The Earthworm Miracle

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After a giant earthworm escapes from an Argentine science facility, the creature takes refuge near a small Texas town. Farmer Jacob Willy and his drunken neighbor Milt encounter the monster beast, with the tale of their discovery falling on deaf ears. But when tabloid reporter Tashby Price comes to town, Jacob's "Giant Worm" story takes on new life.

Meanwhile, Milt and his bar mates have their own financial plans for smuggling Mexicans across the boarder through worm tunnels they want to create with the giant night crawler.

Jacob, Milt and Tashby will have to move quickly, however, because the Argentine scientists have hired assassins to destroy the worm in order to keep sensitive research out of U.S. hands.

Note from Pudding:
A few years ago I quit my job and took some time off to film The Earthworm Miracle movie trailer. Here's a link to the final cut.

Submitted: March 28, 2019

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Submitted: March 28, 2019





A metallic structure partially hidden by plant life as exotic animal NOISES linger.

A plaque in front reads: EL PROGRESISTA ALTERNATIVA EN DEFENSA (The Progressive Alternative in Defense).


A dimly lit area scattered with plasma screens and electrical control panels.

A portly SECURITY GUARD patrols the grounds drinking coffee while listening to a soccer game on a handheld radio.

SECURITY GUARD (SUBTITLE SPANISH) Pass the ball! Pass the ball!

STATIC. The guard jiggles the radio.

RADIO (SUBTITLE SPANISH) He’s going, he’s going, SCORE!!!

SCREAMS and JUBILATION from the security guard when he accidently spills his beverage on the main panel.


BLARING ALARMS. The security guard frantically presses down on various buttons when the sirens finally cease. The guard takes a seat and lets out several cautious breaths.

...faint POUNDS emit from the lower level.


The security guard stumbles out from the main door with his flashlight gleaming. RUMBLES creep from the ground below.

The guard looks outward where the exterior fencing becomes RIPPED from its foundation and dragged off into the darkness.




The sun gleams brightly on fields of green beans, potato plants, grapefruit trees and other numerous crops.

But one farm with red plump tomatoes the size of beach balls stands out from the rest. Sprinklers working overtime sputter as small bugs dance about.

Near the edge of the farm stands a two-story house with an old barn beside it. In the front yard, goats, pigs and other small animals linger in a holding pen shaded by a stunning Japanese Pagoda tree.

A farmer walks up to the Japanese tree holding onto a pair of metal shears.

It’s JACOB WILLY, 40’s, balding, glasses. Jacob proceeds to trim the branches when the sprinklers in the tomato fields come to a halt.


GRINDING from a water pump located near the base of the stairs. Jacob BANGS on the metal device with a small rock.

JACOB Come on.

Several final WHACKS and the farmer drops the stone to the ground.


A rusty white pickup truck barrels across the farmlands.


Jacob listens to classical music mixed with a steady HUM coming from the junker’s engine.


The town stretches over three blocks with buildings that are worn-down and outdated. Jacob drives through the main intersection passing local stores and shoppers.


A two-story building with vintage toys displayed in the window.



The store is dusty and cluttered with train sets, model planes and other various collectibles. Jacob enters the shop holding a large box.

LARRY, 40’s, skinny frame, raggedy cowboy hat, walks up from the back of the store.

LARRY Hold on there mister. You seen any unidentifiable marks on your body lately?

JACOB Just a couple of small scratches.

LARRY Are you aware of any plans by an alien race that involve invading Earth and forcing us into slavery?

JACOB I’d have to say that’s a no.

LARRY Good. What’s the secret word?

JACOB Thomas Jefferson.

LARRY You’re clean. Close your eyes.

Jacob covers his face.

LARRY (CONT.) Okay, you can peek.

A silver train with copper wheels sits on the counter.

JACOB A Rio Grande FT locomotive. Where did you find this?

LARRY An auction in Baton Rouge.

JACOB It’s even got the steam lights.

LARRY Don’t tell anyone I’m letting you borrow it. Okay, I showed you mine now let’s see yours.

Jacob opens the box and hands it to Larry.


JACOB It’s busted and my crops are bone- dry.

LARRY (peering into box) Follow me, Nick!

A teenager with a red Mohawk peeks his head out from the aisle.

LARRY (CONT.) I need you to mind the store and turn up the air conditioner! It’s hotter than a June bride up in here!


Numerous electronics are strewn about.

Larry carries the pump over to a filthy workbench as Jacob scans the area.

JACOB It’s like some kind of electrical cemetery.

LARRY Oh, this is no cemetery. It’s my lab and it’s where most of my inventions are born.

Larry removes the metal casing from the water pump and looks it over.

LARRY (CONT.) The Power Blaster, one of my more popular creations.

Jacob walks over to an old carnival style bumper car with the number three painted on the side.


(taking notice) The Luxury Lifeboat. It’s a life raft for folks that want to be rescued in style. Press the blue button.

The farmer complies. ALARMS BLARE.

LARRY (CONT.) You’ve just triggered an alert. The boat’s wired with a makeshift GPS tracking device.


JACOB Wow. I like that.

Jacob peers over to a bottle in the side panel.

JACOB (CONT.) Champagne?

LARRY It’s a luxury lifeboat.

Jacob reaches for a red button.

LARRY (CONT.) Don’t, don’t monkey with that! It’s the emergency flare release system. You wanna start a fire?

JACOB Sorry.

Larry makes his way over to the back of the room.

LARRY Would you like to meet Amy?

JACOB There’s a woman in here?

LARRY She’s much more than a woman my tomato farming friend. Amy is my latest creation in home defense.

JACOB Your secret project.

Larry walks up to a curtain and slides it back revealing a wooden mannikin with wires and lights spread about.

JACOB (CONT.) She’s beautiful.

Amy raises her arm shouldering a rifle.

LARRY Don’t be scared. It’s just a paintball gun filled with marbles.

Larry flips a switch on the wall and a cardboard duck in the distance begins to rotate.

LARRY (CONT.) Amy’s older sister was completely stationary but this new version has a motion sensor.


Amy targets her weapon on the duck and FIRES. Direct hit.

JACOB That was grand. Yes, I would buy something like that.

LARRY I think I might be falling for her.

JACOB Okay, that’s a little weird.

LARRY Like having conversations with farm animals? Jacob, someday Amy will be sold in every store across America.


Jacob reconnects the Power Blaster with a large wrench. He turns on the water and the sprinklers start back up.


The Rio Grande FT locomotive circles around metal tracks with Jacob at the controls increasing its speed.

The train barrels around the corner and derails CRASHING into a wall.

JACOB He’s gonna kill me.

Jacob walks over to a window where the Rio Grande FT locomotive lays scattered about.

A light in the distance from outside.

Jacob picks up a pair of binoculars from the window ledge and focuses on a home a quarter-mile down the road.

In the second floor window, ELIZABETH, 40’s, not very attractive, sits on her bed reading a thick book.

JACOB Hello there.

Elizabeth reaches for a glass of milk and sips it like a fine wine. Her eyes carefully follow the words in the novel as she turns the page.


Jacob attempts to focus on the book’s title when suddenly, a large black SAINT BERNARD lunges at the window, BARKING wildly. The farmer stumbles to the floor.

A muffled RUMBLE from outside.

The farmer makes his way back to the window and peers down. Someone drives Jacob’s tractor across the front yard.


MILT, 50’s, big belly, baseball cap, steers the rusty tractor towards the tomato fields as Jacob sprints up to the scene waving his arms.

JACOB Hey! Shut it down!

MILT What’s that?

JACOB Turn off the engine!

Milt stops the motor.

JACOB (CONT.) What are you doing up there? It’s late.

MILT I’m doing chores to pay for my room and board. Where should I dig first?

JACOB She kicked you out again?

MILT That evil woman, called me a drunk.

JACOB Why don’t you come down from there before you get hurt?

MILT I’m used to getting hurt. You need some pain in your life.

Jacob helps Milt down from the tractor as the heavyset man struggles to stay balanced.

Milt begins to sing off-key.


MILT (CONT.) There she goes the red, white and blue! I said there she goes shining glory through!

JACOB Quiet now, you’re going to wake up my livestock.

MILT Forgive me, Jacob. Can I sleep in the barn? Just for tonight?

JACOB I guess that will be okay, but promise you won’t mess with my chickens.

MILT No chickens, got it. I love those beautiful birds.

JACOB All right, let’s get you set up.

Jacob and Milt head over to the barn.


Jacob sleeps as a small fan rotates near the foot of the bed. The sounds of pigs SQUEALING comes from outside. A light turns on and Jacob rises.

JACOB Coyotes.

Jacob walks over to the closet and pulls out a sizable shotgun.


The farmer appears from the front door wearing a robe. A STRANGE NOISE from the tomato fields.

The SOUND terminates as Jacob reluctantly walks forward.

JACOB Milt! Is that you?

Jacob enters the fields and proceeds down a dirt path. The NOISE resurfaces but this time it’s disturbingly close. Jacob raises the shotgun and moves further down the trail.

JACOB (CONT.) Milt! You out here drinking?


Someone grabs Jacob from behind. It’s, Milt.

JACOB (CONT.) Holy Moses. You must have some kind of death wish. Are you trying to get shot?

Milt’s face is pale and his eyes widened. The drunk slowly lifts his hand and points towards the path’s end. Something large and slimy waits in the distance.

JACOB (CONT.) Don’t move.

The farmer creeps up to get a closer look when the massive creature slithers away.

Jacob raises the shotgun and pulls the trigger. A loud BLAST. The two men stand frozen as the dust settles.

JACOB (CONT.) What was that? Did you see it?

MILT It was a giant snake. One of those Anacondas like in that movie.

JACOB Shhh...I think it’s still out there.

Milt hotfoots it towards his home.

JACOB (CONT.) Hey, where you going? Hey wait!

The tomato farmer runs off.


A patrol truck pulls up to the front door and parks. The SHERIFF, 50’s, thin build, piercing eyes, steps out from the vehicle.

Jacob appears from the side of his home moving cautiously with his hands glued to the shotgun.

JACOB Sheriff.

SHERIFF Hey, it sure is mighty late out. What’s with the iron?

JACOB Are there more officers coming?


The sheriff looks around the property.

SHERIFF It’s just me. I got a call of gunshots fired. Can you help me with that?

JACOB A giant snake attacked me in the tomato fields. I’ve never seen anything that big before.

The sheriff raises his walkie-talkie.


(over radio) I’m going to need Animal Control out here, possible Gopher snake.

WALKIE-TALKIE Calling Animal Control, stand by.

SHERIFF (to Jacob) How big do you think it was?

JACOB Maybe five feet.

The sheriff pulls out a pad and takes notations.

SHERIFF Five foot long and what color?

Jacob’s breath becomes shortened.

JACOB No, you’re not gettin’ it. This thing was five feet in height. And I don’t think it was a snake. It looked more like...a worm.

SHERIFF A five foot worm?

JACOB Maybe six foot, I’m not sure.

SHERIFF Have you been drinking son?

JACOB No sir. That’s what I saw, sheriff. God’s honest truth.

The sheriff tucks his note pad away.


SHERIFF Well okay.

(over radio) Cancel that snake sighting, it now looks like we might be dealing with a giant night crawler, over.

Laughter over the radio.

WALKIE-TALKIE That’s a copy, one giant creepy crawler. I’ll see if we can muster you up a giant catfish.

SHERIFF (over radio) You’re a real comedian.

(to himself) It’s too late to be pushin’ pork bellies.

The sheriff walks back toward his truck.

JACOB You can’t leave me alone with that thing out there!

SHERIFF Okay Jacob, calm down. I’ll take a quick look see.

The sheriff walks off into the tomato fields as Jacob patiently waits, staring out into the darkness.

JACOB Is everything okay in there? Sheriff!

SHERIFF (O.S.) Oh my god!

JACOB Sheriff!


The sheriff appears from the field lugging a giant tomato.

SHERIFF (CONT.) I hope you don’t mind if I snag one of these for the wife? She makes a heavenly tomato casserole.

JACOB Yeah, sure.


The sheriff loads the giant vegetable onto the back of his truck and enters the vehicle.

SHERIFF You take care now!

The official drives off leaving Jacob standing by the porch.


Yellow butterflies circle around the Japanese Pagoda tree on this sun-filled day. It’s extremely quiet out and the farm animals seem to be in hiding.


Jacob pours slop into a long wooden bin when several hogs rush over. The farmer strokes one of the smaller pigs on the head.

JACOB Hey there, Meeka. How are my babies doing? You seen anything strange out here last night? No?

The farmer looks up and stares off into the tomato fields.

JACOB (CONT.) There’s nothing out there. Damn drunk is putting stuff into my head.


Farm animals feed.

Elizabeth’s Saint Bernard chases butterflies around.

Jacob drives his tractor along a dirt path.


A huge one-story building with chipped paint.


Over one hundred old folks sit around tables frantically stamping their Bingo boards as a giant metal wheel tosses balls around.


Jacob sits next to an OLD LADY, 80’s, at one of the larger tables.

OLD LADY I’m sweatin’ like a whore in church on a Sunday.

JACOB They said in the paper that this is the hottest day on record.

OLD LADY I just wish they would do away with this evening water curfew. I miss my nighttime baths.

The senior uses a playing board to fan herself as Jacob scans the room.

JACOB Why does everybody keep looking over here?

OLD LADY What are you talking about?

JACOB They’re staring at us.

OLD LADY I have to be honest with you, Jacob. I’ve heard rumors of some strange goings on at your farm.

JACOB It was nothing. Coyotes.

A CALLER SHOUTS several numbers over the loud speakers.

OLD LADY Bingo! I’ve got Bingo!

Old Lady stands and heads towards the front table waving her arms.

JACOB Congratulations, Miss Olsen!

A sharply dressed woman approaches Jacob’s table. It’s TASHBY PRICE, 30’s, beautiful.

TASHBY Is anyone sitting here?

JACOB Help yourself.

Tashby takes a seat and surveys the area.


JACOB (CONT.) Don’t watch the balls bounce around. Just listen out for the numbers, it’s quicker.

TASHBY Thanks for the tip. Tashby Price is the name.

JACOB Jacob. You’re not from town.

TASHBY Is it that obvious? I’m from Canada.

JACOB That’s a long way from home.

TASHBY Could your last name be Willy by any chance?

Jacob gives the outsider his full attention.

TASHBY (CONT.) The good people over at Ned’s bar told me I might catch you here.

JACOB Are you from the government?

Tashby smiles and hands Jacob a magazine with a picture of a three headed toddler.

TASHBY I’m a reporter from the Canadian Sun Times, Jacob. And I flew all the way to Hail to cover a story.

JACOB On tomato farmers?

TASHBY No, a worm. A giant worm.

JACOB I’m not sure what you’re talking about?

TASHBY Let me explain. You see I spend most of my days poking around on the Internet searching for interesting accounts.

JACOB What kind of accounts?


TASHBY The police report on the mammoth worm. I knew instantly it would make a perfect cover story.

The reporter leans in.

TASHBY (CONT.) Jacob, I’d like to set up an exclusive interview. I’ve even started contemplating titles.

JACOB Ma’am?

TASHBY “Attack of the Enormous Worm, Texas Terror,” but here’s my favorite, “Jacob and the Giant Earthworm.”

JACOB My neighbor Milt was there that night. I can give you his information.

TASHBY Milt? “Milt and the Giant Earthworm” has no spark to it. “Jacob and the Giant Earthworm,” that’s my hook.

JACOB To be truthful Miss Price, I just don’t need anymore embarrassment around here.

Several Bingo numbers are CALLED over the loudspeakers.

JACOB (CONT.) I’m sorry you came all this way but it was just a large field snake. I have to get back to the game now.

TASHBY Of course. Sure.

Tashby spots a sign that reads: GRAND PRIZE THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. The reporter reaches in her purse and pulls out

All it needs is a signature. Give

a blank check. She writes in three, zero, zero and hands it to Jacob. TASHBY (CONT.) me a jingle when that field snake turns back into a giant worm.


The reporter exits.


Jacob checks on Elizabeth through his binoculars as she watches the late news in her bedroom. The neighbor turns off the television and proceeds to put

on her nightgown. Jacob turns away for several moments. It’s okay she’s dressed now. The farmer turns to look. The beauty stands by her window peering out. Elizabeth waves hello to Jacob and the farmer waves back.

JACOB (to himself)

Good night my sweet. The friendly neighbor lowers the window shade and kills the lights.

MOVEMENT from below. The farmer glances down. A white goat wanders near the porch. JACOB (CONT.) (to himself) Ernie? How did you get loose? Jacob pans to the front yard where most of his livestock roam free. The animals’ holding pen has been completely demolished. The farmer adjusts the eyepiece. JACOB (CONT.) God almighty. A giant EARTHWORM the height of a cow and fifty feet in

length lies along the barn slapping its tail against the wall. Jacob runs to the closet and grabs the shotgun. He pulls

open a box of shells and recklessly loads the weapon.


Jacob approaches the giant creature with his big gun pointed at its stomach. The farmer pulls down on the trigger when the shotgun jams.

JACOB Somebody help! Sheriff? Milt?


A feeble GRUNT from the creature’s front end and Jacob runs off into the barn.

Several moments pass when the farmer slowly peaks his head out.

JACOB (CONT.) Okay, that’s no snake.

Jacob creeps out from the barn and approaches the giant creature.

The earthworm lies motionless with white and scaly skin.

The farmer taps the worm with the barrel of the shotgun but the night crawler doesn’t budge.

JACOB (CONT.) Did you come from the Devil?

Jacob looks over to the side of his truck where a decal reads: JACOB’S JUMBO TOMATOES.

JACOB (CONT.) You’re the reason why my crops are growing so big.

The earthworm remains unresponsive.

JACOB (CONT.) You’re dying...water.

The farmer dashes over to the side of the home. He picks up a hose and turns the handle. Nothing.

Jacob sprints to his truck and grabs a plastic water bottle near the front seat. Empty. The farmer stares off into the tomato fields.


Jacob storms out from the entrance holding onto a giant axe and a metal bucket.


MILT’S WIFE, 50’s, gaunt, big jewelry, watches on as Jacob runs around his front yard with the giant hatchet. The nosy neighbor shakes her head and lowers the blinds.


Jacob WHACKS several large tomatoes with the axe as juice streams out into the bucket.



The worm lies quietly covered in tomato juice as Jacob sits, gazing at the enormous creature.

JACOB You’re going to be fine now. I think I’m going to name you, Miracle.

The giant beast slightly moves its tail.

JACOB (CONT.) I’ve seen a chicken with four toes before but I’ve never witnessed anything the likes of this. The reporter.


Jacob dials a phone number from Tashby’s check.

VOICE MAIL You’ve reached Tashby Price. Please leave a message.

JACOB It’s Jacob Willy, come quick. The giant worm is in my front yard.

Jacob hangs up the phone and pulls an old-school Polaroid camera out from a drawer.


Jacob stands near the worm with his camera pointed. He SNAPS, a bright FLASH, a quick MOVING sound. The farmer lowers the camera and the earthworm is gone.


An old station wagon pulls up to the front porch with a cardboard sign in the back window that reads: TAXI.


Jacob clamps onto a small hammer as he attempts to fix the busted fence when Tashby walks up holding a handbag.

TASHBY What a charming little ranch. It’s got a real feel to it.


JACOB Miss Price, you got my message.

The reporter looks over the broken fencing.

JACOB (CONT.) The worm did this, last night.

The farmer pulls a photo out from his pocket and hands it to Tashby.

JACOB (CONT.) There he is. I named him, Miracle.

The reporter checks out the picture. A pink blur.

TASHBY Miracle, I like it, that works.

JACOB Wait until you meet him.

TASHBY Listen, I’m staying at the Red Roof Motel. Why don’t you swing by later and we can get started?

JACOB The Red Roof is a truckers’ motel, it’s no place for a lady.

TASHBY Is that right.

JACOB You’re welcome to stay in my barn if you like? I’ve got fresh pillows and I’ll cook you up a nice breakfast.

The reporter scans the area.

TASHBY Pigs, goats, the occasional smell of fresh manure. Maybe it’s just what I need to get my creative juices flowing.

JACOB Well all right.

Tashby pulls an envelope out from her purse and hands it to Jacob.


TASHBY This is a standard Canadian Sun Times contract. I’ll need you to sign this before we can start.

Jacob looks to his favorite goat.

JACOB What do you think?

The reporter glares at the furry animal.

JACOB (CONT.) Ernie says he likes you. But still, I’ll have to get someone to look over that contract before I sign.

TASHBY Of course. I better head back to the motel to grab my things.

Tashby walks away as Jacob turns to the goat.

JACOB Well Ernie, looks like we have ourselves a guest.


Jacob and Tashby eat chicken pot pies with Larry seated across from them looking over the Canadian Sun Times contract.

LARRY How many readers did you say again?

TASHBY Five hundred thousand in over sixty countries.

LARRY Does that include Botswana?

TASHBY Not sure.

LARRY Well everything looks in order.

TASHBY Are you a lawyer?

LARRY No ma’am.


JACOB Larry’s an inventor. He’s working on a giant worm trap.

TASHBY I’d love to see it.

LARRY I was hoping you would say that.

Larry pulls a paper roll out from underneath his chair and spreads it across the table. The diagram reveals a wooden frame with a massive net on top.

LARRY (CONT.) I call it the Earthworm 2000.

TASHBY It’s perfect. When do you think you’ll have this done?

LARRY A week, maybe two.

The reporter glares at the inventor.

LARRY (CONT.) Tomorrow?

TASHBY Excellent. Jacob with your permission I’d like to place an ad in the local paper announcing our big event.

JACOB An event?

TASHBY A “Jacob and the Giant Earthworm” coming out party. And I’d like to feature Larry’s invention as the main attraction.

JACOB No, no that’s not going to work.

LARRY He doesn’t know what he’s sayin’.

TASHBY Jacob, every great story needs hype. We call it “industry buzz.”



TASHBY Take my last story. A hospital janitor notices a smudge on a window pane that resembles Jesus.

LARRY That happened to me once but it took the form of an alien.

TASHBY Anyhow, after several weeks there were more than a hundred people outside the hospital praying.

JACOB Was it really Christ?

TASHBY That’s not the point. See when a lone janitor sees an effigy on a window pane, he’s just a crazy old man.

LARRY But when a hundred people see the exact same thing.

TASHBY You’ve got yourself one hell of a story. We need to create a “buzz” gentleman.

JACOB I don’t think anyone will come.

TASHBY You just let me handle that part.

Tashby slides the contract over to the farmer.

TASHBY (CONT.) Partners.

Jacob signs the document.

TASHBY (CONT.) Well this is cause for celebration and I could really use a martini. How’s that Ned’s bar?

JACOB It’s the only place in town.

LARRY I wish I could join you folks but I better get started on the Earthworm 2000.



A wooden shack lit up by neon signs.


Soft country music plays as patrons shoot pool and drink beers.

Jacob sips orange juice at a small wooden table with Tashby seated next to him drinking something fancy.

JACOB So what do you think?

TASHBY The strawberries are a little mushy.

JACOB About Hail?

The reporter scans the area.

TASHBY It’s very...American.

Tashby pulls a miniature voice recorder out from her purse.

TASHBY (CONT.) Well Jacob, maybe its time we got started.

JACOB Sure. Okay.

TASHBY Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?

Tashby starts the recorder.

JACOB Well, I’m a farmer. I grow tomatoes. I guess that makes me a tomato farmer.

TASHBY Okay Jacob, I’m going to need you to relax a little. It’s easy I’ll show you. Ask me something.

JACOB What made you want to become a reporter?


Tashby takes a moment.

TASHBY My grandfather, Geda, gave me a special gift on my ninth was a container filled with tiny black specks.

JACOB What were they?

TASHBY He told me they were magical seeds that would one day grow into Sea- Monkeys if I put them in water.

Tashby reaches for a pepper shaker and taps it over a glass of ice water.

TASHBY (CONT.) So I waited for weeks but nothing. Then one morning I noticed movement in the tank.

Jacob watches as the pepper flakes sink to the bottom of the glass.

TASHBY (CONT.) Geda was right, it was magic. The seeds turned into hundreds of baby Sea-Monkeys. They had long tails and swam funny.

JACOB How big did the Sea-Monkeys get?

TASHBY They didn’t, my cat ate them.

JACOB Oh no.

TASHBY It’s okay. See I found out that Sea-Monkeys were actually just baby shrimp. There never was any magic, Jacob.

The reporter drinks the ice water.

TASHBY (CONT.) Somehow I lost my childhood on that day. And that’s part of why I became a reporter.

A SERVER walks up and hands Jacob the bill.



(to server) Excuse me, it looks like you overcharged us. We didn’t order any beer or fried pickles.

SERVER Those gals said they were with you.

The server points to a couple of WAFFLE WAITRESSES seated at the bar still wearing their work clothes.

TASHBY (to Jacob) What’s this about?

JACOB I’m not sure.

The waffle waitresses slug down their beers and make their way over to Jacob’s table.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #1 Hey Jacob, there’s a lot of folks jabbing on about your farm and those freaky tomatoes.

JACOB I’m just lucky I guess.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #2 Lucky? I heard you was shootin’ those plants up with steroids.

JACOB My tomatoes are one-hundred percent organic.

TASHBY Excuse me ladies but it looks like we have a small discrepancy on our bill.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #1 Who the hell are you?

JACOB She’s a reporter from a world known newspaper.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #2 You doin’ a story on virgins in Texas?

The waitresses laugh it up.


TASHBY Come on Jacob, lets go.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #1 You ain’t goin’ nowhere bitch. See we ain’t done drinking yet.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #2 Yeah, we ain’t done.

TASHBY Oh believe me, you’re done. Or maybe you’d like to hear about a new story I’m working on?

WAFFLE WAITRESS #1 Let’s hear it sugar.

TASHBY It’s called, “The Texas Town Tramps” and it features two crusty hookers who work out of a local waffle house.

Waffle Waitress #1’s face turns florid.

WAFFLE WAITRESS #1 You’re bluffin’.

TASHBY You know, I think I’m getting a feel for this Southern hospitality thing.

Tashby grabs Jacob by the hand and leads him to the exit.


Jacob’s vehicle RUMBLES along.


Tashby types on her BlackBerry as Jacob silently drives.

TASHBY Those women at the bar friends of yours?

JACOB Never met them before. But I think one of them looked familiar.

TASHBY They were awfully rude.


JACOB My family is not very well-liked around these parts.

TASHBY I don’t understand.

JACOB My folks have a different take on religion.

TASHBY What do you mean like Scientology?

JACOB Something like that.

TASHBY Don’t worry Jacob. When this story hits the stands folks around here are going to treat you like the mayor.

FLASHING red and blue lights in the distance.

TASHBY (CONT.) Jacob. Jacob! Pull over!


Several officers meander near a large hole in the ground with a body-bag off to the side.

Jacob and Tashby exit the truck and approach the scene where a POLICE OFFICER takes notes.

POLICE OFFICER Hold on folks. I’m going to need you all to step back.

TASHBY It’s okay, I’m a reporter. What happened here officer?

The policeman points to a dirt bike laying on the ground.

POLICE OFFICER Poor kid was just riding along when he fell into that hole.

TASHBY That’s horrible. Looks like a pretty big crater.

POLICE OFFICER Sure is. Bob Harrington owns this here property.


POLICE OFFICER (CONT.) Says he thinks that opening came from an old water well.

TASHBY A well? Do you think a giant worm could have made that hole?

The officer looks over to the opening.

SHERIFF (O.S.) Excuse me miss, can I talk to you for a moment?


Tashby and the sheriff step away from the scene.

SHERIFF Is there something I can help you with?

TASHBY I sure hope so. I work for the Canadian Sun Times. I’m covering a story on the giant Megadrile.

SHERIFF Ma’am, you talkin’ like you got a mouthful of mush.

TASHBY The monster worm at Jacob Willy’s farm.

SHERIFF Monster worm, huh. Well, according to my sources it had a long spiked tail with big ole’ fangs.

TASHBY It had fangs?

SHERIFF I think it’s time you go on home.

TASHBY Not until I get my story.

SHERIFF Story, why don’t you take a look around.

Sheriff points to corpse.


SHERIFF (CONT.) That kid was out here riding at night because it’s too damn hot during the day.

Tashby takes a gander towards the dead body.

SHERIFF (CONT.) We got a major drought on our hands and people are dying lady. Now, you want a story, that’s your story.

TASHBY Sorry about your water shortage. But the truth is my readers prefer subjects a little more out of the ordinary.

SHERIFF Heed my warning. We don’t like to get hustled here in Hail.

The sheriff tips his hat and walks away.

TASHBY Don’t run from the truth sheriff! If this is the work of a killer worm the people in this town deserve to know!

A woman stands near a patrol car weeping as she grips onto a portrait of a teenage boy.

Tashby approaches the lone victim.

TASHBY (CONT.) I’m so sorry about your loss.


Tashby lays on a blow-up mattress with a curling lamp off to the side. The reporter grips onto the mini recorder.


(into recorder) As I journey across this land of breathtaking landscapes I can’t help but wonder...where are all the schools?

The reporter scans the barn.

TASHBY (CONT.) And I swear my I.Q. has dropped several points since I arrived. And Jacob, what an idiot.


MOM CHICKEN, a large hen creeps up from the distance.

TASHBY (CONT.) Note to my editor: get me better material. This story is so absurd the American tabloids won’t even touch it.

Tashby JUMPS as the fowl pecks at her foot.

TASHBY (CONT.) Ow! Scoot, get out of here!

Tashby swings her leg towards the bird but the chicken doesn’t budge.

TASHBY (CONT.) What do you want from me?


The moon is full and the crickets are LIVELY.

Tashby stands by the doorway smoking a cigarette when she notices Elizabeth wearing a nightgown from across the way.

TASHBY (to herself) It’s called a window shade.

The reporter peers upwards where Jacob stands by the glass pane staring into his neighbor’s home.

TASHBY (CONT.) He’s a perve.

Tashby watches for several moments when Jacob notices her. The farmer shuts off the lights.


Milt and several LOCALS sit around a table drinking.

LOCAL #1 I read in the paper that we should be using umbrellas with this heat- wave and all.

LOCAL #2 What kind of man would use an umbrella if it ain’t raining?

LOCAL #1 A man like me.


Local #3 raises a shot of tequila to his mouth as a small worm floats at the bottom.

MILT God damn it!

Milt SMACKS the glass out of Local #3’s hand.


(to Milt) Who licked the red off your lollipop?

MILT Tequila worm.

LOCAL #3 So.

MILT The other night I seen something, a giant Anaconda.

LOCAL #3 In Texas?

MILT Yup, but after I sobered up I realized, that wasn’t no snake. It was a monster worm.

The locals laugh it up.

LOCAL #3 Can you reckon a giant worm in Hail, making giant tunnels? Mexicans be sneakin’ into town like a herd of sheep on a windy day.

More laughter.

MILT What did you just say?

LOCAL #1 Mexicans be sneakin’ into town.

MILT And what if we could charge these here Mexicans?

Milt leans in.

MILT (CONT.) You boys interested in making some money?



Jacob and Tashby sit in front of a lavish country-style breakfast.

TASHBY You make a woman feel like she’s at a five-star hotel.

JACOB It was nothing. Miss Price, I wanted to talk to you about last night, when I was at the window.

TASHBY I understand, you don’t have to explain anything. You were just being a guy.

JACOB No, it’s not like that. She’s my girlfriend.

TASHBY The woman in the window? Are you serious? You’re serious.

JACOB We’ve been courting for a few months now.

TASHBY I’m sorry for smiling, that’s wonderful, Jacob. What’s her name?

JACOB I’m not sure. But she looks like a Jane.

TASHBY Wait, you’ve never met?

JACOB No, it’s platonic.

TASHBY (choking) What first attracted you to her?

JACOB She’s a stickler.

TASHBY I’m sorry, what’s that?


JACOB Her room, everything’s organized and so clean.

TASHBY You like neat women.

JACOB No, not really. It’s mostly because the way she combs her hair. Long strokes.

TASHBY That’s very romantic.

JACOB That Japanese tree outside...I planted it for her. She watches me every time I tend to it.

TASHBY A special gift.

A HONK from outside and Jacob peers out the window.

JACOB It’s Larry.


Jacob and Tashby walk up to a silver pickup truck with an oversized trailer hitched to the back. Larry strolls around from the driver’s side.

LARRY Good morning old friend, morning new friend. Secret word?

JACOB Thomas Jefferson.

Larry slowly turns his head to the reporter.

TASHBY Thomas Jefferson?

LARRY Okay, you’re both clear.

JACOB What’s in the trailer?

LARRY I’ve been up all night working on something big and I couldn’t wait to show you.


TASHBY You finished your worm trap.

LARRY No, I couldn’t find the right netting. But my newest invention is much better and bigger.

TASHBY What could be bigger than capturing a giant worm?

LARRY Riding one.

Larry unlocks the door to the trailer and rolls it open.

LARRY (CONT.) My latest masterpiece.

JACOB The Luxury Lifeboat.

LARRY That was the old model. This new version still has all the features of the lifeboat but with several major modifications.

A plastic dome covers the seating area with a metal plow in front. The painted number three remains on the door.

LARRY (CONT.) I call it DIGGER 3.


Digger 3 hangs in the barn’s massive doorway with two oversize canvas straps dangling from the undercarriage.


Jacob sits with perky eyes as he gets familiar with his new toy.

A BANG from outside the plastic dome.

Tashby stands smiling, holding onto a fancy camera.

TASHBY I need to get some pictures of this!


MONTAGE: Jacob poses inside Digger 3. Jacob stands next to Digger 3 wearing a cowboy hat. Jacob pretends to sharpen the metal plow on Digger 3 with

a small file.


Tashby and Jacob view the photo shoot on the reporter’s computer when Larry walks in holding a small gadget.

TASHBY Hey Larry come see these photos.

LARRY I’m headed out. Maybe later.

Larry places the device into a duffle bag.

JACOB What is that?

LARRY A stress meter I picked up from the college. It’s used to gauge earthquakes.

Larry heads to the exit.

JACOB Where are you going?

LARRY Worm huntin’.


Jacob munches popcorn while watching a movie on a built- in television screen.


Tashby sits on the stairs holding a cigarette as smoke creeps from her nose.

A hefty extension cord stretches out from a window straight into the tomato fields and the reporter takes notice.



Tashby pushes giant tomato leaves away from her face as she struggles to follow the lengthy cord.

The reporter finally reaches a small clearing where an old washing machine quietly sits.

VOICE (O.S.) Hey there!

Tashby JUMPS.

TASHBY Oh my God you scared the shit out of me!

Larry walks up reading a book on earthworms.

LARRY The Australian Gippsland earthworm can reach lengths of up to four meters. Can you believe that?

TASHBY You think it came from Australia?

LARRY No, not with the size that Jacob’s talking about. Our worm is a freak of nature like a Bigfoot or Loch Ness.

The washing machine begins RUMBLING.

TASHBY You’re doing laundry, outside? I’m interested.

LARRY Most living creatures have three basic instincts: shelter, food and the urge to reproduce. And they’re all done in different ways.

Tashby pulls out the recorder and turns it on.

LARRY (CONT.) Look at the male porcupine, when he’s ready to mate he urinates on the female he’s attempting to court.

TASHBY Urine, porcupines? Why are you telling me all this?


LARRY There’s a reason this giant worm is coming to Jacob’s farm. It’s not for shelter, the soil’s too hot and dry.

Larry scans the fields.

LARRY (CONT.) As far as food, well there’s not much decomposing matter. Not your most popular dining spot.

TASHBY Well then why?

LARRY I believe the worm’s in heat.

The reporter chuckles.


LARRY Worms don’t have any eyes so they depend on feel. You see when earthworms want to engage in sex they put out unique pulsations.

TASHBY Like love vibes.

LARRY Yes, and I have a theory that something on this farm is generating a vibration that our large buddy has taken a fancy to.

TASHBY So you’re saying the worm is courting Jacob’s washing machine?

LARRY It’s just a theory. But if it is, we'll have a phone line that’s connected straight into that worm’s libido.

The washing machine comes to a stop.


Moonlight illuminates twisted vines.



BONITA VASQUEZ, 40’s, signs in with SECURITY GUARD #2. A copy of the Canadian Sun Times lays on the desk. Vasquez peeks at the cover.

VASQUEZ (SUBTITLE SPANISH) Do you mind if I take this?


Vasquez picks up the magazine and proceeds towards the elevator.


Vasquez enters the room where a well dressed man, RAFAEL, 40’s, sits at his desk with a nameplate that reads: DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS.

RAFAEL (SUBTITLE SPANISH) Ah, there you are. Did you get those profiles I sent you?

VASQUEZ (SUBTITLE SPANISH) I haven’t checked my e-mail today. Listen, I think we may have a problem.

RAFAEL You sound so serious.

Vasquez plops the magazine down on the desk. The front page headline reads: “GIANT WORM INVADES TEXAS, IN THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE CANADIAN SUN TIMES.”

RAFAEL (CONT.) Is this supposed to mean something?

VASQUEZ It’s got me concerned.

RAFAEL You’re giving merit to a tabloid magazine? Zeus is no more, you said it yourself in this very office.

VASQUEZ I believe I used the words highly unlikely.

Vasquez walks over to a map of South America hanging on the wall.


VASQUEZ (CONT.) Our seismographs covered seven million square miles, basically the entire continent of South America.

RAFAEL Your point?

VASQEZ We just assumed that Zeus had expired. But there’s something we didn’t account for.

Vasquez points to a small area north of Colombia.

RAFAEL Panama?

VASQUEZ It’s just a tiny strip of land. But for a giant earthworm it might have just been the gateway to freedom.

RAFAEL All the way to Texas? It’s not possible, weather conditions, nourishment?

VASQUEZ Let’s not forget, Zeus was engineered for survival.

Rafael glares at the map.

RAFAEL Millions of dollars in sensitive research just handed away. I’m holding you fully responsible.

VASQEZ But sir...

RAFAEL Make this your top priority.

Rafael picks up the Canadian Sun Times and mulls over the worm headline.


Larry sits on a fold out chair with his eyes barely open as Jacob’s washing machine quietly RUMBLES.

A steady BEEPING noise emits from the stress meter and the inventor’s eyes widen.


LARRY Oh boy, we’ve got movement. We’ve got movement!


Tashby sleeps when the inventor rushes in.

LARRY Miss Price, grab your camera!

TASHBY (half asleep) What’s going on?

LARRY History. We’re about to make history.


Larry’s hefty truck bullets across the flatlands.


The inventor fiddles with the stress meter as Jacob and Tashby hold on in back.

JACOB How fast can it dig?

LARRY We’re about to find out.

Larry hands the meter over to Jacob.

LARRY (CONT.) That blinking light is the worm. I’m going to need you to guide me.

Larry steps on the gas.


The inventor maneuvers the truck around several large rocks.


Larry and Jacob gape forward when Tashby pulls the voice recorder out from her purse.



(into recorder) This is Tashby Price, day three. We’re in hot pursuit of the giant worm only known as, Miracle.

Larry pulls the steering-wheel hard left.

TASHBY (CONT.) I don’t know what dangers lie ahead...but I feel safe with trusted guides Larry the inventor and Jacob the farmer.

The truck takes a sudden dip SLAMMING Tashby into the door.


LARRY Hang on, it’s gonna get bumpy!


Larry’s truck SPRINGS along mounds and ditches.


The reporter fumbles with her seat belt as Jacob clenches onto the stress meter.

LARRY Talk to me Jake!

The farmer stares into the meter.

JACOB Left, no right!

LARRY This is no time for jokes!

Larry turns around and peers towards the gadget.

LARRY (CONT.) You’re holdin’ the damn thing upside-down.

TASHBY Larry, look out!

Larry SLAMS on the breaks as he avoids a large rock.



The truck SWINGS a three-sixty and tips over onto its side. Wheels SPIN as smoke creeps from the engine. The door BURSTS open and Jacob staggers out.

JACOB What happened? Larry crawls out from the truck with Tashby close behind. LARRY Everyone okay? A TONE from inside the truck. Larry steps back to the

I think we have a problem.

vehicle and glares in. PULSATING lights from the stress meter. LARRY (CONT.) TASHBY What problem?

LARRY Oh, just a one-hundred-thousand pound hotdog coming our way.

JACOB Where?

Larry points to a cliff.

LARRY Over there.

The crew scrambles toward the giant hill.


Jacob and Tashby survey the cliff when Larry starts his climb. RUMBLES slowly approach.

LARRY It’s just like seein’ an alien for the first time.

TASHBY Wait for us. Jacob and Tashby trek upward as the TREMORS grow louder. JACOB I’m coming Miracle!


The group finally reaches the top of the incline with the RUMBLES right on top of them.

JACOB (CONT.) Miracle?

A massive locomotive ROCKETS along with its horn BLARING, causing the worm hunters to go TUMBLING back down the cliff.


Larry wipes dirt from his mouth as Jacob helps Tashby to her feet.

JACOB I thought we were dead.

LARRY A train?

TASHBY That was completely awesome.


Tashby swings on a hammock gripping onto her recorder.


(into recorder) The smell of rotting hay is beginning to grow on me. And you know that Jacob Willy is not so bad after all.

Tashby stares towards Elizabeth’s home.

TASHBY (CONT.) But I’m still not sure what the girl next door sees in him.


Larry sits inside Digger 3 as Jacob stands next to a chicken cage holding a walkie-talkie.

LARRY (over radio) Big Ben to Night Crawler, come in?

JACOB (over radio) Larry? Come in?


LARRY Use my handle, Big Ben! What’s wrong with you?

JACOB Is Digger 3 safe? You know about my problems with heights.

LARRY You won’t be going up, you’ll be going down.

JACOB It’s kind of the same thing.

LARRY Stop acting foolish. Now this radio will be the only contact you’ll have to the outside world. Learn how it works.

Dog BARKS from outside the barn.

JACOB Oh no.

Jacob opens the hen’s cage and pulls out Mom Chicken.

LARRY (over radio) What are you doing, over?

The farmer makes a quick move toward the exit.

JACOB (over radio) Going to find Tashby.


The frenzied Saint Bernard has the reporter trapped along the side of the home.

Jacob runs up to the scene holding Mom Chicken by the legs.

TASHBY Get him off of me, please.

JACOB Hey boy over here!

Jacob lifts the chicken up into the air and the dog backs down from the reporter.


JACOB (CONT.) (to Tashby) Don’t move.

Jacob places Mom Chicken on the ground and the bird scurries towards the backyard. The crazed dog dashes after the speedy hen.

JACOB (CONT.) Okay now, move!

The farmer and the reporter run for their lives.


Tashby lays on her back as Jacob stands crouched, struggling to catch his breath.

TASHBY Sorry about your chicken.

JACOB Delores is plenty fast, she’ll be back.

TASHBY (sarcastic) Well that’s good.

JACOB What were you doing over there?

TASHBY I wanted to interview Jane about you.

JACOB You should have asked me first.

TASHBY Excuse me?

JACOB You’re going to ruin everything.

TASHBY Jacob, it’s not that serious.

JACOB I tried to be a gracious host but now I don’t think we should associate anymore.

TASHBY What does that mean?


JACOB You’re no longer welcome in my barn.


Jacob feeds Ernie a large carrot when Larry walks up.

LARRY Tashby’s packing. She’s going over to Milt’s place.

JACOB Let her go. She almost made me lose my girlfriend.

LARRY Are you talking about that two dollar truck-stop whore?

JACOB Watch what you say about Jane.

LARRY It’s all a big game to her. She doesn't care about you just like everyone else in this town.

JACOB That’s not true, she’s different.

LARRY You don’t even know anything about her.

JACOB On Sunday mornings she always makes three eggs over-easy with two fresh biscuits.

Larry glares at the farmer.

JACOB (CONT.) And on Friday evenin’ she watches that popular dancing show. She likes to make popcorn on those nights.

LARRY That’s nice.

JACOB And before she goes to bed she always has two aspirin and a glass of milk. I know her well.


LARRY Jacob, I can’t spend the rest of my life livin’ here in Hail. I got bigger dreams.

The inventor looks off into the fields.

LARRY (CONT.) Dreams of a big city where folks will be standing in line for hours just to get a glimpse of my latest invention.

JACOB Which one?

LARRY I’m not sure but I can hear the applause clear as day. And that night I’ll be on the evening news.

The farmer lowers his shoulders.

JACOB What do you want me to do?

LARRY Talk to her.


Tashby packs her suitcase when Jacob enters.

TASHBY Sorry it’s taking so long. I’m almost done.

JACOB Miss Price, I’d like you to stay.

TASHBY Give me one good reason why I should?

The farmer takes a moment.

JACOB Because “Milt and the Giant Earthworm,” has no spark to it.

TASHBY Jacob, this story is about a giant worm but my readers need something more...something they can relate to.


JACOB I don’t understand.

TASHBY Someone who talks with farm animals, grows enormous tomatoes and has a girlfriend that he’s never even met.

JACOB People like that stuff?

TASHBY My readers eat that shit up for lunch.

JACOB But I’m afraid they’ll judge me.

TASHBY Well then we don’t have much of a story.

JACOB Does that mean you’re leaving?

TASHBY I can’t. You’re hosting a “Jacob and the Giant Earthworm” party tomorrow and half the town will be here.


Milt and his three bar buddies roam the grounds hauling ropes with several shovels. Local #1 clutches a rifle.

LOCAL#1 What are we looking for?

MILT Calm yourself. You’re as jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs.

LOCAL#1 I didn’t come all the way out here to pick green beans.

MILT It’s better than being someplace else picking your ass.

LOCAL#3 Do they serve beer there?


MILT You boys are free to leave at any time.

The group reluctantly trudges forward.


Milt and his crew survey the area.

LOCAL #1 God dong it!

MILT Are you okay?

LOCAL#1 I think I stepped in cow shit.

Milt bends down and touches the foreign substance.

LOCAL #1 (CONT.) What is it?

MILT Damn if I know but it’s sticky as hell.

The gluey trail leads into the woods.


The four men stand around a massive inclining tunnel.

MILT Who wants to go in?

LOCAL#1 Have you lost your mind? I’m not going in there.

LOCAL#3 He’s right, it’s too dangerous.

MILT I knew I should have found me a real crew.

LOCAL#2 Give me the rope. I did some part- time mining up in Hudson.

Milt ties the rope around Local #2’s stomach and hands him a flashlight.


MILT You keep talking to us you hear?

The brave soul climbs into the gaping hole. The group looks on as Local #2’s feet disappear into the darkness. The men wait in SILENCE for several moments.

MILT (CONT.) (into tunnel) How’s it going?!

LOCAL #2 (O.S.) I can’t see much! Cut me some slack!

Milt feeds several more yards of rope.

LOCAL#1 What’s he going to find in there?

MILT I’m not sure. Maybe nothing.


(into tunnel) Let me know if you need anything buddy!

LOCAL #2 (O.S.) I’m good! But that sticky crap is everywhere!

MILT (into tunnel) Keep moving!

LOCAL#2 (O.S.) Hold on I hear something!

A slight RUMBLING sound.

LOCAL#1 What in pigs shit is that?

LOCAL#3 Sounds like a god damn bull dozer.

SCREAMS from inside the tunnel.

MILT Let’s get him the hell out of there!

The men grab onto the rope and tug.

LOCAL#3 Come on boys, pull!


LOCAL#1 He’s not gonna make it!

MILT He’s gonna make it!

The RUMBLES grow louder.

LOCAL#1 He’s gone, he’s dead.

Local #1 releases the rope and runs off.

MILT I can’t pull any harder!

The TREMORS slowly begin to fade. The two men continue pulling on the rope when Local #2 crawls out from the hole covered in soil.

LOCAL#3 What happened in there?

LOCAL#2 I don’t know what the hell that was. I just thank Jesus I’m alive.

The men slowly look over to Milt.

MILT Boys, you just met the newest member of our crew.


Larry works inside Digger 3 as Tashby blows up balloons.


Larry fusses with some wires when Tashby enters on the passenger side.

TASHBY Tight fit.

LARRY Miss Price.

TASHBY What are you doing?

LARRY Bad oxygen sensor.



Larry, I have to ask you something about Jacob.

LARRY Shoot.

TASHBY What is it about him and this farm?

LARRY Miss Price, how many places do you think you’ve traveled in your lifetime?

TASHBY I’m not sure, hundreds.

LARRY Jacob’s never stepped foot out of Hail. He told me he’s been to Dallas before but I’m not sure I believe him.

TASHBY You’re kidding?

LARRY See he dropped out of school at a very young age. His education came from working out on those fields in blood and sweat.

TASHBY His whole life?

LARRY Thirty something years. He could make his way around those crops blindfolded.

TASHBY It must get so lonely though.

LARRY He’s got his pigs, goats and chickens. My uncle always told me, “It’s not important what kind of company you keep. What’s important is that you keep company.”

TASHBY How profound. So he surrounds himself around animals, like some kind of shipwrecked Noah’s ark.


LARRY It doesn’t bother him much. That’s just how he was raised.

TASHBY Where are his parents?

LARRY They moved up to Utah about four years ago.

TASHBY Sisters, brothers?

LARRY Nope, now you ask me what it is about him and that tomato farm? It’s about all he’s got left.


Jacob watches Elizabeth through the binoculars as she sleeps by candle light.

JACOB Rest up my precious Jane. I’m throwing a party tomorrow and you’re the guest of honor.


An oversized sign reads: JACOB AND THE GIANT EARTHWORM. Balloons and streamers sway in the winds as Digger 3 hangs from a tree in an empty yard.

Jacob, Tashby and Larry sit around a large picnic table.

JACOB I told you nobody would come.

TASHBY Free food and booze. This has never happened before. These people really don’t like you.

LARRY Come on Jacob, help me get Digger 3 back into the barn.


Tashby works alone wrapping up a plate of cold cuts when a tattered van creeps down the road.


The vehicle pulls up to the front yard and the window rolls down. Milt’s wife leans forward.

MILT’S WIFE It’s the devil’s work!

TASHBY Excuse me?

MILT’S WIFE My husband told me about the giant beast that lurks in the bushes. It’s voodoo magic.

TASHBY What did your husband see? Do you think he’d grant me an interview?

MILT’S WIFE You stay away from my property you hear! Anyone who lies with Jacob Willy lies with Lucifer!

TASHBY Well you have a good day now.

MILT’S WIFE Repent my child while you still have calm.

The van speeds off leaving Tashby in a plume of dust.


Paper streams out from a printer when Tashby retrieves one of the sheets and looks it over.

TASHBY Okay people of Hail. If you folks won’t come to me then I will come to you.

A black and white substance near the corner of the paper.

TASHBY (CONT.) Delores.

Tashby walks to the corner of the room and picks up a broom.

TASHBY (CONT.) Where are you? Show yourself!

Jacob enters holding a pair of raggedy trousers.

JACOB Is everything okay?


TASHBY Just doing some cleaning.

JACOB (handing over trousers) Here you go.

TASHBY You want me to put those on?

JACOB You said you wanted to know about my life. I’ll show you.

TASHBY Now you’re talking.


Tashby holds onto a large bag as Jacob shovels in dirt.

Jacob and Tashby milk a goat.

The reporter hoses down tomato plants.

Tashby cradles a tiny white pig like a newborn baby.

Jacob tends to the Japanese Pagoda tree as Tashby takes pictures.


Jacob and Tashby sit around a small bonfire.

TASHBY I’ve never had real goat’s milk.

The farmer gazes into the flames.

TASHBY (CONT.) Jacob, are you listening to me?

JACOB Miss Price, what do you think it’s really like...riding a giant worm?

TASHBY I haven’t thought about it. But I assume it’s the equivalent to being on a roller coaster.

JACOB A roller coaster.


TASHBY What’s wrong?

JACOB The truth is...I’m not sure if I’m the right person for this story. Digger 3 is startin’ to look more and more like a coffin every day.

TASHBY It’s okay to be scared.

JACOB No you don’t understand. I’m not sure what those animals would do if I wasn’t around.

TASHBY Jacob, read page three in the contract. We would never ask anyone to risk their own life.

A figure approaches from the darkness.

JACOB Please don’t tell Larry about this.

TASHBY You have my word.

Larry steps up.

LARRY Jacob, can I talk with you for a moment?

Jacob looks to the reporter.

TASHBY It’s okay, I was just about to start typing.


Jacob and Larry creep past rows of green beans. In the distance lies a giant pit illuminated by several flood lights.

The intruders reach the trail’s end and duck behind a large bush.



Milt and local #2 stand inside the massive opening shoveling dirt when locals #1 and #3 walk up holding a jumbo size basket full of apples.

MILT That’s good boys, toss them in!


Jacob peeks his head out as Larry remains hidden.

JACOB What are they doing?

LARRY Laying bait. They’re trying to steal our worm.

JACOB It’s just Milt. I’m goin’ over to talk to him.

LARRY No, wait...

Jacob walks out from the oversize bush when Milt and his crew take notice.

MILT Well if it ain’t my good buddy Jacob Willy.

JACOB We need to talk about the worm.

MILT There’s nothin’ to talk about. It’s every man for himself like catching fish down at Willow Creek.

JACOB No, it belongs to me.

MILT Now Jacob, don’t go tryin’ to fit six pounds of sugar into a five pound bag.

JACOB I’m not afraid of a bunch of drunks.

Milt approaches Jacob. One swift PUNCH to the stomach and the farmer falls to the ground.


Local #1 walks up and places a rifle up to Jacob’s temple.

MILT Nobody around here will miss him. Blow his head off.

Local #1 places his finger on the trigger.

LARRY (O.S.) I wouldn’t do that!

Larry steps out from the bush.

LARRY (CONT.) By the time you get a shot off I’ll be well on my way to the sheriff’s office.

MILT You’re interfering in private business Hobby Man.

LARRY Jacob Willy is my business.

MILT Well aren't you a hero. (to Local #1) Let him go.


Jacob and Larry boogie past hoards of green beans.

JACOB What are we going to do about Milt?

LARRY Earthworms prefer decaying matter. Those apples won’t start rotting for at least another forty-eight hours.

JACOB You got a plan?

LARRY We’re going to have to step up our efforts.


The reporter walks in and scans the area.


TASHBY Hello, anybody making breakfast?


Tashby cautiously walks upwards.



Tashby pokes around underneath the bed when she pulls out several magazines with titles like “Healthy Pet” and “Farmers Weekly”. Not very juicy.

The reporter reaches further under the bed where she gets hold of Jacob’s binoculars.


Tashby stands by the window using the eyepiece to stare into Elizabeth’s home.

Elizabeth sits on the toilet flossing her teeth.

TASHBY Oh, that’s just disgusting.

The reporter pans over to the tomato fields. Jacob’s refrigerator along with other various appliances are scattered throughout the area.


Larry looks over his notes by the refrigerator as Jacob hangs out in the distance holding a power saw. Tashby walks up.

TASHBY How’s it going?

LARRY You’re just in time. We could use a woman’s perspective on this.

(to Jacob) Okay let her rip!

Jacob turns on the power saw. A loud VIBRATING noise.

LARRY (CONT.) (to Tashby) What do you think?


TASHBY Well, it’s got me a little horny. Can’t vouch for the worm.

The reporter holds up a set of keys.

TASHBY (CONT.) Hey Jacob! Think I could borrow the truck? I need to go into town and grab some interviews.

Jacob gives the thumbs up.


A slew of off-road vehicles are parked in front.


Rafael stands at a podium with a group of INVESTORS seated around a long shiny table.

RAFAEL Dear friends, I am here to introduce to you our latest creation in tactical defense. The Anopheles Quadrimaculatus project.

A lab assistant wheels in a giant glass case filled with flying bugs.

RAFAEL (CONT.) You know them as the common every day mosquito but please don’t be naive. These girls are extremely deadly.

Rafael walks up to the case and places his hand on the glass.

RAFAEL (CONT.) Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Side Winders!

A BURST of applause.

RAFAEL (CONT.) Our research team designed these bugs with a rare poison found in the Egyptian Long Tailed scorpion.

Vasquez walks into the room and glares at Rafael.



(to the crowd) Let’s take a quick break here so folks can come up and get a closer look.

The investors approach the display case as the two scientists make their way to the corner of the room.

VASQUEZ (SUBTITLE SPANISH) We found something.


VASQUEZ Minor tremors coming from a small town in Southern Texas.

RAFAEL Earthquake activity?

VASQUEZ Possibly, it’s hard to say with vertical readings like that.

RAFAEL I trust you Vasquez. Tell me what’s really going on here?

VASQUEZ In my honest opinion, I believe we’ve found Zeus.

Rafael takes a guarded breath.

RAFAEL We need to move on this immediately.

VASQUEZ A recovery mission?

RAFAEL Are you suggesting we try to smuggle a giant worm past the Mexican border?

VASQUEZ I wasn’t thinking. I’ll get a clean-up team together.

RAFAEL Wait a minute here, we’re creators, not destroyers. But I may just have the perfect mates for the job.



Jacob steps out from the doorway holding several extension cords.

A patrol truck sits in the driveway.


The sheriff looks over the Power Blaster when Jacob walks up.

JACOB Sheriff.

SHERIFF Hey there Jacob. This is an interesting rig you got set up here.

JACOB Is everything okay?

The sheriff hands Jacob an orange piece of paper.

JACOB (CONT.) What is this?

SHERIFF I went down to works and utilities. Looks like you’ve been using up over three times the allotted water supply.

JACOB I can’t afford to pay this. Can’t I just carry it over from next year?

SHERIFF That’s not possible. If you can’t pay the fine I’m afraid I’m going to have to shut you down, unless.

JACOB What? I’ll do anything.

SHERIFF That Yankee bitch is downtown stirrin’ up trouble. I want her gone by tomorrow morning. We clear?

The sheriff moseys back to his vehicle and gets in.

Jacob looks over the ticket when Larry steps up.


LARRY What was that all about?

JACOB It’s Tashby. Sheriff says she’s downtown causing a ruckus.

LARRY I thought she just went to get a few interviews.


A petite structure with oversized stained glass windows.


A PREACHER stands at the alter as town folks listen in.

PREACHER Now I know times a hard. Folks need to support their kin and pay their bills. But that’s no reason to give in to the Devil.


PREACHER You see, every now and again God tests us. And it’s in the hardest of times that we must trust in hope.

CROWD Amen! Praise Jesus!

PREACHER Now I have some glorious news today. God has sent us a special gift. An angel from Canada.

Complete SILENCE fills the room.

PREACHER (CONT.) Oh mighty angel please rise.

Tashby gingerly stands and waves to the people of Hail.


Miss Price is an award-winning

reporter and she’s agreed to cover

our story.

A BURST of applause.


PREACHER (CONT.) (to Tashby) Please join me.

Tashby makes her way to the podium.

TASHBY When I heard about your water situation I was not only shocked but completely stunned. Water is not a luxury!


TASHBY I can promise you one thing! The world will know about the drought that came to Hail! And we will not be ignored!


TASHBY (CONT.) I only have one question! Do you believe in the miracle!?

CROWD Amen! Praise Jesus!

TASHBY If you believe in the miracle then believe me, a miracle will come to Hail!

CROWD I believe! Amen!

The preacher leans in.

PREACHER Now Miss Price has a survey she’d like people to fill out. She’s asking folks to express a few words about miracles.

TASHBY Oh, and don’t forget to sign.


Several chickens scurry around in the front yard.



Tashby frantically types on her laptop when Jacob comes walking in.

JACOB Afternoon, Miss Price.

No response from the reporter.

JACOB (CONT.) I’ve got some bad news that you need to know about.


JACOB The sheriff, the sheriff wants you to leave town by tomorrow.

TASHBY (peering into

computer) There’s something missing. A nugget, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

JACOB Did you hear what I just said?

TASHBY That’s fine I’ll catch a flight out tonight. The story’s finished.

Tashby hands Jacob a paper and the farmer looks it over.


(reading paper) Sheriff says,“it had a long spiked tail with big ole’ fangs.”

TASHBY If you like that, than you’ll love this.

Tashby passes Jacob the stack of church surveys.


(reading paper) Do you believe in the Miracle? Miss Fisher says,”I’ve always believed.”

TASHBY I got a great pix of that sweet old woman.



(reading paper) Mister Baker states, ”I’ve been waiting for this miracle the whole summer.”

TASHBY Read the fine print at the bottom.

Jacob squints his eyes.

TASHBY (CONT.) It expresses that the term “Miracle”, refers to the name of a giant worm.

JACOB You tricked these people.

TASHBY Screw’em, they don’t give a shit about you and we got the buzz we were looking for.

JACOB You never believed there was a giant worm. You’re a phony.

TASHBY No Jacob, I’m a grand conductor and I’ve just created a Jesus on the window for the whole world to see.

JACOB But the photo? The photo of the worm? You saw it for yourself.

TASHBY That pink smudge? I suppose it could be usable after the graphics department touches it up a little.

JACOB I won’t help you with lies. Our deal is off.

TASHBY This isn’t like swapping pigs Jacob. You signed a legal binding document.

Jacob storms over to the contract and picks it up.


(ready to tear) Is this all you understand, deals and contracts?


TASHBY Go ahead rip it up if it makes you feel better. I’ve already faxed a copy to headquarters.

JACOB You’re a cold woman Miss Price, with a lonely heart.

Jacob tosses the document to the ground and storms out.


Jacob marches across the front yard when Larry approaches holding a plastic bag.

LARRY Look, we’re getting really close. Fresh worm feces.

JACOB I've had enough crap for the day.

LARRY Funny, you don’t sound like Jacob Willy? What’s the secret word?

JACOB Tashby used us. She never believed there was a worm. She just wanted her story. She’s leaving tonight.


(raising the bag) She can’t. We have the proof right here.

JACOB It’s a pile of dirt.

The inventor makes a move towards his truck.

JACOB (CONT.) Where are you going?

LARRY To the lab. I have to get this material analyzed before she leaves town.


A scrawny CAB DRIVER loads Tashby’s belongings into the trunk of a taxi.


The reporter steps out from the barn and peers up towards Jacob’s window.

TASHBY (to herself) Goodbye, Mister Willy.

Tashby steps inside the cab and the vehicle pulls off.


A group of scientists linger near a sleek military helicopter. Aidan, 40’s, Australian, bushy eyebrows, prepares to board when Rafael approaches.

RAFAEL Remember, once you cross into the United States you’re on your own. Absolutely no contact until you’ve located the target.

AIDAN No worries, we’ve got good oil.

RAFAEL What’s that?

AIDAN We’ve read the procedures.

RAFAEL Good, because we won’t accept any screw-ups.

Aidan straps on his flight vest.

AIDAN With all due respect, mate. It’s only a worm.

The killer gives Rafael a friendly salute and boards the chopper. Jenna, 30’s, Australian, rough-looking, sits in the pilot seat.

AIDAN (CONT.) Oy aussie. Let’s bail out.

JENNA We’ve got enough petrol to get us to Nicaragua. We can set her down there to refuel.

AIDAN Ace, what are we packing?


JENNA One AK-47, two rocket launchers, a flame thrower and four Apache Goose Runners.

AIDAN Jesus Christ, mate. It’s not like we’re taking on Fort Knox.

JENNA Can’t a girl have some fun?

The helicopter lifts off.


Jacob stares through the binoculars towards Elizabeth’s home where a stranger’s car sits in the driveway. The farmer pans to his neighbor's bedroom. Nothing.

Jacob scans several more windows when he comes across the living room area.

Elizabeth watches a movie snuggled next to a man with a full head of hair.

JACOB Two dollar truck-stop whore.


Several goats awaken as a RUMBLING engine STORMS closer. Bright lights from a tractor with Jacob at the wheel.

The farmer puts the machine in gear and SLAMS straight into the Japanese Pagoda tree.

The robust charmer still stands. Jacob RAMS the tree several more times as the Asian beauty comes CRASHING down.

A RUMBLE slightly shakes the ground.

JACOB Earthquake?

The giant earthworm surfaces near the side of the barn.


Tashby’s cab buzzes across the lonely road.



The driver listens to talk radio as Tashby takes in sights from the backseat.

CAB DRIVER Don’t think I’ve had a pretty lady like you in my cab before.

TASHBY Thanks.

CAB DRIVER You wouldn’t happen to be one of Jacob’s kin?

TASHBY No, I’m a reporter. I’m up here covering a story.

CAB DRIVER On polygamy?

TASHBY Excuse me?

CAB DRIVER Jacob’s folks are polygamists. We ran them out of town about four years ago.


(to herself) The missing piece of the puzzle. My golden nugget.


TASHBY Turn the car around.


Tashby hovers near the front door as her running cab waits.


The reporter RATTLES her fist against the frame.

TASHBY (CONT.) Jacob! It’s Tashby!

The reporter looks around the property. The lights in the barn are illuminated and Digger 3 is gone.



Tashby cautiously enters.

The reporter spots a scattered trail of hay and follows it to the opposite opening of the barn. Something unfamiliar lurks in the distance.

TASHBY What is that?

A half-mile away the giant earthworm aimlessly slithers underneath moon-lit skies. Digger 3 is strapped to the creatures's back with a doll-size figure inside. It’s Jacob Willy.

The farmer and the worm go under.

TASHBY (CONT.) Holy shit, this is going to take a major rewrite.


Blackness with RUMBLING that is unbearably loud. Jacob’s desperate SCREAMS for help go nowhere. A few more moments of hell before the worm comes to a slow crawl.


Soft blue lights illuminate the interior. Jacob sits stiffly with his eyes glued shut.

JACOB Somebody help me!

Jacob musters a little piece of strength and peers out into the darkness.

The earthworm accelerates.


The farmer grabs hold of Digger 3 bracing himself from the TURBULENT ride.

A CRACK. Jacob looks upward. A hair string sliver runs along top of the plastic dome.

The earthworm reduces speed before coming to a full stop. Jacob looks to his right where a family of prairie dogs lounge in their burrow.

The farmer taps on the dome causing several of the dogs to YELP.


JACOB (CONT.) Hey there. Don’t be scared.

The worm is on the move once again and the farmer bears down. A roller coaster ride of death as dirt RUSHES by like a chocolate waterfall.

JACOB (CONT.) Mir-a-cle!

The earthworm comes to an abrupt stop and Jacob plunges forward. No airbags but that’s okay, nothing broken.

MOVEMENT from outside. The farmer bores outwards where thousands of black ants tunnel their way through the soil like a fine ballet.

JACOB (CONT.) Tashby, you have to see this.

One of the tiny bugs makes its way inside. The farmer picks up the lost ant with his pinky finger.

JACOB (CONT.) How did you get in here? You want to go on a journey little fella?

Jacob places the insect onto a side panel when the extreme carnival ride starts back up.

JACOB (CONT.) Here, we, go...

Several moments of BUMPINESS when the CHAOTIC ride comes to a smooth butter-like FLOW. BEEPING with a series of ALARMS.

Water trickles in around Jacob’s feet.

The farmer quickly reaches down and closes off the floor vents. The sirens halt.

Jacob looks up. A massive underwater aquarium filled with plants and lily pads.

A chandelier of stripers swim in the distance as several leeches cling on to Digger 3’s plastic dome.

The earthworm descends deeper into the dark waters.

Jacob pulls out the emergency flashlight and aims it downwards. Hundreds of crayfish scatter the bottom floors as the worm shuttles past them.

A quick MOVE from the night crawler and it’s back to the dirt ride from Hell, causing Jacob to get tossed around like a Barbie doll.


One big JOLT and the farmer’s head SMACKS straight into the main panel. OUT COLD.

LATER Jacob awakens in a dazed state. A red light FLASHES from a panel that reads: OXYGEN. The farmer checks over the warning signal. An LCD screen reads: ONE HOUR. Jacob bangs his fist on the unit. The LCD now reads: 30 MINUTES. Jacob reaches for the radio and puts it up to his mouth.

JACOB (CONT.) Night Crawler to Big Ben. I think we may have a problem here.

STATIC over the radio. The LCD now reads: 5 MINUTES. Jacob gives the unit another WHACK. The LCD reads: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. No more air.

JACOB (CONT.) Help! Somebody! I don’t wanna die! Please!

Jacob BANGS on the plastic dome and after several moments of TERROR, the frantic STRIKES turn into slow, pathetic, desperate THUMPS.

JACOB (CONT.) I, I, I... Jacob’s labored BREATHS begin to fade.

The power in Digger 3 dies. SOUNDS of the giant earthworm TRUDGING through the soil in complete darkness. It seems to go on forever.

Two BEEPS followed by flashing green lights. The power inside the pod RESTORED. The Oxygen LCD reads: 10 HOURS



The waters are calm and clouds blanket the skies.

The giant earthworm quietly floats along the edge of the lake when Digger 3’s hatch swings open. The farmer peeks his head out and scans the area.

JACOB I’m alive, I think. Miracle where are we, New Mexico, Louisiana, Heaven?

Jacob exits the pod and carefully steps onto the creature’s backside. A slippery mess.

The worm makes a slight move causing the farmer to fall on his rear and slide backwards. Like Evel Knievel, Jacob flies off the back of the worm’s tail plunging into the waters below.

Several moments pass when the farmer surfaces splashing about.

JACOB (CONT.) Oh yeah!

The giant worm dips its head under the water and raises Jacob from the lake. The farmer struggles to catch his breath.

JACOB (CONT.) Again, let’s do it again!

Jacob takes several more rides using the worm as a giant water slide.


Jacob attempts to dry off as the massive creature quietly floats away.

JACOB That’s okay, I’ll find my way home!


The WINDS slightly pick up as Jacob walks along the abandoned roadway. A sign reads: HAIL 15 MILES.

A FLASH of light and the farmer gingerly looks up to the skies. Rain CRASHES down with BURSTS of THUNDER.



The locals sit around a table eating red apples as Milt stands by a window.

MILT It’s coming down like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock out there.

LOCAL#3 Well it’s about time.

Milt glares out the window staring into the green bean fields.

MILT Will one of you boys explain something about worms?

LOCAL#2 What do you want to know?

MILT Why they love the damn rain so much. It’s time. Grab the gear!

The locals hop up from their chairs.


Rain SLAMS down with several FLASHES of lightning. Milt and the locals enter the field wearing raincoats while toting a huge net.

MILT He fell for the bait!

The men rush off towards the gigantic pit of apples.


Local #2 is the first to arrive on the scene. The giant worm lies quietly munching on the hoard of decaying apples.

LOCAL #2 God almighty.

The rest of the crew approaches with their eyes lit up.

LOCAL #2 (CONT.) Give me the end of that net.

Milt hands the local a corner of the netting. Local #2 slowly creeps up and tosses it over the worm’s tail.


LOCAL #2 (CONT.) That’s it, nice and easy like.

The worm suddenly SLAPS its rear end, tossing Local #2 into the bushes. Milt grabs a section of the netting and pulls.

MILT Help me get it over its head!

Local #1 and #3 grab onto the net and tug. The monster creature violently squirms as the crew attempts to contain the crazed beast.


A RUMBLING motor from outside.

Tashby rises from her bed and walks over to a window. The reporter looks over to Milt’s home where Local #1 sits in a sixteen wheeler.

The local drives the semi straight into the green bean fields.

TASHBY What the...


The earthworm grapples around in a giant net as Local #2 ZAPS the monster with a hefty stun gun. The rest of the crew steer the beast into the dirt-filled truck.

Tashby runs up to the scene attempting to catch a peek inside Digger 3.

TASHBY Stop! Where’s Jacob?

MILT Ma’am if you don’t mind we’re in a bit of a rush.

A few more ZAPS from the stun gun and the earthworm advances completely into the rear of the truck. Local #2 rolls down the back door and flips the lock.

TASHBY You have no right to do this. What you have inside that truck...well, it’s a phenomenon.

MILT You’re trespassing. Legally, I could shoot you right now.


Milt walks to the front of the sixteen wheeler and hops in the driver’s seat as the locals cram into the passenger side.

TASHBY Can I at least get a picture?!

The truck pulls out and Miracle is gone.

The reporter turns back to Jacob’s home when someone approaches on foot in the distance.

TASHBY (CONT.) (to herself) Jacob?


Jacob dries off near the fireplace as the reporter sits on a couch, furiously typing on her laptop.

JACOB And then I lost power and everything went black. Next thing I knew I woke up in a lake.

The reporter glares into her computer.

TASHBY This is magnificent. What happened down there is historical. Jacob, you’re an American hero.

JACOB Miss Price, I’m no hero. The truth is I was so scared that I think I wanted to die. And for a moment I believed I did.

TASHBY What was it like?

JACOB I saw a bright light. And there I was standing in the middle of a white corn field with ivory stalks.

TASHBY How would you describe it in one word?

JACOB It was glorious and then I saw something...


TASHBY Was it an angel? Did you witness an angel?

JACOB No, a path of broken stalks leading me back into the darkness. I guess I wasn’t ready to die.

TASHBY Luck was on your side.

JACOB I don’t think so. See I’ve never been very lucky. What happened down there was something I can’t explain.

TASHBY The Earthworm Miracle. Oh shit, I have to get writing my plane leaves at nine.

JACOB You can’t leave we’re just getting started.

TASHBY No Jacob, I’m afraid this is the end of our journey.

JACOB But I need your help to find the worm.

Tashby reaches for Jacob’s hand.

TASHBY This story is bigger than I could have possibly imagined. I have to get home so I can be with my team.

JACOB Can’t the story wait?

TASHBY Until someone else breaks it? Jacob, this is what we’ve been waiting for...a chance to show the people of Hail that you’re much more than just a tomato farmer. But we need to get the story in.

The farmer nods.



The station’s windows and doors are boarded up with broken down gas pumps seated in front. Milt’s sixteen wheeler sits parked along side of the building.


A massive junk yard with rusty vehicles scattered about. Milt outlines a giant circle on the ground with a can of spray paint as the locals look on.

MILT This will be our digging point. Boys, everything we’ll need is inside that there gas station.

LOCAL #1 It’s a real shit pit.

MILT Nobody asked you. Inside Mexicans can get new clothes, passports, and whatever else you can think of.

LOCAL#3 What about the sheriff?

MILT Don’t fuss over that. My cousin owns this here property. It’s been deserted for years.


Tashby looks over her weekly planner when Jacob enters.

JACOB The cab should be here at seven. Are you sure I can’t give you a lift?

TASHBY No thanks, as a reporter it’s important to end my journey the same way it began.

JACOB So that’s it. You get your big story and me...I go back to farming normal-sized tomatoes. I get left with nothing.


TASHBY That’s not entirely true. You still have something.

Tashby reaches for a sheet of paper laying on her bed and hands it to Jacob.

TASHBY (CONT.) It’s the working title.

Jacob checks the paper over.

JACOB I don’t get this? “Jane and the Giant Earthworm?”

TASHBY Last night I saw something. Something that made me believe in Sea-Monkeys again. And so I went back to the barn and started writing.

The reporter leans in closer to Jacob.

TASHBY (CONT.) See, at first I wanted this to be about a lone cowboy who lassoed a giant worm and rode off into the sunset. But it just wasn’t strong enough.

Tashby pulls a crumpled piece a paper out from the trash and looks it over.

TASHBY (CONT.) I tried a couple of different ideas but I kept coming back to the same question. Why would someone attempt something so incredibly dangerous?

Tashby smiles.

TASHBY (CONT.) You didn’t do it for me and this had nothing to do with Larry. You risked it all for her. This is a love story, Jacob.

JACOB Like the ones where people end up living happily ever after?

TASHBY Yes, a real life fairy-tale.


JACOB A love story. How does it end?

TASHBY I’m not sure yet. I’ll send you a copy as soon as we finalize the draft.

JACOB Well I guess this is goodbye. Don’t let Ernie see you leaving it might make him upset.

TASHBY You’re not even going to see me off?

JACOB I can’t, it’s Bingo night.

TASHBY I’m going to miss you Jacob.

JACOB Me too.

Jacob steps closer to Tashby and the two embrace.


Local #1 slugs a beer inside the sixteen wheeler as Local #3 patrols the grounds harboring a rifle.

A giant spool of chain links leads from the back of the truck straight into the worm tunnel.


The colossal worm slowly trudges through the dirt with the giant chain shackled to its back.

Local #2 prods the beast forward with his giant stun gun as Milt sits inside Digger 3.


Milt raises a walkie-talkie up to his mouth while looking over a handheld compass.


(over radio) You’re moving too far to the right. Keep it left for a while.


Local #2 ZAPS the worm on the right side of its tail and the giant night crawler tunnels leftward.


Tashby takes some last minute photos of the barn when Mom Chicken struts over. The reporter and the bird undergo a momentary stare-off.


Tashby steps over to a container of bird feed and tosses a few kernels to her new found friend.


A small turnout for a Saturday night. Jacob looks over his playing boards as Old Lady looks on.

OLD LADY What’s going on with you? You never play more than one board.

JACOB I thought I’d try something different tonight.

Several numbers are CALLED over the speakers and Jacob raises his marker ready to make a stamp.

JACOB (CONT.) (to himself) Nothing.

OLD LADY It’s your own fault. Why don’t you go back to playing the one board?

JACOB Miss Olsen, what if you went through something that was so amazing it made everything around you seem, ordinary?

OLD LADY I’m eighty-six years old. I’ve had plenty of extraordinary times. Some of them right here in this very room.

JACOB I’m not talking about Bingo.


OLD LADY Extraordinary can happen anywhere.

The caller comes over the loud speaker.

CALLER Can I have your attention for a moment please?! Will Jacob Willy report to the front desk?!

OLD LADY They’re calling your name. Oh my, you may just be a winner after all.

JACOB I’ll be right back.


(to herself) Maybe I should start playing two boards.


The caller keeps both eyes on the bouncing balls when the farmer approaches.

JACOB I’m Jacob Willy.

The caller points to the hallway. Jacob walks over to the front entrance and pokes his head out. A POLICEMAN stands in the corridor.

POLICEMAN Mister Willy?

JACOB Is something wrong?

POLICEMAN It’s your farm. There’s been a fire.


POLICEMAN They're doing their best but it’s a pretty big blaze. An ambulance just brought your lady friend over to the clinic.

JACOB Tashby.


Jacob darts toward the exit.


The killer’s chopper hovers along the skyline.


Jenna guides the chopper as Aidan stands next to a fancy piece of equipment holding a map.


(referring to map) I’ve picked up several small tremors - here, here and here.

JENNA That would place our target somewhere around highway seventeen.

AIDAN Than that’s where we’ll claim our victory.


A small brick building with a red cross on the front.


Tashby lies in a bed barely awake with gauze blanketing her face. Jacob walks in and approaches the victim.


The reporter forms a weakened smile.


JACOB Are you okay?

TASHBY You tell me? How’s my face look?

JACOB It’s hard to say.


TASHBY I thought I was dead. They soaked me with gasoline before I escaped into the burning fields. They want Zeus.


TASHBY Miracle, they want to destroy Miracle.

JACOB Who would do something like this?

A faint BEEPING noise. The farmer looks over to the reporter’s heart monitor where a green light pulsates.

JACOB (CONT.) Tashby, Digger 3 has a GPS tracking system. I’ll get Larry and we’ll find the worm.

TASHBY The farm.

JACOB It’s okay. These people will pay for what they did to you.

Tashby dozes off and the DOCTOR walks in.

DOCTOR We need to get her to a real hospital. There’s a bag up front for you with several of her belongings.

JACOB All right.

Jacob leans in closer to Tashby’s ear.

JACOB (CONT.) You have to stay with us. See it’s the story Tashby. I think you’re going to get that ending.

A nurse walks in and wheels Tashby out of the room.


A HOVERING sound comes from the skies. The killer’s helicopter comes into view and lands, tossing wind dust about.


Aidan steps out of the chopper with Jenna close behind when Local #1 approaches.

LOCAL #1 What’s going on here?

Aidan points to the mammoth opening in the ground.

AIDAN G’day, we’re looking for whatever made that tunnel, mate.

LOCAL#1 That there is a personal matter. So why don’t you go joyriding someplace else, mate?

Local #3 walks up with his rifle propped against his shoulder.

AIDAN Guns and fancy hats? I’ve never met genuine cowboys before.

LOCAL #1 Yeah, well I never met no one with no funny accents.

LOCAL #3 Except for Mexicans.

AIDAN Well I can tell you this much. We’re not from Mexico. But if you'd like to nut out a deal, I promise everything will be apples.

Local #3 lowers his weapon and aims it at Aidan’s chest.

LOCAL #3 We’ve had plenty of apples this week. So why don’t you shove off?

Aidan turns around and walks back to the chopper.

AIDAN (to Jenna) Give these clackers the flick.

Jenna pulls out a Glock.

LOCAL #3 You might want to be careful with that thing little lady.

The killer lifts her weapon and BLASTS Local #3 in the chest. Local #1 takes off toward the tunnel.


LOCAL#1 I don’t wanna die!


The giant worm takes a break from digging as Milt and Local #2 look over a map. ECHOED GUNSHOTS.

MILT What was that? Find out what’s going on.

Local #2 runs down into the tunnel. Milt scurries over to a duffle bag and pulls out a pistol. Two more GUNSHOTS and several SCREAMS.

MILT (CONT.) Hell! What’s going on?

Local #2 stumbles out from the darkness bleeding from the neck. The victim falls to the ground as Milt runs over.

MILT (CONT.) God damn, you’re bleedin’ like a stuck pig. Who shot you?

LOCAL#2 Not sure but they got me pretty good. It’s no use, there’s no way out. We’re trapped.

Milt scans the area.

MILT There is one way.

Milt runs over to the worm and unhooks the enormous chain. A few still moments and the worm tunnels off.

Milt returns to his fallen comrade.

MILT (CONT.) Come on we have to get you out of here.

Local #2 lies motionless in a puddle of blood.


The killer’s helicopter hovers in front of the colossal opening. A missile dislodges from the chopper’s undercarriage and soars straight into the tunnel.


EXT. HOBBY SHOP - NIGHT Jacob stands near a sign that reads: CLOSED. The farmer peers inside the shop and BANGS on the door. JACOB Larry! Larry! Jacob runs around to the rear of the store.


A rock CRASHES in through the back window. Jacob reaches inside and unlocks the door. He enters the store BUMBLING over piles of junk.

Flashing lights from the corner of the room. It’s Amy the robot.

JACOB Larry.

Several marbles SLAM into Jacob’s stomach. The farmer falls to the floor KNOCKING over a table filled with toys.


Larry sleeps next to a microscope with the dirt-filled bag beside him.


Amy scans the area for movement as the farmer lays on the ground a little stunned. A yellow plastic tractor with jumbo wheels creeps along

the floor. Jacob sits up and gazes at the miniature model. Several more marbles ZIP out from the darkness. The farmer makes a mad dash for the exit.

EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT Jacob’s truck streams across the roadway.


The farmer pulls Tashby’s cell phone out from a plastic hospital bag and dials.


JACOB (over phone) Hello?

ANSWERING MACHINE Hello, if anyone can hear me the hobby shop has been taken over by a small group of aliens.

JACOB Larry?

ANSWERING MACHINE I’m not sure what kind of sick experiments they’re planning but come down Monday through Friday to find out, BEEP.

JACOB Larry, it’s the tractor. The vibrations are coming from my tractor.


Jacob speeds down a darkly lit road.

Tashby lies in an ambulance.

Firemen hose down flames at Jacob’s farm.


The road that leads to Jacob’s home is blocked off by a town vehicle. Jacob drives up to the blockade and stops. An OFFICIAL approaches the farmer’s window.

OFFICIAL Mister, this here road is closed.

JACOB That’s my farm burning down there.

OFFICIAL You’re welcome to go in on foot.


An orange glow lights up the skies as Jacob hustles down the narrow path. The farmer picks up speed for several moments before coming to a full halt.

Elizabeth’s house sits to the left.


JACOB A love story...

Jacob makes his way to his neighbor’s front door. A few guarded breaths and the farmer knocks.

JINGLES approach from the backyard.

JACOB (CONT.) No, not today.

The rabid Saint Bernard comes flying around the corner foaming at the mouth. Jacob stands calm, staring the canine dead in its eyes.

JACOB (CONT.) I’m not in the mood! Do you understand me?!

(to himself) He’s not stopping.

The crazed canine leaps in the air landing on Jacob’s back.

VOICE (O.S.) Cornelius, stay!

The dog withdraws. Jacob slowly looks towards the mysterious voice. An angel. It’s Elizabeth. The Saint Bernard struts over to his owner and licks her hand.

ELIZABETH He’s completely harmless.

JACOB Cornelius, that’s a strange name for a dog.

ELIZABETH I saw an ambulance, I thought something happened to you.

JACOB I’m fine thanks...

ELIZABETH Elizabeth.

JACOB Elizabeth. I really like you.

ELIZABETH I like you too.

JACOB Please don’t tell your boyfriend I said that.


ELIZABETH Boyfriend? Are you talking about my old friend from high school?

JACOB It was a friend.

Jacob smiles and gives his neighbor a momentous hug.

JACOB (CONT.) Would you like to be my girlfriend?

ELIZABETH Yeah, I’d like that.

Jacob moves in closer and gazes into Elizabeth’s eyes. The farmer lifts his hand and runs it along her hair. The two engage in a passionate kiss. AT LAST.

The farmer smiles and makes a move toward his farm.

ELIZABETH (CONT.) Where are you going?

JACOB To help a friend!

Elizabeth looks on as her knight in shining armor runs off towards the flaming inferno.

EXT. TOMATO FIELDS - LATER Firefighters seem to be losing the raging battle.

EXT. JACOB’S HOME - ANIMALS’ HOLDING PEN - MOMENTS LATER Jacob opens the wooden gate setting the animals free. JACOB

Run! Get outta here! The animals flee. Jacob stands frozen as he watches his whole life burn

before him. JACOB (CONT.) Miracle. Jacob rushes over to his tractor and climbs in. He turns the key, NOTHING. The gas gauge reads: EMPTY.



The killers’ chopper flutters across the skies with its spotlight rotating in different directions.


Jacob forages an area filled with rusty machinery when he stumbles upon a container of gasoline. A bright light strikes the farmer’s face. It’s the sheriff.

SHERIFF Didn’t think we’d see you tonight, Jacob.

Jacob raises his hand, shading his eyes from the light.

JACOB I was borrowing gasoline. I didn’t want to wake them.

SHERIFF Gasoline? What are you planning on doing with that?

JACOB It’s for my tractor.

SHERIFF You’re farming, in the middle of the night? There’s nothing left of your crops son, they’re burning to hell.

JACOB I have to go.

The sheriff looks out toward the burning fields.

SHERIFF Do you know the penalties for insurance fraud?

JACOB You think I started that blaze?

SHERIFF I understand times are hard with the drought and all but there’s a right way to do things.

JACOB Are you planning to arrest me sheriff?


SHERIFF I’m not going to arrest you. I've got to gather all my evidence first.

JACOB Can I go now?

SHERIFF Sure. Just don’t skip town. Don’t be a coward like your pa.

JACOB I’m not my father. My name’s JACOB Willy.

The farmer walks off.


Aidan hovers over a radar screen.

JENNA We’ve circled the entire lot.

AIDAN I’m scanning ten clicks below the Earth’s surface with nothing. I think we killed it back at the tunnel.

Jenna peers out the window.

JENNA Let’s not chuck a sickie just yet. Look down on your left side about a hundred feet up.

Aidan peers below where the massive earthworm slowly maneuvers through the fields.

AIDAN Look at the size of that thing.

JENNA It’s a bloody boomer.

AIDAN Look, the worm has a tinny strapped to its back.

JENNA I don’t think that’s a tinny.



The chopper makes a slight dive.


Jenna guides the joystick to the missile release.

JENNA I’ve got a lock. Poor sook, never really had a fightin’ chance.

AIDAN I told you this would be an easy job.

Aidan turns on the spotlight and the worm goes under.

AIDAN (CONT.) What happened to the target?

JENNA It’s gone walkabout.


The sheriff watches the crops burn when a FIRE CHIEF approaches.

FIRE CHIEF Howdy there.

SHERIFF Evening, how long before you can get this under control?

FIRE CHIEF Well, we’ve got ourselves a tough row to hoe considering the amount of accelerant involved.

SHERIFF Accelerant?

FIRE CHIEF Gasoline, someone doused these fields. This is a clear case of arson.

The sheriff reaches for his radio.


(over walkie-talkie) Calling all units. Be on the look out for one Jacob Willy.


SHERIFF (CONT.) He should be driving a large blue tractor. Don’t ask, over.


Jacob’s tractor barrels along maneuvering around bushes and trees.

A slight RUMBLING and the farmer turns around. The giant earthworm surfaces and is in hot pursuit of its mate.

JACOB Come on! Come on!

Jacob slams on the gas pedal as the earthworm struggles to keep pace.

EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT Several patrol cars stream along with flashing lights.

EXT. WOODS - SMALL CLEARING - NIGHT Jacob’s tractor sits parked near a large rock with the giant creature lying close behind. The farmer approaches the earthworm and gently strokes its head. JACOB You’re safe now. The earthworm is nonresponsive. JACOB (CONT.) I wish you could understand me. A faint FLUTTERING creeps closer. JACOB (CONT.) They’re here. The farmer jumps into Digger 3 and locks the hatch. JACOB (CONT.) Let’s go! The worm remains immobile. JACOB (CONT.) They’re going to kill you!

Jacob opens the hatch and slaps the worm on its side but the creature remains unfazed. The helicopter is now in full view.


JACOB (CONT.) Miracle, get on!

Nothing. The farmer prepares to jump ship when the chopper’s spotlight hits the crawler directly on its back. The giant beast slithers off, tossing Jacob back into Digger 3.


Jenna sets weapons as Aidan works the spotlight.

AIDAN Look, there’s a bloke inside the tinny.

JENNA He’s a madman.

AIDAN Foolish Americans. I’ll inform headquarters that we’ve located the target.


Rafael types at his desk when Vasquez enters.




The giant earthworm maneuvers through cornfields as the chopper trails close behind.


The earthworm plunges out from the corn fields onto the roadway.

A sixteen wheeler SWERVES into the opposite lane just missing the giant creature.


SOFTTAIL86, a female trucker, drives with a stiff face.



(over radio) Anyone just see something strange near route seventeen?

RADIO Like what, over?

SOFTTAIL86 I’m not sure, but it looked like a giant penis, over.

RADIO You’re a freaky girl, Softtail86.


The earthworm slithers into a barren neighborhood CRUSHING cars while leaving a colossal path of destruction.

AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE from the chopper STRIKES the creature in several areas.


Aidan struggles to keep the spotlight focused on the large suspect.

JENNA Hold steady! I can’t get a lock.

AIDAN Look, it’s heading for that overpass.

JENNA Almost in range.

AIDAN Hold on aussie, let him go. That tunnel is surrounded by cement. We’ll trap him on the other side.

Jenna stands down.


A group of scientists loiter around a speaker phone.

RAFAEL (into phone) Base to Kangaroo, over.


AIDAN (over phone) Kangaroo here.

RAFAEL You have good news I hear.

AIDAN We’ve got him cornered in a tunnel. You’re just in time for the big show.

RAFAEL Excellent work my Australian friends.

Vasquez walks up.

VASQUEZ (into phone) It’s not a he.

AIDAN Say again?

VASQUEZ Worms are hermaphrodites. They’re both male and female.

AIDAN Yeah, okay. Look, how do you want us to proceed?

RAFAEL Can you give us a visual?

AIDAN Sure, hold on.

A live video feed from the helicopter’s perspective comes up on a plasma screen attached to the wall.

RAFAEL We’ve got you!

An unstable image of a gigantic underpass lit up by the chopper’s spotlight.

AIDAN As you can see there’s only one way out. Right now it’s just a waiting game.

RAFAEL Okay, then we wait.

Vasquez turns to SCIENTIST #1.


VASQUEZ What’s the temperature of that helicopter’s spotlight?

SCIENTIST #1 It’s got to be at least 5000k.

VASQUEZ That’s close enough to the temperature of sunlight.


Vasquez walks up to the phone and leans in.

VASQUEZ Turn off your lamps.

AIDAN What’s the point of that?

VASQUEZ Worms are petrified of the sun. Shut off the spotlight and Zeus will come out.

INT. HELICOPTER - MOMENTS LATER Jenna looks to Aidan. AIDAN Shut it down, aussie. JENNA Going to night-vision. The spotlight shuts off.

INT. CEMENT TUNNEL - MOMENTS LATER The earthworm begins to advance.

INT. DIGGER 3 Jacob BANGS on the plastic dome. JACOB

Hey! Where are you going? The giant beast forges ahead. Jacob opens the hatch and leaps to the ground. The

farmer runs up to the worm’s tail and grabs hold.


The earthworm presses on.

JACOB (CONT.) You stupid worm!

Jacob releases his grip and makes his way up to the front of the earthworm. He latches onto the creature’s head, using his body weight as an anchor.

JACOB (CONT.) I...won’

The worm slithers forward tossing Jacob to the ground. The farmer grimaces as he grips onto his ankle.

JACOB (CONT.) Don’t go, please don’t go.

Jacob crawls over to the giant earthworm and places his hand on the creature as it squirms forward.

JACOB (CONT.) Goodbye, Miracle.


The killers patiently wait as the giant worm slowly edges out from the underpass.

AIDAN (toward worm) I see you.

JENNA Weapons online.

The worm becomes fully exposed with Jacob seated inside Digger 3.


(over radio) What is that? Is that a person in there?


(over radio) He’s what we call a feral, one of those Green Peace freaks.

VASQUEZ Listen to me closely. Under no circumstances are you authorized to harm United States citizens.

AIDAN It’s about thirty minutes too late to be telling us that, mate.



(over radio)

Eliminate the target, both of


AIDAN As you like. (to Jenna) Standby to fire.

Jenna grips onto the rocket controls.


Jacob sits stern with his eyes widened.

JACOB You won’t take us without a fight. I made a promise to Tashby.

Jacob pushes the red button on the control panel. An emergency flare shoots out from the nose of Digger 3 soaring straight toward the killer’s chopper.

A bright red FLASH illuminates the skies. The helicopter spins out of control as gray smoke fills the air.


Jenna attempts to regain control of the chopper.

AIDAN What are you waiting for? Fire the bloody rocket!

JENNA I’ve lost visual!

AIDAN Just take the damn shot, mate!

Jenna fires. A mammoth EXPLOSION. Several moments before the smoke clears. Pieces of pink flesh scatter the grounds below.


The scientists CELEBRATE in their moment of victory. Rafael pops open a bottle of champagne and raises it.

RAFAEL A toast. The Alpha project is officially history.

CHEERS with a series of APPLAUSE.


Vasquez glares into the plasma screen when Rafael walks up and hands her a glass of bubbly.

RAFAEL (CONT.) I just wanted you to know. You’re a hell of a woman and I’m proud to have you on my team.

VASQUEZ Something’s wrong.

RAFAEL Nothing a little champagne can’t rectify.

VASQUEZ I’m serious. Look over on the right side of the monitor. That almost looks like a chasm.

Rafael peers in.

RAFAEL Vasquez, I think you may be right.

Rafael scrambles over to the speaker phone.

RAFAEL (CONT.) Everybody quiet down! (over the phone) Base to Kangaroo?


Aidan picks up the radio.

AIDAN Kangaroo here.

RAFAEL Listen, we have reason to believe that Zeus may still be alive.

AIDAN I don’t know what channel you folks are watching but your Zeus has come a guster.

RAFAEL Look below on your right side.

Aidan looks down.

RAFAEL (CONT.) That’s a wormhole.


AIDAN Impossible. Is this some kind of super worm?

RAFAEL Earthworms can survive even when their bodies have been separated. It looks like you only destroyed the lower half.

AIDAN (to Jenna) Bloody’ eh.

RAFAEL Stand by for further instructions.

JENNA What now?

AIDAN It’s time we start doing things the Australian way. Land this bloody bodgy. We’re going in.

The chopper descends.


The killers’ helicopter sits parked alongside the giant opening in the ground. Jenna secures a rope around the chopper’s landing skids and tosses the opposite end into the massive hole.

Aidan walks up holding an AK-47 with a rocket launcher strapped to his back. Jenna hands Aidan a flashlight and the killers peer down into the dark pit.

JENNA After you.

AIDAN Oh no I insist, ladies first.


The killers make their way down the rope setting onto a flat surface. Jenna points her flashlight into the darkness. An endless tunnel.

AIDAN Okay, lets give it a burl.

The killers are on the move with Jenna's head barely clearing the top of the tunnel and Aidan having to slightly crouch.


JENNA Maybe we should go back to the chopper.

AIDAN Soft words from a bushranger.

The killers trudge forward.


Aidan points his flashlight toward the ceiling where several tiny earthworms dangle.

JENNA Hey there little cobber.

Jenna pulls one of the critters down.

JENNA (CONT.) I’m not going to hurt you. But maybe you can help us out? We’re looking for your big brother. The boomer.

Aidan snatches the worm from Jenna and tosses it to the ground. A swift stomp and the crawler’s history.

JENNA (CONT.) What did you do that for?

AIDAN I didn’t think he was willing to talk.


Jenna leads the way as Aidan trails close behind.

JENNA Hold on a minute.

AIDAN What is it?

JENNA I think we’ve reached a dead-end.

Jenna advances.

JENNA (CONT.) You’ve got to be kidding?

The tunnel takes an extreme slant downwards. Aidan creeps up from behind and glares in.


AIDAN Want to go for a ride?

JENNA What’s your plan for getting back?

AIDAN I haven’t figured that out yet.

Aidan secures his belongings and hands Jenna the AK-47.

AIDAN (CONT.) See you at the bottom.

Aidan mounts the massive dirt slide and plunges down into the darkness.


(into tunnel) Okay, I’ll do it! But it’s not very lady-like!

Jenna climbs inside and drops down into the deep abyss. The killer rockets through the tunnel as her flashlight sporadically illuminates the walls.

Several moments of sliding when Jenna lands rear first into a pool of mud.


The killer pulls out a flashlight and points it outward. An extremely moist area the size of a soccer field with hundreds of tunnels spread about.

Along the ceiling lies a labyrinth of rusted leaky pipes. A bright light hits Jenna in the face.

AIDAN Hey, over here, mate.

Jenna clears mud from her backside and approaches Aidan.

JENNA Where are we?

AIDAN This must be its home but for some reason I don’t feel very welcome.

Jenna raises the AK-47.

JENNA Speak for yourself, I’ve got my invite.


AIDAN How rude of us. Maybe we should let our host know he has company.

JENNA Right.

Jenna pulls the safety back on her weapon and UNLOADS.


The giant worm quietly rests, recovering from its wounds as ECHOED automatic gunfire fills the burrow.


Jacob kills the power and silently waits. Several moments of darkness when the farmer turns on the emergency flashlight.

A MONSTER BUG crawls along the wall of the tunnel. The startled farmer reluctantly moves in for a closer look.

The flashlight has struck a small ant crawling across Digger 3’s dome, creating a massive shadow. It’s Jacob’s old friend.

JACOB Where have you been hiding?

The farmer reaches out to the tiny creature.

JACOB (CONT.) I told you, you were in for a journey.

The speedy critter scurries up Jacob’s finger.


The killers stand guarded in the center of the muddied arena.

AIDAN We know you’re out there! I promise we won’t cut your throat. We just want the worm!

Several moments of SILENCE.

AIDAN (CONT.) It’s not like you’re saving a seal, mate! Earthworms die every day!


JACOB (O.S.) People die everyday too!

The farmer’s voice ECHOES throughout the burrow.

AIDAN (to Jenna) This bloke’s got a huge donger.

Aidan pulls the rocket launcher from off his back and hands it to Jenna.

JACOB (O.S.) Just scoot now! This worm’s not going to harm anyone!

AIDAN We can’t do that! See, we signed a contract! We don’t leave until that worm is blown to pieces.

JACOB (O.S.) I wouldn’t do that! Look up! We’re right underneath the center of town.

Aidan peers up towards the leaky mess.

JACOB (CONT.) Those pipes look like they’re getting ready to burst! You’ll drown!

AIDAN I see your point! But then you’ll drown too!

JACOB (O.S.) I’ve already had my meeting with death! And now I realize...there is so much more to life than just living!

AIDAN (to Jenna) The man’s a poet.

(to Jacob) Let’s work this out! Just tell us what you want?!

JACOB (O.S.) We’d like you to let us be!

AIDAN You can talk to the worm can you? Well why don’t you give him a personal message from us!


Jenna loads a rocket into the launcher.

AIDAN (CONT.) Tell him, we ain’t leavin’! I’m sorry, but this planet has no room for a giant pink parasite!

JACOB (O.S.) Why don’t you tell him yourself?!


Jacob stands near the entrance of the tunnel with the emergency flashlight in his right hand. In his left hand he raises several small earthworms into the air.

He lights up the tiny creatures creating a group of monstrous worm shadows along the walls of the burrow.


The killers stand completely stunned.

AIDAN My God! We’ve awakened his whole bloody family!

Jenna lifts the rocket launcher and fires toward the ghostlike images. A loud EXPLOSION causing gobs of mud to fly about.

AIDAN (CONT.) Load the rocket! Take another shot!

A massive pipe BREAKS causing water to spray down.

AIDAN (CONT.) What the eh?

Several more pipes BURST turning the light sprays into a series of crashing waterfalls.

JENNA Let’s rack off!

AIDAN Right.

The waters steadily rise as the killers make their way to an exit. Jenna takes a moment to scan the area.

JENNA Which tunnel is it?


AIDAN Straight ahead, mate!

Aidan falls down into the mud and begins to slide away.

AIDAN (CONT.) Help me!

Jenna extends her arm to give a helping hand.

JENNA I can’t reach!

AIDAN I can’t hold on any longer!

JENNA You’re gonna make it!

Aidan slips away into the darkness.

AIDAN (O.S.) Nooo!

JENNA Aidan!

No time to grieve. Jenna turns around and measuredly makes her way through the RAGING waters.

After several moments the killer finally gets to the exit. Jenna reaches inside the inclining tunnel and crawls up.

A few yards inwards when the killer slides back down and SPLASHES into the rising waters. Jenna looks for another way out, nothing.

JENNA (CONT.) (to herself) I’m not ready to die...not today.

Jenna pulls two small knifes out from the side of her belt. She reaches up into the tunnel and plunges them into the wet soil.

The killer slowly maneuvers her way up the slippery slope like an experienced ice climber.


Jenna crawls out from the hole covered in mud. A BEEPING noise comes from inside the chopper. The killer stumbles her way over to the helicopter and lifts the radio.


JENNA (over radio) Kangaroo here.


(over radio) We’ve been trying to reach you for over an hour. What the hell is going on? What’s your status?

JENNA We took on a casualty.

RAFAEL Understood, what’s the status on Zeus?

JENNA Did you hear me Aidan’s dead!

RAFAEL The mission, is it complete?

Jenna stares into the giant dark cavity.

JENNA The target has been eliminated.


A three story white structure with enormous windows.


Tashby still recouping from her wounds, types at a desk with a plasma screen seated on the wall airing breaking news.

TELEVISION REPORTER Reports from the United States that earthquake activity is on the rise. Researchers are baffled by what can only be described as minor tremors.

Tashby picks up the television remote and raises the audio.

TELEVISION REPORTER (CONT.) The question that everyone wants to know is, could this be a sign that a major quake is inevitable? For now the situation remains a little shaky.


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