Monologue of Coach Jed Hopfensperger/ The Charger's Emperor

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About the most evil, crazy, and meanest person I have ever encountered in my life, same would be said about anyone who knows or knew him.

Submitted: March 26, 2019

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Submitted: March 26, 2019



Monologue of Coach Jed Hopfensperger/ The Charger’s Emperor:


Those Rouses know I am the one and only superior of the runners and other people! My family is a disgrace to my legacy, always telling me to spend vacations and weekends with them for several hours. I am devoted to my strength and determination to ALWAYS being number one. Dow High and quicksters, such as Ashley Bur, aid in my wrath of harming others without any suspicions of any kind. Yelling and screaming at even the wimpiest of runners adds to my relaxation: no prayer will calm me. **** YOU, God Almighty! “You are a soldier of God,” mom Mary Rose told me.

“You must go to church as much as possible, Jed,” dad James told me.

SCREW ALL OF YOU! My speed and money come first and no church at all. Jim, Jay, and Matt maybe having a couple children of their own or going off with a doctorate from out of state. This guy has followed his direct path to at least metaphorically punching a solid iron fist to anyone in my way. All teens and older guys want to mess with any of their prey in private or on the odd occasion, in public. A blonde from several years ago once worked alongside me in cross training. Her globes and wagon looked dandy for this jaguar to put his jagged paws on. Too bad for me she rejected and got away while the beast was not too hasty. Diane and Marty could have teamed up with me, them being one or two years behind me in graduating Midland High. NO! Those buffoons coached different teams at that sappy Chemic school of distasteful love, wimpy help, and uncherished support! My weakness must never be revealed, even if I am speaking to only myself in public or even in closed rooms. Walls have ears and whatever that berate saying is. Someone smart beyond words, somehow cannot sense my fiery emotions, and pure love of someone else is only strong enough to stop me: plus my weakness. That will be the day! Marty Hollenbeck and Diane Sugnet wait until May 13 of next year! (Evil laughs.)

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