We need Rose!

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Submitted: March 29, 2019

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Submitted: March 29, 2019



"Get out"! Elysa Mcqueen roaredd for the fifth time. "But ma'am...". "I'll have none of it! Leave now i say and never you you return into my lovely abode"! She said, swirling in her over the top flowery gown and heels that resembled tooth picks.

"Rooose! Rooose! Rose"! Andre Mcqueen called out entering the lounge area ,"where's the help when you need it", he muttered to himself opening the business section of the news paper. Elysa walked into the room in a very tight skirt and flowery top which had large flappy arms resembling butterfly wings. "Welcome home my love", she purred trying to be her 20year old self which was a complete failure.

"Where is Rose I have called for her"? Andre asked. "Oh my love the pest is finally gone. I got rid of her"! She said happily as if she'd won the lottery. "Rid of her! You mean..." He gasped. "Oh Andreeas darling , of course not. I just fired her". "Whatever for! We need her. She does everything around here and for little money as well! Now where will we get cheap labour"! He moaned resting his lanky hands on his tiny waist.

"Oh darling, the soothsayer, remember", she reminded him as if he was an amnesiac patient. He nodded a little exasperated ,"yes, yes, i know! There's an evil eye in your home. Of course i remember that gibberish"!

"Then you should know that there's no more evil eye my love , we, can, rest, easy, now", she said sitting comfortably on an arm chair. Andreas shook his head now pacing around the room. "Did it ever occur to you that Rose has been with us for years and if she wanted to harm us she would have done it long ago". Elysa took a deep breath and shook her head , "I didn't think about that", she muttered. "Of course you didn't. Now who'll do the dang chores"! Closing their eyes in sudden realisation the couple muttered ,"we need Rose".

"What about the evil eye. The sooth sayer", Elysa murmured. "Oh crabs uncles! Forget about that! We need Rose"!

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