That Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
What will Widow do?
Widow finds herself being followed by a strange but recognisable man.
Her mother is afraid. Or is she? Is Widow's mother hiding a secret?

Submitted: March 24, 2019

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Submitted: March 24, 2019



That Man

 It's a cold, dark, overcast day.The rain falls from the sky like a running tap.  At the end of a long street that runs off the highway leading out of town, was a house.Beautiful on the inside and run down on the out.  There was no man at this house leaving all the 'manly' jobs undone unless there was enough money to pay someone to do it; but there never was.Inside the house, lived a mother; beautiful long, beachy-blonde hair, aqua-blue eyes, adorably short, and a woman of great humour.Poor lady... Her husband disappeared last summer while on a business trip, so she has been left alone with her daughter.Not many people know the truth about her daughter. But she definitely has her mothers' genes.  Widow, her name is.Beautiful, and natural, lilac coloured hair with streaks of blonde and gold, and eyes of emerald green but black in certain light. Anyone would think she is the most beautiful girl in the world.Intelligent too.  Very intelligent.She is 11 years old and in grade 10 at school.Lucky girl!  But upon the beautiful looks and sorrowful smiles, lies a huge, dark, secret.


 - - -


Widow stands, staring, looking at herself in the mirror everyday before school.  She tells herself, I'm beautiful before she walks out of her time of comfort into the world of devastation.  That's what her therapist told her to do to try and up her self-esteem.  Today though... today was different...  Thunder roared, and lightning hit the ground.Widow felt rather... uneasy. She had been feeling this was for a few days now.  She looked at herself in the mirror and struggled to say the two most simplest words in her vocabulary; two words she had been saying every day for six months since her father disappeared.  Widow walked out of her bedroom, without telling herself she was beautiful.  Her mother, Kaiya, kissed her forehead, packed her lunch, and sent her out the door.


"The bus is here darling, have a good day. I love you!"  When widow walked into school, it was then, things starting hurting.  She sat in the tree in which she always sits at break and writes in her diary.


Dear Diary...


"Widow!" Screamed a voice. "Hey Widow, come down here! I have a question for you... Are you coming to the game tonight? You should totally come. Oh good! You're coming!? Awesome! See you there..." 


Widow, jaw dropped, she pulled out her phone and texted her mum. I guess I have to go now... She thought to herself.As the hours passed, and the sun got lower, Widow felt more and more perturbed.She didn't want to go the game at school but wasn't able to get a single word in when that strange girl ran over and knocked her off her feet.  The day was gone.  The time was here.  The game, has started.  Sitting in the grandstand, Widow notices a stranger, again watching her as she watches the football match.He stood across the stand, on the staircase, just watching her.His hoodie pulled over his head making it hard to see a face...Widow looked away in horror... 


Who is he?What does he want?Is he going to hurt me? I wish he would stop stalking me... Maybe I should tell mum... or maybe I am just overreacting and he's stalking someone else.


Widow quickly snapped her head back to find the strange figure had vanished into thin air.Thunder roared, and lightning hit the ground.Whistles blew and pretty, petite cheerleader girls, cheered.  The game was over. 


Time to go home. Time to go... she said to herself.  Time to go...  Time to go...  Time to go...


"How was the game?" asked Kaiya.


"Just take me home..." whimpered Widow.  "I want to go home..." 


It's the following day, a Saturday, and Widow is at her weekend job at the local coffee shop.Suddenly, Widow started to feel a little nervous. She looked at the time, an hour to go.  She looked out the window, and there... he was... On the opposite side of the road at the bus stop he stood. Staring, eerily watching Widow as she worked.Widows' eyes were hooked with his. Chills running down her arms, down her spine, her heart racing, beating fast, very fast, faster than ever, feeling dizzy, like a- BANG. Widow fainted. She wakes up seconds later to find that strange figure had yet again, disappeared. Thunder roared, and lightning hit the ground. Days passed, and Widow still felt troubled. She paced her room anxiously, scratched her head, her skin itched, legs unsteady, head spinning, eyes heavy, ringing ears. Why do I feel this way...?


Widow, to distract herself, decided to go to the supermarket with her mother. She's walking around, and her eyes are burning. Someone is watching me, she thought. Widow looks around frantically before she glances past a tall black figure. She stops... freezes... doesn't move...


"What's wrong Sweetie?" There's the stranger guy, standing there, a few lanes from her, staring at her, watching. "Over there, mum." Widow points. Hearts racing. Legs crumbling. Heads screaming. "That strange man keeps following me."


 "Run!" Screams Kaiya. "Run, baby girl. Just run." Grabbing Widows' hand, the two ran. Running... Running... Running... The girls got in the car and drove. Widow is in the front passenger seat, tears rolling down her face, head pounding, legs trembling. The thunder roared, and lightning hit the ground.


 "What's going on mum?" cried Widow. Kaiya just continued driving, oblivious to Widow talking to her. Widow looks at her mother and sees the tears rolling down her face.


 "What's happening!?" Screams Widow. Kaiya pulled over at their home to grab a few things before continuing to drive again. Thunder roars, and lightning hits the ground. The sky is black. The rain is heavy. The girls hit the highway, heading south. Kaiya starts to calm her driving and looks at Widow softly.


 "I'm Sorry Widow. I'm sorry but, the truth. The truth is too much. Please, just trust me"


 "No, mum..." Widow said angrily. "Just tell me mum. Tell me. Tell me, or I'm out. I will jump out of this car."


Kaiya pulls the car into a small, old-style, petrol station and parks right over the other side, as far away from other cars as possible. She turns to Widow and gently runs her fingers through her hair.


 "That man is evil, Widow. He wants to make more of you. As in clone you... You see, yes I carried you and gave birth to you, but, you were made in a laboratory."Widow looks away, confused, scared, angry.


 "What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Who is he?""When your father and I were trying to have a child, your father was working on a new experiment at work. I was his case study. He took one of my eggs and mutated it. He gave you beautiful hair and eyes, and more intelligence than anyone, ever. That's why you're different... You are the first of your kind... Now, your father has come for you. He wants to take you back and study you. All I wanted was for you to grow up and have a normal life but when your father disappeared last summer, I knew he was coming for you."Widow looked down at her feet... silent... not moving her eyes from the floor. "Are you alright, darl?" Asked Kaiya. Widow didn't budge. Kaiya started the car and continued driving south. For a good hour, Widows' eyes didn't move from the floor... not until she heard a slight whimper. Widow looked up and noticed that she had made her mother start to cry. Kaiya turned and ran her fingers through Widows hair before she continued to speak. Kaiya told Widow everything. She continued to tell her how when she first met her husband, he was a kind, gentle man. He was sweet and took her out on romantic dates. They had been together almost a year before he asked her to marry her. He took Kaiya on a romantic picnic date next to the stream-like river and proposed as they walked along the old, run down, antique-style bridge that ran across the stream. Six months after being engaged and all the wedding planning was done, Kaiya set a date. March 18th. That's when things got a little hectic. Kaiya started to feel uneasy after being asked to start a family... but... it wasn't the average family. Kaiya's husband was a geneticist. He took Kaiya's eggs and mutated it so that he could have what he called the perfect child.


 "That's when I had you. And the day after that..." The day after Widow was born, her father wanted another child of perfection.


 "I didn't..." Kaiya didn't want to have another baby unless she could have a natural pregnancy. "This annoyed your father, Widow. So much that he threatened to kill me once you hit the age of 10... That why we have been moving around constantly the past year..."Widow hung her head low and didn't think it was right her mum had to run. She looked up at her mother and said,


"We should stop for lunch..."Kaiya and Widow stopped at the next take away shop and looked for something to eat. Kaiya didn't yet know that this would've been her last meal with her beloved daughter. Widow was planning to stop for a longer lunch break to let her father catch up enough to take her away. She stalled eating her meal for as long as she could and used the excuse of, 'I'm just not feeling well.'


"What's that noise?" Kaiya said as she glanced out the window. Widow got up and walked to the door. There, stood a man next to a very fancy motorbike. Is that father? I wonder if he is here for me... is he going to hurt mum?


 "Nice Bike!" I yelled out to the guy. Oh my God. Should I have said that.


 "Thanks." He slurred "Where's ya mother?"


"No." I said proudly. "You can't have her. Instead... Am I insane? You can have me."Widow walked inside to her mother and gave her a hug.


 "I love you mum..." She cried as she walked out the door, and never looked back.


 * * *


Kaiya walked around the shopping centre, sad, lonely, still missing her beloved daughter. It has been four and a half years since she last saw or heard from her daughter, apart from the small handwritten letters she managed to sneak out. Kaiya walked past the book section, Widow loved to read... She thought. At that very moment, Kaiya heard a familiar voice. She turned around to see, right there, standing, looking lovingly at her... Her daughter.


"I'm home now mum... I'm sorry that I left mum, but I had to. I did it to protect you... I love you mum. We are both okay now. I promise. I'm home now... For good... I'm home for good..." 

© Copyright 2019 Melina Adams. All rights reserved.

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