Till Death Do Us Part

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just to clarify, this is in NO WAY related to me XD I just wrote it because I was bored. Just got done editing it today (April 19, 2019) because it sounded really bad when you read it aloud XD

On a serious note, if you notice that someone you love or care about has depression or is suicidal (including the symptoms like self-harm, the obvious quietness and *extreme* antisocial qualities), get help for them. It does not matter if they don't want your help or will refuse it, because they can't go through it alone. Even if they do get mad at you, still try to help because what's more important, having them angry at you or potentially losing them, permanently? Try to do as much as you can from them, and if you yourself are depressed, then seek help for yourself first before helping anyone else. Just some friendly advice ^-^

Submitted: March 29, 2019

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Submitted: March 29, 2019



Things have changed, the atmosphere is different now
The light that always speaks out has now dimmed down in sound
It ain't right now, my world has gone to hell
Because the love of my life had a soul to sell

At first, things had always seemed right
We laughed, we messed around while never once having a fight
We were the picture-perfect couple that everyone wants
But it didn't seem that way for her, she was hurt

In ways: she never explained, in pain
But it wasn't from me, it came from her past which was far from sane
I tried to understand, the longer I stayed
But when I decided to take action, it was too fucking late!

But late is an understatement
I feel like I got exploited from 4 years of commitment
It's practically a sin for thinking I'd benefit
And reap the rewards from staying with her throughout the end

But the "end" came quicker than I expected,
Not for me, but for her, and what she neglected
Was to have the heart to live and fight through the pain from the start
I never realized how much it hurt; "Till Death Do Us Part"

Till Death Do Us Part
Do Us Part

You know, I think it’s a bit funny how
I gave her the world; she returned it by letting me down
But I can’t even try to blame her for what was she did
I think I've might’ve done the same if I was in her position

But it still hadn’t felt fair to me and it still doesn’t
She was all I had and more, and I always loved her!
I loved the bond we had, we shared; it was something
That other couples could not compare to

Then I walked in on her; a knife near her hand
My entire spirit dropped and sank like quicksand
The blood streaming from her wrists had me feeling sick
But even that isn’t enough to describe the click

Of the feeling that I couldn’t help her, but I tried
Everything felt so blurry as I picked her up
She was barely alive as she whispered in my ear
“I’m so sorry” and tears began to fall from both of our eyes!

Her shallow breaths were getting weaker with each passing moment
The helplessness I felt inside was far beyond potent
Her cold hands crept up the back of my shirt;
Gripping hold of it tightly one final time before she died in my arms…

[Short Pause]

There’s never getting over the sight
Of seeing someone you cherish and love die
But even I battle through the pain
Even if the scene in my head starts, ends, then restarts

I live on anyways, avoiding the mistake she made
Even though each day will never feel the same
Even if there is a void left hanging in my heart
Now I understand why it hurts so much; “Till Death Do Us Part”



(Final Edit: May 13, 2019)

© Copyright 2020 Jay Hill. All rights reserved.

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