The Source is above all. The Source begets all.

Matthew Brannon, a young boy from the Bronx, lives out a harsh and broken life with his abusive, former prizefighter father in Woodlawn. Everyday is the same routine of violence, scorn, and heartbreak. His only solace in life is his childhood friend Aoife: a young girl who has stolen his heart and grows more distant from him with each passing day. Then one day, something amazing happens. Matthew discovers an ancient and mysterious power within him: a power that changes everything. Before long, Matthew finds himself on a great and incredible journey across the stars to save the universe from a force of pure evil as he learns valuable lessons about life, love, suffering, and himself. With The Souce however, nothing is quite so simple...and Matthew must learn, above all, what it truly means to possess it.

Table of Contents

The Source

NOTE: This is still a work in progress, so I will include my personal liner notes in the text. Any additions to or thoughts on these notes are encouraged. Sorry in advance if this makes it harder
to read. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this work in progress! -Nick
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Yeah, so just for forewarn anyone that might be reading this drivel, this story gets, like, REALLY violent. This is an adult story. Read with discretion

(CW: child abuse, spousal abuse, heavy language, action violence)
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