Kira's Light

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A young girl (Kira) is looking for her lost love (Zane) with a lantern, she gets lost in the woods and the goddess of the hunt/moon (Selene) takes pity on her as the girl gets weaker from hunger and cold so she turns her into the northern lights to continue her search forever.

Submitted: March 24, 2019

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Submitted: March 24, 2019



As a child, Kira and Zane lived in the same village. When they grew older so did their relationship.They fell in love but soon Zane could not stay with her. Zanes’ fishing skills had grown a lot and he chose to gather a team to go out every day outside the village border  so they would get more fish.There was a rumor going around that there were pirates that would sail to the border of the village and steal zane and his crew’s fish for themselves. One day Kira decided she would secretly tag along and help Zane defend his crew from these pirates. She watched as she saw the  pirates step off their boat.

“How much did you catch today, Eskimo scum” the captain asked. Kira almost jumped out but kept her anger under control.

“You heard the captain, what do you have for us?” urged another shipmate.

“We will not give anything to a scoundrel like you!” Zane exclaimed confidently.

“You do not have a right to speak to me like that!” The captain drew his sword out of its holder and threatened zane. “You're gonna have to pay for that, foolish boy”

At this Kira was up to her limit, she was going to explode like a cannon. She jumped out of her hiding place with a wooden knife of her own.

“You shall not treat my love this way, You can't treat anyone this way, It is unkind and unruly!”, Kira sharply exclaimed.

“What are you doing kira?” Zane asked in fear,

“You are all foolish, better run while you have the chance!” a shipmate told kira, zane, and the others.

At this they all ran and tried to get back to the village. Kira ran as fast as she could but she lost sight of zane.

“Where did he go?”, she asked herself.KIra had followed ZAne and the others to the border and didn't know how to get back, kira also knew zane was lost because he had been using a compass and he dropped it when the captain got his sword out. Kira saw a lantern, candle, and match. KIRa struck a match and lit the match. She thought the light was amazing and magical, she lit the candle and set it in the lantern. As it grew dark, kira grew tired and weary, she needed to find zane. After many hours of looking for zane she grew tired, angry, and sad. She laid down to rest and looked up at the empty sky, only seeing the lonely moon and wondering what the moons companion was, She drifted off to sleep quietly. Hen she woke in the morning she saw a beautiful woman in the distance.

“Hey, I need help getting home! Can you help?”. Suddenly the woman turned around frightened.

“What are you looking for?” the woman asked, still turned around. “My love, his name is zane!, please show your face.”, kira questioned. The woman turned around and as she did kira fell to her knees, in that instant she recognized who the woman was, it was Selene, the goddess of the moon.

“Selene, the goddess of the moon, I didn't know it was you excuse me!” Kira pleaded.

“It is okay kira, i know you didn't know, its okay.” Selene exclaimed. “Kira,  i heard you are looking for zane” Selene asked.

“Yes, he’s my love and i found myself lost and have to find him.” Kira told her. “I can help you with that problem as i tried to help when i was looking for my love many years ago.” Selene sadly told kira. “His name was Endymion, a beautiful man that i was in love with, then he had an affair with hera, Zuez’s wife, and was subject to an eternal sleep in a high tower. I was so very sad and angry but every night i would see him and love him but had no way to bring him back. I will help you find your love because i was not able to keep mine.” Selene told sadley.

“Thank you, i am so sorry about endymion.” Kira exclaimed kindly. “At nightfall go to the fountain with this totem, help your compass light the way.”

Selene handed kira a compass and the stick. Suddenly selene disappeared and the moon started to rise. Kira started traveling to the waterfall with her compass, when she finally got there she was tired. she walked through the waterfall with her totem pole and suddenly her body started to disappear but floated up into the sky. She was scared but somehow knew she was going to be okay. SHe kept floating and finally stopped. She looked at herself and she didn't see her body, instead she saw many beautiful colors. She was amazed as she flew around the sky. She started to remember what selene had said

“You can now look for him forever, when you find him, he will join you.”, she started to look for him. She spotted the boat with the captain with many lanterns lighting up the whole boat. She listened as the captain scolded zane. All kira needed to do was get close enough.

“You tried to run away, we gave so many chances, I guess now you won't be able to live to find that foolish girl again.

Kira moved closer to the boat and started to turn into a person again. “Yeah he will!” kira yelled. Kira gave zane a hug and they floated upwards, together. Kira was filled with such delight.

“I love you.” kira whispered.

“I love you too.” Zane exclaimed.

They could hear bickering by the captain and his crew as they were trying to find out where their prisoner had gone. And what was in the sky. Although zane and kira could hear them, all they could do is be by each other and drown out the noise. They stayed there together as the northern lights, forever in love for others to see, they never stopped searching for love.

© Copyright 2019 Kjari Nykreim. All rights reserved.

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