Cosmic Knight Episode 29 The Lost

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Submitted: March 24, 2019

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Submitted: March 24, 2019



Hello guys. In the last episode Omega left the team. And Troy was introduced in the team. So let's start from where we left.

Leo said "Will tell but not know. Now you should see your new school and should rest also, because tomorrow is a big day for all of you guys. Victoria please teleport the to the residential building." Victoria said "Sure Leo." Leo said "I will see you guys tomorrow morning till then goodbye." And he disappeared from there. Victoria said "Let's go guys." and the group was teleported form the room. Vanessa too exit form the room by the door.

Meanwhile on the Dark's ship.

Antimon was walking in the long metallic corridor. He was interrupted by a woman in green dress and yellow mask by saying "Antimon, a bad news." Antimon said "Ever brought a good news." to which she replied "?schima Nea is my name. I just give bad to all." Antimon said "Nea I know. What's the news." Nea said "That's the thing you should have asked before. The troop Dark Lord sent is dead." Antimon resumed his walk with a faster pace.

Reaching to the entrance of a door he opened the door and entered into the room. In the room Dark Lord was sitting on his throne and near him was Vetrion. Antimon said "My lord the troop we sent is defeated by King and his army." Dark said "I was aware of this that they will be defeated but King will fight the battle, that's not that simple. He is surely expanding his army, and we also need to expand. Vetrion the project is completed?"

He replied "Yes my lord." Dark said "Antimon prepare yourself I hope you have understood what I meant." to which he replied "Yes my lord." And he exit form the room. Vetrion said after his departure "My lord I am afraid if he......." and was interrupted by Dark "I know but he is the only one, we have to take the risk. Prepare for phase two we don't have time.

Meanwhile on a lonely planet a spaceship of King's army was patrolling. And the admin of the ship was Max. It was passing through the planet that the radars of the ship were discovering life form on the planet the pilot of the ship said "There are some life form traces on this planet." To which Max replied  "That's impossible there were no reading like this was found before, major land the we will check it." major replied "Yes sir." and began to land the ship. Soon the ship was landed and Max and major went out from the ship in search. Max went to left and major to right.

After a while there was a call from major to Max "Sir there is a lost ship of our force." Listening to which Max rushed to the major. Reaching to the ship Max was in total shock and said " AL-0373-DN-35. It is Neo's ship." to which major said "The lost commander of our forces." Max said "Yes major. Check is the reading coming from this ship." major using hi small machine said "Yes, sir." Max said "What we are waiting for search."

After a long search a person was found with an astronaut suit on his body. Max and major took him to there ship. After removing his suit it was discovered that he was alive and was Neo only. Max said "Get well brother. King will be very happy if he will see you again." and they departed from there to earth.

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