Observations of a Troubled MInd

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From the earth we rise

From the dust we form

Warm bodies of flesh and breath

A skeletal framework to hold up our limp cells

A rush of hot blood coursing through our veins

To combat the cold dark of the soul

A zombie existence feeding off the pain

The passion

The rush of destruction

Consumption of raw energy


Roots shoot out through the souls of the feet

Tiny sprouts from the tips of fingers spiraling towards the sky

Limbs tangled around one another so we can feed off the force of the other

Exchange of breaths

Transference of precious blood

Vampire love in the roots of our bones


Addicted to the pain

Addicted to the release

Addicted to the feeling of power of life within our grasp

Cut out the arteries and hold the pulse

Grip the flow

Release and breath


Atomic desires taking root and growing off our skeletons

Growing within the foundations of our beings


A poison in the soil staining the purest streams

Toxins in our veins and minds

Green floods our pale fleshy bark

Only in dying is the true beauty revealed

The life within rises to the surface

Deep red buds of fetal growth

Drain the heart to feed the art

Submitted: March 26, 2019

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