The Trouble With HUMANITY : Good News.

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The Meditations of a Dreamer.

There are some fundamental Truths that have been hidden from humanity from time immemorial.

The paradox of this deception is that it’s out in the open.

One must always remember that intelligence and “intellectual pursuit” is simply the collation of information, facts and knowledge.

The definition of wisdom is the same as intelligence; but applied within context and to an extent, pragmatic.

The general example is the well-known “tomatoes are a fruit (knowledge) but not including them in a fruit salad is “wisdom”.



For a long time humanity has pursued knowledge with voracious appetite.

This is one of the great defining characteristics of the human race: curiosity .

The yearning to learn and know.

This attribute has been the impetus for evolution and cultural progress.


While most of this progress has been positive, human history has been written in blood, conflict, self-interest and greed .

The human has achieved great strides but at a heavy cost.

The human race has over time lost certain insights to truth and light and consequently abandoned the path to truth, happiness and complete peace.

The basic truth is that we are souls and spirit having a human experience.

The lie has been that we are humans who happen to have some sort of soul.

One of the main faiths of mankind states that we are created in God’s image.

Thus, if we are all different facets of the same God how would we endeavour to harm the other?


REINCARNATION: is a fundamental fact of life.


Karma is also as much a solid fact as the existence of Mt Everest.


Reincarnation: souls come to this realm in order to learn and grow.

For them to develop empathy but above all, be the expression of LOVE.

Thus death is nothing to be feared but it is just a doorway.

Something to even look forward to.



The Creator is not so cruel as to give You Life to enjoy, make it entirely short, give you one shot at spiritual evolution and then judge and cast you to the fire for doing the very thing She asks you to do. Then demand worship.


No, this is entirely a false premise based on a doctrine of fear meant to manipulate the lost sheep to absolute submission and obedience.


There is complete absence of Love and Light in that dogma and thinking.


Listen: You are Energy composed of Love and Light.


Energy cannot be destroyed but merely changes form.

Death is the not the end, but a new beginning and entry point to the spiritual and ether.

That is your true actual home. This is fact.


You already have everlasting Life. You existed before coming to Earth.


“I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."


Thus, because Home is a place of complete absolute indescribable Love and Bliss, it does not afford one the full array of options to grow through challenges, such as pain and suffering, physical limitation and fragility.


It is a short stay, we are meant to realize and most importantly REMEMBER that it is a grand illusion, a play whose central theme is Love, in whatever shape or form.


This play has cast and drama unique and specific to you, with the various characters connected to one another through lifetimes and karma.


Remember: It is a matrix, but enjoy being in the matrix.

Remember who You are: LOVE experiencing a human existence.





Love is the meaning of Life.

Love never runs out, the more you give, the more you receive.

It is the force of the creator and God’s very essence.

One cannot be expected to graduate to the 4th grade if they have not learnt the lessons of the 3rd grade .


The lessons to learn in this earthly realm are simple:  

  • Love unconditionally in-spite and despite imperfections 
  • Forgiveness  
  • Compassion



Once a person recognises that they are just but a beautiful divine soul full of light and God’s Love (which is inherent in all God’s creation) then they realise that they are already forgiven.


No human is perfect but the task is to gradually and joyously work on one’s perceived shortcomings.


Thus, there is simply nothing to forgive as You are a facet of the Creator experiencing life with all its challenges.


The whole point is imperfection so you can joyously move at your own pace, enjoying the grand adventure towards the perfect Light of the Source.


Its not a race. It’s not a requirement, either way, One day you will arrive.


Everyone will.


More than anything, one must forgive themselves and understand that they are not perfect.

And that is perfectly fine.

Then one should recognise and accept those perceived short comings, embrace them.


Forgive yourself for it (including the past) and forgive others.


You do not know why a soul chose to come to Earth and have a particular set of experience, so instead of judging, understand and look in the mirror.

You will see the other person’s struggle in your own. It may not be identical, but pay close attention, You will see yourself in every person.

Start LOVING yourself unconditionally.



However, not in an egocentric way that hurts others. Just quiet radiant Love.


We are our harshest judge and jury, and on that day of your life review, It is NEVER the Creator that judges; It is You.


So be gentle and patient with yourself.

Remind yourself you are like a child trying to learn to walk, you will fall many times, but eventually you will get there.

Constantly forgive and Love yourself and get back on that horse.


Don’t give up.



Thus when one Loves and forgives themselves, it radiates outwards and your light shines to inspire others.


Be sincere to yourself .You are God’s creation, made in his image thus you cannot lie to God, because you will be lying to yourself.


It’s not about being “holy”.

It’s about acceptance and sincerity as a means to achieve inner peace.


Moreover, when this perspective is achieved, one realises that judging others is selfpunishment as one should essentially be working on themselves, pointing a finger to another divine creation while ignoring one’s own flaws is self-judgment.


One comes to Love and accept everyone and understand that we are all brothers and sisters having a human experience.


And with this embrace of imperfections, comes tremendous peace and tranquillity.

The blind prejudice of the ego gradually evaporates.

When one gets to this level of Love and acceptance, what follows is Empathy.

Because one realises that we all have difficulties in life and no one out of 6 billion souls on the planet is trouble free.


We are all beautiful imperfections.


When you develop empathy for all Creatures, then you have already started to realize that 

You are literally part of the Creator. You have extended your hand to touch the face of God. Because You see the Hand of God in everything.

You lift another one by compassion, you lift yourself up and the universe.



Hence turning the other cheek, for hurting another is hurting yourself.

Thus the ultimate goal is LOVE and Empathy. Love and Empathy leads to Compassion.

Do unto others as you would like it to be done to you.

When one achieves this, they are in the doorstep of heaven (within) .


These are the lessons of the Earthly realm, the purpose of Life.

This is the true and pure dharma.




It is a very logical and rational question to ask, “Why should humanity suffer if God Loves us?”

We suffer mainly for two reasons:


  • Ego 
  • For growth and development.


Life is 10% what happens to you but 90% how you react to it.


You basically create your own karma. For every action, there is a reaction.


The important thing is to remember the lesson learnt from the suffering and the positive that has come out of it.

One must strive to rise above their current circumstances and turn it into a positive experience.

A humble man with no income and financial security is more likely to be open to life’s lessons and have genuine relationships around him than a rich tycoon surrounded by sycophants .

The kingdom of God (LOVE) is for the meek, the down trodden and the voiceless. Those who give with Love and gratitude.



The key to the mastery of Life is walking the middle path as Guatama Buddha explained.


In this specific context, have a productive life in the physical but continue to grow spiritually.

As much as you indulge in the physical; having a career, a family, enjoying sport and music and playing with your child, remember your purpose is spiritual evolution and everything else is temporary, including even your family.

Thus do not be attached to temporary situations, assets even relationships.

Attachments result in enslavement.


Appreciate what you have but do not tie it in with your wellbeing or happiness. True happiness is internal.

Look for this.


Recognize desire for what it is. Then weigh if it driven by Love or fear.



However, You must remember to enjoy Life, for if you were to withdraw from society to focus solely on the spiritual isolated in the caves,

You must ask yourself in what way have you contributed to the evolution of the human as a species and in the society.

There must be a balance.

Enjoyment and Awareness.

Everything in the universe operates on a Ying and Yang balance, this understanding is crucial.



Ego: The reason why there is so much suffering in the world is that the majority of humanity is driven by ego.

Some attributes of the ego:

  • Pride
  • Anger
  • Hate False Love (deluded)
  • Bitterness
  • Jealousy
  • Insincerity
  • Deception

Modern society rewards those with ego with the highest accolades.

A man with integrity and kindness of heart but little income will be ignored and often humiliated whereas a wealthy and powerful wicked man full of hate and pride with be given love and adoration by society.

This has reduced the planet to complete utter rot.



When one meditates and quietens the ego, they start to realise that that beautiful quiet inner voice is your Divine Higher Self.


It is your divine eternal wisdom driven by Love and not ego.



One must be humble and listen and learn like a child.

A curious child does not let ego deter them from wanting to know.

A child does not care if the teacher is young, old, atheist, religious, black, yellow, red or white.

They just joyously receive.



Ego blocks us from experiencing the beauty of Life and Love.

Instead of seeing commonalities, we see differences.

Ego is the separation from God/Love.

Ego makes one feel superior to the other and this in turns destroys any chance of sharing, learning, peace and ultimately Love.



The Creator seeks companionship, fellowship, unity and Oneness, like a beautiful flower in a garden full of flora and fauna, happy to share and experience the beauty of Creation, without possession or oppression.


You will recognize power that is not divine because it will be divisive, it will be power Over instead of power With, instead of sharing, it will be jealously guarded and will never seek companionship outside its own kind.


Hence power that comes from ego brings darkness of the soul and to the affected while that which comes from Love will bring Peace, Love and Unity.



Man has been driven by ego in this age.



Even while professing love for God in their religions, they have been busy fighting, judging, and killing each other over religions that ironically carry the message of LOVE.


Thus the very institutions that should be advocates of peace and Love have been taken over by ego (greed, self-interest, bigotry, hypocrisy, guilt and deceit).


Man has been enslaved by ego in all directions even when searching for his own redemption.

Thus mankind has continued to pursue the elusive peace and happiness through ego.

One cannot impose peace through war.

Change has to come from within the individuals, then the immediate surroundings, society, nation and eventually the globe and even the universe.



“Be the change that you want to see”-Gandhi.



reflection and meditation.

Reflection: To understand Peace, one must experience conflict.

Ying and Yang.



Thus when we are busy working on our own imperfections with humility, we become less judgmental and more joyous and accepting of those different from us.


We realise that all races, are all different facets of the same: humanity.

Ego destroys any chance of Love and racial or cultural harmony.

The ego is ultimately “the devil”. From lower dimensions of fear, anger, pride, hate, guilt and deception.



Taming the Ego


A healthy ego is good for development (self-esteem) as long as it’s not harmful to others.

One must embrace the ego within and learn to recognise it.

If in an argument for example, and one gets angry (ego-perfectly human) one should try to understand the other person’s point of view. Empathize.




Religion has been one of the ultimate failures of humanity.


The central message of LOVE has been discarded and the tool of the message used as a weapon to subjugate, enslave and manipulate the innocent masses.


Majority of the adherents of these religions such as Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc are innocent people who yearn for peace and love but have been manipulated by those who have fallen far from the Creators grace because they worship their own ego to achieve their own ends, instead of leading the flock to the light.


They insist on material wealth, misogyny, oppressive rules and laws and fear to exploit poor innocent Souls.


This is why brother has turned against brother, mother against son, father against daughter, Muslim against Muslim, Christian against Christian, Buddhists committing atrocities, Hindus fighting their neighbours and so forth.

Indigenous beliefs that revered the Divine Laws of Nature have been deemed as “evil”, “backward” and “uncivilized”.

Yet the ancients had profound respect for the land, the sea, the environment and safeguarded it for the future generations.

The ancients understood that they were just custodians and overseers of Creation but not the owners nor did they feel entitled to harness the gifts of nature for profit in order to the feed the ego through the greedy acquisition of wealth.

On the other hand, organized religion has ignored the fundamental truths:


1- Love of God 2-Love of fellow man:  If one Loved God, they would respect His creation .Both nature and fellow human beings. The question to ponder is: If we (as human beings) were created in his image (God) then how can one possibly harm another (God’s image)? Or worse, commit atrocities against nature. For the most reviled crime in society is crime against a child, yet even children have courts to protect them, nature doesn’t except to rely on the morality and ethics of the human being, unfortunately driven by money and obscene greed.


It is paedophilia for profit. Simply put.



We were created by the divine LOVE so that It (Source of Love, God, Creator) can experience Life through us.


We are all simply different facets of the same creator living within us. From the water you drink to the stars at night, living creations having different forms and avenues of existence.


Pay close attention.


This is why Empathy is essential .Because everyone is on their own unique journey to learn, enjoy, and LOVE.


It’s Not That Serious

It is a short stay on Earth therefore it is important to be humble and to have fun. Like children out in the playing field at school.

Think of this gorgeous animal, the Dolphin that is extremely in tune with nature, very intelligent, highly evolved and put in this planet to remind all and sundry about the joy of playfulness, companionship, appreciating nature, to see the humour of life, to be friendly to those who look different from us.

Humans like to think they are the most evolved and intelligent creature, however this is like deciding the criteria for winning a sporting event and then awarding yourself a trophy. Its hilarious arrogance.

Have Empathy, show gratitude and revere life, embrace and take care of the beauty of God’s creation: Land, Sea, Air, Animals, Microbes, Moon, Sun, Space and humanity .

We are not entitled to any of it, we are just privileged to be guardians.



State of The World


Humanity has been programmed to think and act in a certain way that those who see the Truth for what it is have been repeatedly ridiculed ,humiliated ,called insane, creepy ,out of touch with reality ,hippy ,flower child, tree hugger and the list goes on .

Most have paid with their lives or been derided to the point of withdrawal from human society.

Calling someone “crazy” for non-conformity or because of little understanding their point of view demonstrates how little one’s Soul has evolved.

It does not matter how well a pancake is cooked, It still has two sides.


Do not reject those that dare to be different, appreciate them.


This author has often been dismissed and rejected for his unorthodox perspective of the world. The society tries to hammer the nail that stands out, yet experience and history has shown that these rejects often become the corner stones of a great many societies and civilization.


Again, judge not but show compassion and understanding.


However, humanity condemns itself every time it extinguishes a light that shines to attempt to illuminate the Truth for what it is.


Most messengers have been humble people with absolutely nothing to gain except spread peace and LOVE.


Many of your sacred texts have foretold many of these messengers, and many messengers are sent to many communities and societies around the world.

However, you shun them because they are different in appearance or conduct or lifestyle.

You wait for prophesies to be fulfilled, however the time came and went because many were not paying attention.

The messages are relayed in music, poetry and tales. The story of the Hobbit mirrors David and goliath. Some have agonized about the plight of Earth, wrote songs and poetry but we chose not to heed the message but judge the messenger.

Or the other extreme; erroneously worship them.

Open your eyes and discover angels among You.

Some quietly healing the world, others more famous.

They are there.



Whether you believe it or not, it makes no difference. They sky won’t change colour because you deny its existence.

Remember that: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”-Marianne Williamson.


However the deceit of the world has blinded the masses with a cloak of ego (pride, prejudice, stubbornness)


Thus humanity has made the choice to exist but not really live. The planet and humanity is slowly diminishing in its capacity to bring joy to future generations.


In the constant struggle between Love and Fear (ego), as individuals, society and a planet, we must endeavour to ALWAYS choose LOVE. It is the path that leads home to Light.


Nothing else.


Everything comes down to a choice between those two primal frequencies.




There is no more profitable business than the business of war.

War is also ego manifest.

The same person supplying your enemy, is supplying you.

You invite them to your table and break bread with them with your household.

You share your laughter and secrets but they later use that as a potent weapon to enslave you in the long run.

And they pretend to be your friend and fellow victim all along .

The worse aspect of ego apart from fear and pride, is Deceit


The deceitful few thrive on bloodshed and fear to create wealth and power.


It’s a vicious cycle that the 99% of the world is caught up in, in an endless cycle of karmic violence while the few at the top reap all the benefit


Laughter all the way to the bank at the expense of your sweat and blood.

It’s not about race or religion.

Those few choose to worship the ego.

Which is pride, deceit and destruction. The devil. Fear.



So what is the right religion?

  • One should concentrate on Love.
  • Be empathetic to fellow man
  •  Listen to great wise souls amongst them.
  • Yearn to learn from other cultures
  •  Respect the Land .It is green. The colour of righteousness and conscience .It represents God’s creation. It is submission to God.

How do I make a Difference?

  • Put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Show empathy to the less fortunate.
  • Do not show off your good works but be stealthy in your fight for LOVE and Light. “Let not your right hand know the charitable works of the left”.


Remember that:

If You want to Know Why, There’s Life that cannot Lie, Love is strong, It only cares for Joyful Giving If we try we shall see, In this Bliss, we cannot Feel, Fear of dread We stop existing and start Living .-Michael.



Racism: In reality, there are two races on earth. The haves (1%) and the have nots (99%).


And if it was not for the ego, we would clearly see that we are one human family.


Humanity should appreciate that they are different facets of LOVE and species, and embrace our differences as one species.

For example:

  • People of African descent (black people) tend to be very expressive musically and spiritually.
  • Caucasians are a very curious and adventurous bunch about the world around them and love to explore
  • Asians know the mysteries of the human body and the mind.
  • Those from the Middle East are great theological scholars.
  • Indians are great mystics of the spiritual.
  •  Native Americans and Aboriginals understand the divine spirit of nature and the Oneness of All.
  •  The Micronesians, Polynesians comprehend the stars and the seas despite the vastness of it all.

And so forth.

If Humanity saw this as different strengths of the same team, then humanity will be better off in the end.


And what joy would that bring on earth!

A blank boring canvass transforms into a gorgeous painting when all the various colours are applied in their various shapes and forms.

Such is the Human Family world over.

This wisdom can be achieved by regular meditation.

Sabbath is time for meditation and reflection.


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King, Jr.





There are divine forces in nature that we cannot conceive or perceive with our simple common senses but we all have an intuition there is a beyond what we know or perceive . For example, we know we need oxygen to survive but no one has actually seen or grasped oxygen physically.


Source is not some grandfatherly dude far off and nonchalant in how we relate.

Source is Love. The force of Life. God is everywhere and most of all inside you with your every breath.


Thus ever single creation one sees is not accidental, it is the very expression of God’s Love.


Everyone is God’s beautiful manifestation of Love.

There is no such thing as a series of coincidences. Only a pattern of clues.


However, Atheist are greatly admired because when they show acts of Love and Compassion, it’s not with the expectation of a reward in an afterlife or out of religious duty but done with heartfelt honesty


There cannot be a higher ideal to aspire to.


Nobody cares about piety and who has the correct dogma, It’s all trivial compared to caring for Creation and showing Love.


Live, Love, Laugh, Play, Experience, Create, Dance, Cry….just Be.

That’s all that’s required.



The universe has a great sense of humour.

It is the nature of the Source. It is inherent in all Creation.



Make sure you laugh, Life is enjoyment without restriction as long you are not harming another.



Concept of Free Will:


We have been accorded free will for simply one reason.

We are imperfect. We are human .

Change has to come from within but in order to make the change, one has to make the choice to do so.

If we conquer that fear and aspire to change, then automatically the world around us starts reflecting the change and our light automatically starts to shine brighter.


Fear is ego.


It makes us less receptive to what is unfamiliar, even when it’s the Truth and it speaks to our souls.

Just the intention to make positive change sets things in motion to create a better world .

If it was not for this free will, we would have been condemned for our iniquities

Such is the grace of the Source.



God is Love. He/She is your divine higher self.

The quiet voice that whispers in that comforting voice and knows what’s right.



The meaning of Jihad is NOT physical war.


LOVE would not permit harm on another for the sake of Love.

It’s redundant.

Jihad is the internal struggle between good and evil.

Love and Fear. Divine Higher Self and the ego (false sense of separation from the All).

Jihad is the decision to do right or wrong.

The burden of free will.



Social Media

Social media have largely been designed to take attention from the journey to self-improvement and reduced it to a constant state of judgmental.


Social media when abused literally shifts focus from Love and Self-discovery to on one self (presenting the best of yourself for the sake of adoration) while continuously judging others.


It is also detrimental for mental health as it assaults one’s self esteem continuously.


However like any tool by man, it can be used to spread Love and positivity or as a potent to tool of hate and egocentric power.


Ultimately, the ego of the user will be their eventual downfall depending on how they use it.




  • For every action, there is a reaction.  
  • Cause and Effect.  
  • You reap what you sow.

An example: when you tell a lie. You have to keep the lie and before you know it, you are living the lie to sustain the appearance of it being the truth.

When the Truth eventually comes out, the small initial lie has grown out of proportion and has become an untameable monster that starts consuming the liar.

Because you can lie to others but NOT yourself and therefore God.

Thus the insincerity and guilt consumes you (the liar) on a daily basis.

That is what is called Karma.


However, the universe and the Source approach to karma, is with very many big carrots for the good deeds and small sticks for the bad karma.

You need not suffer bad karma if you have learnt from your bad deed and shown growth and change, much like a child need not be punished for a mistake already learnt from.

The GOOD NEWS is, when we do acts of compassion and Love, the ripple effect is many many many many more times greater than the bad karma.


Love wants you to grow, not punish.

It is a fact.

Submitted: March 29, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Qareem Knight. All rights reserved.

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