“Because he is the son of Luna Selene” said Alonzo.

“So, he has issue with our mother. I can sympathize” said Mizuki.

Adam sighed.

“Mizuki, his issue with Luna Selene have nothing to with abandonment and for the record, your mother did not abandon you” he said.

“Then where the hell has she been?” Mizuki asked with anger in her voice.

Adam narrowed his eyes at Mizuki and then uttered words that were unfamiliar to her. Suddenly Mizuki passed out.

“We need to get her Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus immediately” said Adam.

“I concur” said Alonzo.


Meeting the Sisters

Mizuki awoke and found herself in a bedroom that was not her own. The room contained a king size bed with red, white and gold satin sheets, white satin pillows and red blanket. To the left of the bed stood a vanity table made of ebony marble with flex of silver. To the right of the bed, stood a tall Asian wardrobe, Mizuki got out of bed and walked over to it and opened it.

Inside the wardrobe was a beautiful kimono with the colors of dark blue, red and silver and decorated with crescent shaped moons.

Mizuki smiled as she took the kimono off the hanger, removing her blouse, skirt and pantyhose and slipped on the kimono. Deciding to go barefoot, Mizuki walked out of the bedroom and stepped into the hallway. She realized that she was inside of a huge house and decided to explore.

As she explored the house, Mizuki soon heard voices coming from downstairs and she made her way down the winding staircase. Once she reached the bottom step, she headed in the direction that the voices were coming from. In front of her were double doors, she placed her hands on the knobs and opened the door. Mizuki walked in and saw her father and Alonzo along with other people that she was unfamiliar with sitting at a round table.

“Mizi, meet your sisters….Bridget McGrath and Cadence Argent, their fathers, Braeden McGrath and Rory Argent and their mates, Thane Lennox and Dexter Javelin” said Adam.

Mizuki raised an eyebrow as she stood there speechless.

Bridget immediately got up and walked over to Mizuki and hugged her.

“Welcome home sister!” Bridget said with enthusiasm.

Mizuki looked at Bridget and pushed her away.

“You are not my sister” she said.

“Of course, I am. You, me and Cadence, we are daughters of Luna Selene” said Bridget.

Mizuki just looked at Bridget.

“How can you be so cheerful about a woman who has never been in your life?” Mizuki asked.

“How can you be so angry, especially when our brother just tried to kill you?” Bridget asked.

“He’s angry at our mother. I can’t say that I blame him” said Mizuki.

“He’s only angry with our mother because she locked him away due to his insanity. He raped his own sister, bound her magically with a collar. What kind of brother does that?” said Bridget.

Mizuki’s eyes widened in shock.

Adam stood up.

“Mizuki, have a seat. There is much that you need to know” he said.

Mizuki took a seat next to Alonzo and listened as Adam, Rory and Braeden explained everything...from what Auric did to Sienna to Luna Selene’s intentions and why she left her daughters in the care of their fathers.

“She didn’t abandon us, Mizuki. She’s always been there for us. Watching over us, protecting us, helping us when she could” said Bridget.

“Then why didn’t she ever appear to any of us? We are her daughters and she expects to guard this...this sanctum and destroy our brother. What kind of mother expects those things?” Mizuki asked.


Suddenly the Sanctum shook as the moonlight shining down from the skylight grew bright.

The kind of mother that would hold you in her arms when you were a baby. The kind of mother who protected you from a former boyfriend who tried to break into your home to kill you all because you dumped him for being unfaithful. The kind of mother who healed you when you were sick and the kind of mother who saved you from terrible man who sought to sexually assault a twelve year old Mizuki Tanaka because of his sickening lust for young girls”


Mizuki was silent as memories of what Luna Selene said flooded her mind. Although Mizuki wanted to dismissed them as pointless visions and possibly the work of magical manipulation. Deep feelings were telling Mizuki that what was said to her was true.

Mizuki broke into tears as she hung her head.

That bright moonlight moved over to Mizuki and surrounded her. A faint image of a woman’s hand lightly touched Mizuki’s head.


My dear Mizuki. While, I do understand why you have been angry with me. However, just because I wasn’t physically there, doesn’t mean I didn’t love you and protect you. Same goes for your sisters, whenever any of you were in trouble, I was there protecting you, guiding you. Deep down, you know what I say is true. Be angry with me if you want Mizuki, it will not change that I do love you and that you are my daughter, a Lunaria Witch”


The hand faded away as the moonlight moved back over the table.

Alonzo took Mizuki’s hand as he leaned close to her.

“You don’t have to love me, Mizuki. However, I am your protector. That is a duty that I am willingly to fulfill and will not shirk” he said.

Mizuki lifted up her head and looked at Bridget and Cadence.

“Didn’t the two of you ever want your mother around?” she asked, her voice breaking as tears ran down her face.

“Cadence and I didn’t know we were sisters until recently. As for our mother, honestly, because our aunts were around we just assumed that at the time when thought we had separate mothers and that they passed away. However, in thinking back to our childhood, little yet significant things happened that showed that our mother has always been there” said Bridget.

“Mizuki, I will admit that when Bridget and I learned that we are sisters and that Luna Selene is our mother that I thought the my father and Bridget’s father were nuts. After accepting the truth, I, too questioned as to why our mother wasn’t around. But as Bridget said, it was little yet significant things that happened in our childhood that made me realize that our mother did not abandon us” said Cadence.

For a moment Mizuki said nothing and then she spoke.

“Would I have to leave my job?” she asked.

“Sadly, yes. However, it’s not like you cannot still do what you love. There’s enough money for not only living expenses and upkeep, but you could start up your own tech company. I know that is something you have always wanted to do” said Adam.

Mizuki smiled a bit as tears continued to run down her face.

Alonzo wiped away her tears with thumb.

“It won’t be so bad” he said to her.

Mizuki looked at Alonzo and smiled.

“I barely know you and yet, I believe you” she said.

Alonzo smiled.

“I know you are my mate. However, I want to take things slow” said Mizuki.

“We can do that” said Alonzo.

Mizuki sighed as she turned her head to her sisters.

“So, my dear sisters….where do we begin?” she asked.

Bridget and Cadence smiled.


2019 – America: Chicago, Ill

Adalina Torres laid in bed, looking out the window at the night sky. The moon was bright as it’s light shined in the bedroom as soft jazz flowed from the radio. Soon a man’s arm wraps around her and slowly pulls her close.

“What is on your mind?”

“Must we leave?” she asked.

“I’m afraid so, my love. Your brother has found you and he will stop at nothing in order to kill you”.

Adalina turned and looked into the eyes of her husband, Ayden Mechanon. Ayden is one of Fenrir’s wolves from Essex, England. He is handsome with short, wavy medium brown hair, hazel eyes that were more wolf-like and a medium complexion. Ayden ran his hands through Adalina’s dark brown hair as his wolf-like hazel eyes looked deep into her dark brown eyes. Tears fell from Adalina’s eyes as she looked at him.

“What about my father?” Adalina asked.

“He’s waiting for us at Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus” said Ayden.

Suddenly, a noise was heard from the living room. Ayden’s eyes turned completely feral as he quickly jumped out of bed.

“Stay here, Adalina” said Ayden.

Ayden stealthily walked out of the bedroom as Adalina’s eyes glowed. Suddenly, Adalina felt something suffocating her.

You will die, Daughter of Luna Selene. You will all die until what was taken from me is restored!” a voice hissed in her ear.

“Un loco, que la luz de la luna quema a traves de su oscuridad!” she said aloud and soon the moonlight grew brighter. So, bright that it burned the shadowy figure that was suffocating Adalina and screamed.

Ayden, now in wolf form rushed back into the bedroom and jumped on the entity as Adalina quickly dashed out of bed.

“Your madness will destroy you” Ayden said.

“I will destroy you all!” said the shadowy figure as it quickly made it’s way out of the apartment through the open window.

Ayden looked at Adalina.

“No need to say anything, my love” said Adalina.

“I wasn’t” said Ayden as he smiled still in his wolf form.

“How soon should we leave?” Adalina asked.

“As soon as possible” said Ayden.


Arrival at Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus and Revelation of the Fifth Sister

Adalina was in awe as she looked at the interior of Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus.

“Hey Sister!” said Bridget as she rushed up to Adalina and hugged her.

Adalina was taken aback.

“Hello” Adalina said as she awkwardly returned the hug, but then smiled.

“I’m Bridget” she introduced herself.

“A pleasure to finally meet you, Bridget” Adalina said with some caution.

Braeden and Hector stood aside, watching.

Adalina matched her father in looks as both have a light copper complexion, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

“You actually told her when was a child?” said Braeden.

“Yes. I felt that she would be better prepared for her destiny if she learned about it early” said Hector.

“How old was she when you told her?” Braeden asked.

“Eight years old. Adalina already suspected that there was something different about her. When she was six years old, she accidentally found my mother’s chest that held all of her spell books and found that she was able to understand every spell that was written” said Hector.

“How did she take it when you explained everything to her?” Braeden asked.

“It didn’t surprise her. If anything she was excited and asked lots of questions” said Hector.

“She didn’t freak out when you changed into a wolf?” Braeden asked.

“Quite the opposite, she thought it was great” Hector with a smile.

Braeden laughed.

“Three years ago, when Bridget and Cadence found out about their magical heritage, Bridget’s reaction was much like Adalina’s. I’m thinking perhaps I should have told Bridget when she was younger.” he said.

Hector smiled.

“I see that Bridget has taken to being a Lunaria Witch very well. However, I’ve noticed that Cadence and Mizuki are still coming to terms with it” he said.

“Cadence is very much like Rory, very cautious about everything” said Braeden. “Mizuki, on the other hand is still resolving her misguided anger at Luna Selene” he said.

“So, you’ve known since you were a little girl about being Luna Selene’s daughter?” Bridget asked.

“Yes. However, I had no idea that I had sisters” said Adalina.

Bridget smiled.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to Cadence and Mizuki” she said.

“Okay” said Adalina and she followed Bridget to the conference room.


In the conference room, Bridget introduced Mizuki, Alonzo, Thane, Dexter and Cadence to Adalina.

“Welcome sister” said Mizuki.

“Thank you. Is it just the four of us?” Adalina asked as she took a seat.

“There is one more sister” said Braeden as he, Hector and Ayden entered the conference room and then took their seats.

“Where she is?” Cadence asked.

“We’re not sure” said Adam. “Luna Selene only told us that there will be five daughters. She kept the locations secret as a means to protect all of you when you were infants”.

“Aside from Luna Selene. Fenrir is only other person who knew of where we would all be” said Rory.

“Then how was Auric able to find us?” Mizuki asked.

“You all share the same mother. If I had to guess, he probably conjured up some tracking spell using his blood” said Dexter.

“It makes sense” said Cadence.

“Couldn’t we do the same?” Adalina asked.

“Yes. However, now that the four of you are now here. It’s best that you all remain here” said Ayden.

“A question” said Mizuki.

“Yes?” said Adam.

“As there are five sisters, I’m gathering that Sienna is not considered a Lunaria Witch. Why?” she asked.

“Sienna is a wolf. That was her destiny when she was born. She is also the protector of Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus. It’s why Auric cannot breach the house” said Adam.

“Sister dear would tear him apart” said Bridget with a smile.

Braeden smirked.

“That she would. Contrary to what Auric would like for anyone to believe. He is not all powerful, especially since Luna Selene stripped him of his powers” he said.

“Another question, how was he released from his prison?” Bridget asked.

“There are mortals who believe in wishing on stars and they are right. However, wishing on the star that acted as Auric’s prison is what released him” said Thane.

“I have a question. Since our mother stripped Auric of his powers. How is it that he has the power to conjure up a tracking spell, let alone do all the other things that he’s been able to do?” Cadence asked.

“According to Fenrir, once Auric was released from his prison, he likely learned some minor ethereal magic” said Rory. “He’s had years to practice and learn what limitation those powers have and likely made a pact with some ethereal spirit to acquire more” he added.

“The more we learn about Auric, the less sympathy I have for him” said Mizuki.

“I don’t think anyone would have sympathy for a man who would rape and impregnate his sister and then justify it with an asinine explanation of ‘maintaining Luna Selene’s Legacy’. As if Luna Selene isn’t capable of doing so” said Alonzo.

Suddenly, everyone heard the front door to Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus open and heard footsteps in the hallway. Rory, Braeden and Thane prepared to get up from the table, ready to shift and attack whoever entered the house.

“Be still, my wolves” said a male dominate voice.

“Fenrir?” said Braeden.


The doors to the conference room opened and standing before them all was indeed Fenrir. Standing behind him, a man almost as tall as Fenrir. His complexion a light toffee color, telling that he was of Creole heritage. His hair was long, dark and slightly wavy, pulled back onto a ponytail and his eyes were light brown, but were feral like a wolf.

“This is Aramis La Roux, father of the fifth sister, who is also the Lunaria Regina” said Fenrir.

“What?!” they all said in unison.

Fenrir just looked at them.

“Wait, the fifth sister is a ‘Moon Queen’?” Cadence asked.

“To put you all at ease. The title ‘Lunaria Regina’ simply means that the fifth sister is the focus. The one who completes the circle that will fully activate Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus” said Fenrir.

“In other words, she is the leader” said Adalina.

“More like second in command. Allow me to put it like this…..Luna Selene is the Empress or the Lunaria Imperatrix. Empress outranks Queen” said Fenrir.

“So, what you are saying is that the fifth sister answers directly to our mother and we will be answering to her?” Mizuki asked.

“You all answer to Luna Selene. As I said, the fifth sister is the focus, the one who will complete the circle, fully activating Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus” said Fenrir.

“The Lunaria Regina...she is the one who will hold us together” Adalina said.

“Correct” said Fenrir.

“It seems that Adalina has a better understanding of our magical heritage than we do” said Bridget.

“But, she will still lead us, right?” Mizuki asked.

“Yes” said Fenrir.

“Well, since the fifth sister is the Lunaria Regina. That means her mate is the Alpha Lupi” said Alonzo.

“What?” said Bridget.

Thane chuckled.

“Alpha Lupi. The strongest of wolves. The Alpha Lupi is born during a full moon and because of that, the Alpha Lupi is able to shift into an anthropomorphic wolf” he said.

“Just how much stronger is the Alpha Lupi?” Mizuki asked.

“Stronger than all of us, that’s for sure” said Dexter.\

“The Alpha Lupi’s strength nearly matches Fenrir’s” said Ayden.

For a moment, the room grew silent and then Adam spoke.

“Welcome to Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus, Aramis” he said.

“Thank you” said Aramis.

Everyone was taken aback by his distinct Creole accent.

“Dare I ask as to why you are named after one of the Three Musketeers?” Dexter asked.

Aramis smirked.

“My mother was a devotee of Alexandre Dumas. She read many of his books and Les Trois Mousquetaires or The Three Musketeers was her favorite” he said.

“So, where is our sister?” Bridget asked.

“In Vegas” said Aramis.

“Vegas! What is she doing there?” Adalina asked.

“My sister, Josette lives there. When my daughter was sixteen, she and I had a falling out over my wife and she didn’t want to live in the same house with her. So, she moved to Vegas to live with my sister” said Aramis.

“Are you in contact with her?” Adam asked.

“Yes” Aramis replied. “Despite our falling out and her moving to Vegas. I am still close to my daughter and she is fully aware of her magical heritage” he said.

“You being here means that the Alpha Lupi has found her then” said Braeden.

“Actually, I brought Aramis here for protection. You see, Aramis is also an Alpha Lupi” said Fenrir.

Everyone eyes widened at this news.

“At least now we know why the fifth sister is the Lunaria Regina” said Cadence.

“By the way, what is our sister’s name?” Bridget asked.

Aramis smiled.

“Misha La Roux”


Lunaria Regina

It is nighttime and Las Vegas is glittering with all it’s wondrous lights that it is known for. The Millennium is a huge two story club with a futuristic interior theme. Neon lights bounced around the club, in sync with that techno-dance music that was playing. In a corner of the club, dancing on a color changing cube was Misha La Roux. Misha’s physical traits perfectly matched that of her father’s, except her long dark brown hair now had strategically placed pink streaks. Misha is quite curvy, made noticeable by the black satin corset, boy leg shorts, black fishnet pantyhose and leather knee-length boots. The black fedora she wore partially covered her face, giving her an aura of mystery.

That fedora along with number of people in the club made it hard for Auric to zero in on where Misha was. Finding Cadence, Bridget, Mizuki and Adalina was quite easy as the tracking spell he made told him of their exact locations as they lived in areas weren’t surrounded by magic. However, finding Misha was difficult due to the fact that despite being able to track her in Louisiana, she and father had moved from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, which stands in the middle of a magical nexus that stretched from Galveston, TX to Tampa, FL, making him unable to pinpointing her exact location.

It was the same situation in Las Vegas as it also stands in the middle of a nexus that stretched from Los Angeles, CA to Reno, NV. Auric was never any good at utilizing the magical nexus to his advantage as he had little understanding of how such powerful wild magic worked. The throbbing techno-dance music also made it difficult as he continued to scan the dance floor for Misha.

“How can mortals listen to this type of music is beyond me. One cannot even think”

Auric stepped out onto the dance floor, deciding that walking amongst the dancers would give him a better chance at finding Misha. However, as he walked around, he found himself being bumped around by all the people who were dancing. Making things worse is that the club was full of Fae and their magic only added to the chaos of nexus. Auric closed his eyes, focusing on Misha’s magical signature, but the mix of Fae magic and the magic of the nexus blocked his efforts.

Meanwhile standing in the far corner of the club stood an unusual handsome man. He was tall with a medium tanned complexion, long black hair that was loose and rested on his shoulders, wolf-like blue eyes and a finely trimmed goatee. His eyes were on Misha but also darted off in Auric’s direction, keeping a close watch on what his move would be. Auric soon opened his eyes and started walking in the direction where Misha was dancing. However, he stopped short and then turned around, moving his head side to side as if he had lost Misha.

The man smirked.

“The Lunaria Regina is quite cunning and more than likely aware of your presence, Mad son of Luna Selene” the man said.

Indeed she was as Misha made her way to other side of the club where she was standing on another dance cube that allowed her to overlook the dance floor. She sensed that Auric was there, however she also knew that Auric was probably having difficulty finding her. Unlike Auric, Misha knew how to tap into the nexus and used it to create a shield, blocking Auric’s ability to find her. However, like Auric, Misha was finding it difficult to use the nexus as the Fae inside the club amplified the nexus’ wild magic. Unable to keep up the shield, Misha had to drop it and braced herself if Auric managed to zero in on her location.

Auric felt the power of a shield drop and immediate recognized the magical signature of Luna Selene’s daughter, he had found Misha. However, before he approached, he realized that something was different about Misha’s magical signature, it was not like any other the daughters. Her signature was unique, powerful, almost like of Luna Selene’s. His eyes widened as realization came to mind.

“No, she can’t be”

“I can’t be what, Brother dear?”

Auric snapped out of what seemed to be a light trance and standing before him was Misha La Roux. Looking at her, she was stunning as her light brown eyes turned silver like the moon. Right then, Auric changed his mind about killing Misha.

“You are as beautiful like the moon. You shine beautifully like the moonlight. I was wrong, so wrong. Mother was right, Sienna was not meant to be my mate. You are” he said.

Misha raised an eyebrow.

“Momma was right, you are clearly insane” she said.

“But I am not insane. You and I are meant to be. Together we will save Luna Selene’s legacy” said Auric as he tried to grab a hold of Misha’s hands, but she back away.

“You are really fucked up” said Misha.

“Please, Misha. Don’t do this to me” said Auric as magical collar appeared in his hand.

Suddenly Auric was tackled from behind and the collar flew from his hands and it disappeared.

“What the hell?” she said.

It was the man who had been watching Misha from a far. His wolf-like blue eyes stared right at her.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Killian Torrance. You know exactly what I am, Lunaria Regina” he said in deep English accent.

Misha said nothing but looked up and saw that club security was headed their way.

“Well, Alpha Lupi. I think we need to make ourselves scarce. Don’t you think?” she said.

He smiled a wolfish smile.

“Of course” he said as jumped up and rushed over to Misha and they rushed out of the emergency exit door.


Sometime later, Killian and Misha arrived at an empty parking lot and got out of their cars.

“You realize that you can’t stay in Vegas now” said Killian.

Misha smiled as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I suppose you are going to take me to Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus now” she said.

“You don’t exactly have a choice. Your demented brother has found you” he said.

“Demented is putting it mildly. Batshit crazy is more accurate” said Misha.

Killian laughed.

“I was told that you are quite...spirited and a little coarse” he said smiling.

“And you seem a little rough yourself, Alpha Lupi” she said.

“Perhaps, but I have my refined moments” said Killian as he walked up to Misha and pulled her close.

“Down Wolf” said Misha.

Killian smirked.


Suddenly beam of moonlight shot down and widened itself.

“I think that’s our cue” said Misha.

“Misha, Wait!”

Killian and Misha looked and saw that Auric was headed towards them.

“Flight or fight?” Killian asked.

“I think it’s better to retreat at this time. We can deal with him later” said Misha.

Killian nodded and they both rushed into the moonlight, disappearing into it. Auric tried to follow as the moonlight quickly disappeared.



Lunaria Witches

From the moment Misha and Killian stepped into the Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus, the entire structure lit up and everyone inside felt the power of the moon surround them.

“She’s here!” said Adalina as she rushed out of hers and Ayden’s bedroom and down the spiral staircase.

“What’s going on?” Cadence asked as she stepped out of hers and Dexter’s bedroom

“The fifth sister is here” said Mizuki as she exited her bedroom.

Misha and Killian stepped into the conference room and looked around.

“Obviously the round table for the Lunaria Witches and their Wolves” said Killian.

Misha walked over to the table and placed her hands on it. The table soon lit up as Misha lifted her head up, looking at the moon as the moonlight shined down from the skylight. Soon Adalina, Mizuki, Cadence and Bridget entered the conference rooms followed by Ayden, Alonzo, Dexter and Thane.

“Lunaria Regina” said Adalina as she walked over to the table and placed her hands on the table. Soon the rest the sisters followed suit, placing their hands on the table and looking up at the moon.

With all the daughters surrounding the table, a bright light surround them as their mates shifted into anthropomorphic wolves.


My dear daughters, you have finally come together. Lunaria Magia Lupi Sanctus is now fully activated. Daughters of Luna and the Wolves Of Fenrir. Your destiny, continue the legacy that has been created, protect the sanctum and defend against all malevolence. Take not for granted your powers, listen to one another and love each other. Fenrir and I will always be there to guide you”.


The light soon faded away and the men shifted back to their human forms, the clothes laying on the floor, completely shredded.

“What now?” Cadence asked as she turned around and saw that Dexter and the rest of the men were naked.

“Oh boy” she said.

The rest of the sisters turned around and just looked at their mates.

“I guess I was bound to see you naked one day” Mizuki said to Alonzo.

Alonzo smiled.

Bridget just smiled at Thane, as Adalina smiled at Ayden. Misha stood there unfazed with seeing Killian naked.

“You clearly don’t shock easily, do you?” Killian asked.

“My father is an Alpha Lupi, I grew up around werewolves. Seeing a naked man is nothing new to me” she said smiling.

They all left the conference room, retiring to their bedrooms.

Making their way up the stairs, Mizuki spoke to Alonzo.

“I’m ready to give us a chance” she said.

Alonzo smiled.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m no longer angry with my mother. I am apart of something wonderful and you are a part of that. I don’t want to push that away” she said smiling.

Alonzo took Mizuki’s hand and kissed it.

“Finally, she comes to her senses” said Bridget.

“What about you Cadence?” Dexter asked.

“I’ve fully resigned to my destiny” she said with a smile.

Dexter wrapped his arm around Cadence.

As they made their way to their bedrooms, Misha turned around and looked at Killian.

“Just where from the UK are you from?” she asked.

“Essex” he replied.

“How long have you known about me?” she asked.

Killian smiled.

“From the moment I shifted, the image of your face flashed in my mind. I didn’t know your name. I only learned it days before I came to look for you” said Killian as he took Misha’s hat off.

“Are you going to leave those pink streaks in your hair?” he asked.

Misha smiled.

“Worry not. The streaks are temporary” she said.

Killian took Misha’s hand and kissed it.

“We can take this slow. I’ll give you much time as you need” he said.\

Misha smiled.

“Thank you. However, and I might be nuts for saying this. But, I don’t think there’s any need to take things slow”.

Killian smiled.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Misha wrapped her arms around Killian’s neck and passionately kissed him. A kiss that he willingly returned. Killian scooped Misha into his arms and carried her off to the only bedroom door that was open. Killian carried her inside and with his foot, closed the door.

Bridget, who was watching, smiled.

“The Daughters of Luna. We are now united”



The Rantings of the Mad Moon Child and the Vows of the Alpha Lupi Lunaria

Auric stood in the middle of the Mojave Desert, looking up at the moon.

“First you take Sienna away from me and now you take Misha, the one truly meant to be mine. To bare my child and you take her from me also” said Auric.

Silence, nothing but silence.


Still nothing but silence.

“Make no mistake. If I cannot have what is meant to be mine. If you stubbornly refuse to restore to me what you took. Then I will, no I vow to destroy the very legacy that you worked so hard to build. I will destroy it. Do you hear me? I will destroy it!” said Auric.

Realizing that Luna Selene would not answer him back. Auric got into his jeep and drove away.

From above, Sienna watched as Auric drove off into the night. Her feral eyes glowing like burning moonlight.

“What has mother said?” she asked as she sensed her father, Fenrir approaching.

“She has given her blessing. She now sees how much a danger Auric has become, especially since he sought to take Misha the way he took you” said Fenrir.

“Will she mourn his passing?” Sienna asked.

“Yes, but she knows that for her legacy to continue. The threat must be neutralized” said Fenrir.

“I, the Alpha Lupi Lunaria vow that I will protect my sisters, The Lunaria Witches and aid them when needed. My Lunaria Pack will aid their Wolves and I will rip out throat of the Mad Moon Child” she said as she shifted into a huge glowing celestial wolf and howled.


Luna Selene looks out the window of her Moon Palace, hearing the Sienna’s howl. Tears of moonlight fell from her eyes. Tears that were both of sadness and joy. Joy because her Lunaria Daughters have come together and sadness as she will lose a child. Although she loves all her children, but one must die.

“I will always love you, my Mad Moon Child”


Submitted: March 24, 2019

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