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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Epilogue Part 2 (Goldie)

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Once Goldie and Jenny had left Kay, their relationship was at a crossroads. Jenny, every so often kept on saying that she didn't want to spend the rest of her life working in retail, but by now she was hitting  on her fourth year at the store. Both were able to save alot of their money that they had made off of "Mr.B;, and Kay, but now that money wasn't coming in. Jenny was promoted to softside manager and that meant an increase in salary by about $25 a week. But Goldie wasn't working. It wasn't that Goldie was lazy, but she didn't want to work in retail like Jenny. She didn't want to work hard for her money. That was one of the things that was putting a wedge between the two.

Another thing was that Goldie would head down to the clubs and cafes on Decker Street to hang out with her beatnick friends. Jenny would go occasionally, but not during the week when she had to get up early for work. For Goldie, it was all becoming play time for her, while Jenny kept a steady job. One night when Jenny got home from work, They argued over this. Goldie said, "As long as i got money to help pay the bills that is all that should matter!" Then she stormed out of the aprtment and didn't come back til the next morning. When she did come back, they made up and Goldie said that she would start to look for a job. They had sex after that which made Jenny late for work that day.

Even the sex between them had lost it's emotion, it's lust. They were just going through the motions. It was almost like having a second job. It really struck Jenny one day when she was eating out Goldie's pussy, and while licking her clit, instead of being in the moment, she was thinking about what to buy at the market later in the day. For all she knew, Goldie was looking at the crack on the ceiling thinking of something else.

Goldie did get a job, but Jenny wasn't thrilled with it. She answered an ad for an escort through a modeling agency. She swore to Jenny that the was nothing going on between her and the guys she would go out with. She would go with these middle age men to a place to eat and then a show, or a convention that had to do something with their line of work. One guy took her to his bowling league dinner. Rows and rows of coldcuts, salads and beer. And all these fat bowlers, smoking cigars and drinking beer, and getting food stains on their shirts. Really didn't put Goldie in the mood for sex she told Jenny. Yes there were some guys who wanted to have a bit more than what Goldie was willing to do. There would be times when she would come home with a ripped dress, or a broken heel off a shoe, or a bruise. But some of these guys got the worst of it. Jenny, some time ago showed Goldie some moves she had to learn to fend off guys at her school. A palm to the nose, and a chop with the side of her hand to the throat. It sometimes came in handy for Goldie.

It was right after the Cuban Missile Crisis, in October of '62 that things came to a head. A few heated arguments which almost came to blows between them, they both realize that their relationship had run it's course. Goldie let Jenny have the apartment. she was making decent money from her job at the store, and she had the money from her days as a runner to dip in to if need be. Goldie left in early December. she felt that if she stayed til after Christmas, it would seem phoney. she need to break out. All she took  with her was her clothes and some personal belongings. The year before, when times were better with her and Jenny, she bought a car. A 1958 Chevy BelAir, two tone, green and white. As she stood at the door for the last time, looking at the apartment and at Jenny, but between them, all of the love and affection was drained from the both of them. "Goodbye Jenny, and good luck." said Goldie. Jenny said to Goldie, "Have a good life." It was like the last day of high school between them when you say goodbye to that person that you knew, but really didn't talk to except to say a quick "hi"  as you were on your way to history class. You will never see them again, but you won't really miss them. That's how it goes. But later in the evening, Jenny balled her eyes out like a baby. When Goldie pulled into a motel to spend the night, she did the same thing.

Goldie headed to Los Angeles. She got a job as a bartender, then as an escort. She got hooked up with a producer and made several soft core porn movies. She actually ran into Gene at a party in the Hollywood Hills. They caught up on old times, while Peter Fonda and his sister Jane were listening into the conversation. That was the last time Goldie saw Gene.

After a few years in LA, she shifted up to San Francisco and got hooked up with the counter culture. She became a hippie, even though she was now in her late 20's she was a bit on the old side of hippiedom, but she got into the music and the drugs. Mostly the drugs, and the free love, either with guys or gals, or with both at the same time.

As the sixties became the seventies, and the music and clothes changed. But the partying and the drugs kept going on for Goldie. By now, she was living in Las Vegas and as she was into mid thirties, she was looking older than what her age was. The lines on her forehead and the crows feet around her eyes were becoming noticable. The partys and the late nights and early mornings were catching up to her. The money was starting to run out, and the jobs as an escort, even in Las Vegas now, were far and few between. So, she realized that she needed to get her shit together.

Getting a job as a blackjack dealer after going to classes to learn how to be one. She kept clean and made some new contacts. She made friends in the real estate game. At this time, real estate was booming in Las Vegas, and talking to these guys who would come over to her table to gamble their money from their property deals gave Goldie the idea to get in the game herself.

She went and got her real estate license with the help of her contacts. By the early 80's she had worked at three real estate companies and made a name for herself in the property game. Then she started her own business. By the mid 90's, she was one of the most successful realtors in the Las Vegas metro area. 

As for her personal life, she kept to herself, but she did have several relationships with woman. She by now knew that she was a lesbian. And yes, every once in a while she would think about Jenny, and what had happened to her. But as the years went on the memories of her were less and less. During this time, some of her friends felt that she should keep that part of her life to herself. At first she did, but then after being successful, she said to herself, "Fuck that!" this is who i am. If people can't handle it, that is their problem. In the long run, being openly gay helped her with her business.

But there was one thing that Goldie couldn't give up. It was her cigarettes. As the years went by, she would smoke more and more. The nicotine helping her with the stress of her work. She was up to three packs a day by this time. 

In the late 90's she was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to other parts of her body. Goldie died in 2001, three weeks before her 62nd birthday. 

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