the fox girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is an allegorical fantasy narrative, though i will allow you to decide for yourself what story it tells.

Submitted: March 25, 2019

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Submitted: March 25, 2019



Her name was Moineau.

Born unto the Wind and the Sky,

Magic crackling with blue-green brilliance.

Her eyes were worlds.

An entire galaxy contained in twin spheres,

Sparkling with intense power and light.

She was a mage.

A glistening sylph with an obsidian mane,

Taming the wind from her fingers and toes.


She danced with spirits.

Their voices tangled beautiful and terrible,

Spells ringing under the brilliance of the sun.

They were eternal.

Gentle warriors cloaked in empyrean regalia,

Her skin was painted with studded stars.

Then came the Shadow.

The stalker born in dark folds of the universe,

Hidden among vines in whispering corpse flowers.

His name was Tordu.

Eyes mirroring the black holes in her galaxies,

Spiny tongue skittering across blood red lips.

He was a dryad.

A being of light corrupted from the sulfur streams,

Leafy limbs crumbling and contorting in the light.

He was a destroyer.

Exhaling poisoned breath from charcoal lungs,

Hands gravitating towards her magical pull.


She was his victim.

Twisted limbs push into her shoulders and chest,

Infecting her flesh and mangling her bones.

Her form changed.

Galaxy eyes crackle into flaming orbs,

Nails lengthening into claws and tearing at her skin.

Her mouth tasted blood.

Pearled teeth slash lips with newly grown fangs,

A growl burning out through her esophagus.


Her magic transformed.

What once glowed blue now sparks red-orange,

Bound to the Earth in place of Sky.

They called her Cassé.

Her newfound howl foreign to their ears,

Shifting form too strange to behold.

She was lost.

Broken wails tearing through the void,

Soul set adrift and bereaved without her tribe.


She had no place.

A new kind of being not seen before,

Bound instead to the dusk and the dawn.

She was a peculiar.

A Sunlit beauty tainted by the night,

Now hybrid stranger refusing to turn.

Her anima was strong.

His sulfur blood tangled with her silver,

Melding with mutation but not destroying.


She fought for a voice.

Disparaging screams morphing to battle cries,

Muscles quivering with brilliant strength.

She was a skinchanger.

Pale blue flesh sprouting red-brown fur,

Sharpened fangs railing against the night.

She ran.

Riding her own sinews instead of gale,

Earthbound paws proving stronger than conjury.


She became Fox.

Ruffled fur replacing once smooth skin,

Copper tail swishing elegantly behind.

She was between.

Reigning in both sun and moon and dim places,

Uniting peculiars with the strength of her cry.

She reclaimed herself.

Wielding her own breed of magic,

Emboldened once more in curious victory.


She called herself Renard.


© Copyright 2020 Lee Renard. All rights reserved.

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