Jenny Redd

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a story about a young woman in the 1950's who need to have a new life. The course she took to obtain thins new life was a hard road to tow. This story will have graphic language and adult situations. Highly advised to be at least 18 yrs of age to read this. Some my find this offensive in nature. You be the judge. You have been warned.

Table of Contents

I'm Gone

This lady was not going to be played like a chump. She has been on her own since she was 15 years old. Her dad was a lush, her mom was a ... Read Chapter

New Start

This is the beginning of Jenny's new life. This story will have graphic language and might not be suitable for some.
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Job Hunt

After a breakfast of buttered bread and milk, Jenny showered, dressed and got ready for job hunting.The dress that she had on the hanger ... Read Chapter

Settling In

"Miss Redd, at the end of your shift, please come to my office." said Mrs. Konnor. Jenny knew that she was on her 30th day at the store a... Read Chapter

"Mr B"

For two weeks, Jenny had worked at the customer service section. Some of the customers were pleasant, and she would return in kind, under... Read Chapter

A Little Taste

Jenny, now has been working at the store for awhile. But she knows that the money that she is making will not be enough for her. So today, maybe she will take a step into that direction that will
get her more money. But at what price?
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Jenny Is 16

Now, that Jenny has turns 16, she feels like an adult. But she has been living like an adult for awhile, now what will be ahead for her.
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Decision Time

Jenny has to give her answer to "Mr B." tomorrow. This being Sunday, it will give her the whole day to think about what she wants to do.
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Whats The Plan

Jenny has made up her mind. Now she has to meet with "Mr.B" to get all the details.
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The Errand

Jenny walks briskly down the street to work, she is ready for the day and what it might bring. She is wearing a new skirt with a nice new... Read Chapter

I'm In

By now, Jenny has been working for "Mr.B" as an runner. The risks that she is taking doesn't phase her, as long as she is getting paid for it.
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Making A Date

A few days have gone by since Goldie and Jenny decided to have a "girls day" on Saturday. Goldie was to busy to discuss it with Jenny for... Read Chapter

Saturday With Goldie

After Jenny got out of her shower, she went into the bedroom to get changed. She removed the towel from her body, and standing naked in f... Read Chapter

Saturday With Goldie

Goldie begins to tell Jenny about herself.
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How Goldie Met "Mr.B"

Goldie continues her story to Jenny about who she got to meet "Mr.B" .
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Decker Street V1

Goldie and Jenny wandered around Decker Street, checking out the different stores. They went into a record shop to listen to some music a... Read Chapter

Goldies First Time

Still at the diner, Goldie tells Jenny about her first time with a guy. This chapter will be graphic in nature, so be advised.
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Yellow Fog

Walking down Decker Street to get to the Yellow Fog, Goldie and Jenny past other clubs and bookstores and other small businesses alo... Read Chapter

getting closer

Goldie and Jenny take their friendship to a new level. A place that Jenny thought she would never be.
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The Morning After

After spending the night in Goldies apartment, actually in Goldies bed making love, woman to woman love that Jenny would joke about,... Read Chapter

A Long Way From Home

All through that Sunday after Jenny had sex with Goldie, she did nothing but replay last night. She felt like that it wasn't even her, th... Read Chapter

Jenny's Thoughts

Here it was the next day and Jenny went through her same routine. Shower, eat, dress, then head off to work. Work, or a job that she knew... Read Chapter

Surprise Visitor

Goldie was looking at a magazine, just browsing throught the pages. Her mind wasn't really on the articles, she had other things going th... Read Chapter


Jenny had just left her job at the department store. Leaving the cool air that was flowing in the building onto the hot muggy street, it ... Read Chapter

Going Against The Rules

"You stupid fuckin bitch" Get up!', "Mr.B" yelled at Goldie as he pulled her off the floor by pulling on her blonde hair. "Awww!" Your hu... Read Chapter

Now What?

Jenny was walking the  narrow tree lined streets off the main drag to get to Goldies. It being a muggy warm late afternoon, the shad... Read Chapter

Didn't See That Coming

"I'm fucked! I'm fucked!!" is all that Goldie could say as she and Jenny held on to each other. Meanwhile, "Mr.B's" body was lying there ... Read Chapter

Plan Of Action Step 1

It was now night time. Goldie was lying on her back while Jenny was resting her head on Goldies stomach. Goldie was running her fingers t... Read Chapter

Step 2

Inside Goldies apartment, they were both standing over "Mr.B's" body."What are you feeling right now?" Jenny asked Goldie. "To be honest ... Read Chapter

Dropping Off "Mr.B"

With Goldie at the wheel, and Jenny riding shotgun, they headed out to the marshes to dump "Mr.B's" body. Goldie was very careful of her ... Read Chapter

The Long Way Home

Driving back, both were quiet. The only sound that was being made was the roar of the engine, and the tires on the road surface. Jenny ha... Read Chapter

Twists And Turns

The alarm went off on Jennys clock. She slapped at it, and it fell off of the table and onto the floor. that made it stop ringing. "Shit,... Read Chapter

Unseen Developments

With Mrs. Konnor crying, Jennys mouth was opened and her eyes were bugging out. The thought that her husband is wrapped up in blanke... Read Chapter

Time To get Clued In

Jenny was relieved that the work day was over. But now the real fun begins. She has to go to the drug store to pick up the money from yes... Read Chapter

Goldie Tell All

"When i started this, i was just like you. Picking up the money from the drug store and giving it to this guy by the name of Tony." Goldi... Read Chapter

More To Tell

After Jennys little tirade, partially brought on by her first beer, Goldie, sitting on the sofa, twirling her can of beer with some still... Read Chapter

Didn't See That Coming

Arriving at the drive-in, Goldie saw Dave her contact leaning up against his car. A dark blue Studebacker Commander. It looked to be... Read Chapter

Planting A Seed

Goldie needed to get in touch with Jenny. She found a pay phone and gave Jenny a call. " Jenny, Goldie, i need to see you. I'm going to g... Read Chapter

Gathering The Troops

Goldie and Jenny went into the kitchen of Jenny's apartment. Goldie asked Jenny if she had anything to drink. Getting up from the table, ... Read Chapter

Calm Before The Storm

It was 4 o'clock in the morning. Jenny was asleep. She had one leg drapped over Goldie's waist, she was nuzzeled by Goldie's right b... Read Chapter

Turn Of Events

Quitting time for Jenny. Deep down she wishes that it was quitting time for good. But if Goldie's plan works out, maybe she will be able ... Read Chapter

The Gathering

Ringing the bell to Goldie's apartment, the three, Branson, Goldstein, and Jenny were buzzed in. Walking up the stairs and through the ha... Read Chapter

This Is How It Will Be

Kay was about to say something when one of the cops, Goldstein, leaning on the edge of his chair asked Goldie what happened to her face. ... Read Chapter

Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Jenny, rubbing her hand through Goldie's hair as Goldie was crying. Slowly, the tears began to subside and Goldie raised her head ou... Read Chapter

Epilogue Part 1

These next chapters will sum up on what had happen to the characters in this story. Both Goldie and Jenny will need their own chapters.
Read Chapter

Epilogue Part 2 (Goldie)

Once Goldie and Jenny had left Kay, their relationship was at a crossroads. Jenny, every so often kept on saying that she didn't want to ... Read Chapter

Epilouge Part 3 Jenny

Now Jenny was alone in the apartment that she and Goldie once shared. Four years ago she was home with a drunk for a dad who would try, b... Read Chapter

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