the doll

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dolls are creepy and sometimes haunted so...yeah

It's been a while since this happened and only my closest friends know about it and my current boyfriend. So about 8 months ago I was paid to watch a house and they were paying a good amount more than I would reasonably ask for. Once I got to the house the old lady took me on a tour around the house one of the rooms a nothing in it but a bunch of books stacked and a doll sitting perfectly in the corner. I stood there examining the doll normally dolls don't bother me but this one in particular was kind of freaking me out. The old lady saw me staring at the doll and continued to explain that her son gave it to her and since she had nowhere to put it she just kept it in there though she sometimes got confused when she looked at the doll it seemed to be in a different place but she could never prove to herself that it moved because she would always forget where it was. When we were done with the tour she left and said that I could help myself to her fridge just don't eat it all. Once she left I was feeling a bit hungry so I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich and a glass of water. I went up to my room which just happened to be right by the doll's room. When I passed the Doll's room I saw that the doll was no longer sitting in the corner but facedown on a pile of books. Since I'm not a huge believer in the paranormal I assumed that the old lady moved it before she left. I continued to my room after that and just scrolled through Twitter. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up in the mourning I passed by the dolls room and saw that is was gone I knew no one else was here and I know that I don't sleep walk. I was uneved by this but because i'm a white person in this story I let it pass and thought nothing of it that is until I heard a huge bang upstairs while I was making a sandwich. I ran up stairs and saw the doll standing right at the doorway mind you this isn't a glass doll this is a doll filled with stuffing meaning that there's noway that it would be able to stand up without support but noone or anything was behind it. At this point I was freaked out so I pretty much left and thought that before she got back I would come back. I got in my car and drove home. It was late when I got back so I went to bed and skipped the shower portion. I woke up to thunder crashing outside my window cliche right. Yeah I thought so too when I saw the freaking doll sitting in my chair starring right at me the doll then blinked and waved I was not okay with this at all since I'm religious I rip a cross off my wall and hold it in front of the doll and yell "The power of christ compels you!" I blinked and the doll was gone. I've never seen the oll again and well let's just say I didn't get paid for the job.

Submitted: March 29, 2019

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