A collection of over 50 poems by an up-and-coming teenage author, covering a wide range of topics from love, to mental health, to coffee. This is an interesting, perceptive insight into the teenage mind, in the form of abstract and free verse poetry, written and collected over several years.

Table of Contents

Tears Of Thoughtful Roses

Shed a tear for the dying; lay a rose for the dead.   Spare a thought for the living left in their stead. ... Read Chapter


A thief swings from the gallows, Igniting the sudden migration of swallows, A blacksmith lies dying on his own bellows, While... Read Chapter

Silver Sparkle

There's a silver sparkle in her eye fading even as I watch bleak eyes for weak limbs the last breath is silver mist it es... Read Chapter

Don't Fall

Frolic, if only for a little while under the glare of a dying sun carefully; you might yet slip keep to the safety of light. ... Read Chapter

Forget Me

Forget me; remove me from your beautiful mind. I am not worth lingering in your thoughts. I am not worth the minu... Read Chapter


It itches the back of his mind becomes a fire which scratching fingers can't extinguish.     It rep... Read Chapter


Pained the trembling fingers tap against the window pane.     Porcelain skin connecting every p... Read Chapter


Silver invites you to dance a whisper brushing against your ear a promise he can make everything disappear.   ... Read Chapter


There is a diamond screen attempting to obscure his vision.   Light is fragmented as it attempts to ... Read Chapter


It feels like a tentative failing of his heart. As the organ trembles most precariously. It forces the rest of the body... Read Chapter

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