Bed Friend

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This is not one of my traditional stories. It starts off with a little girl that found something in the woods and a friend that knows all and knows the truth of being human, one little step at a time.

Submitted: March 29, 2019

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Submitted: March 29, 2019



It is her friend that she loved so and the box that is where her old toys are under the bed. She will never get rid of the toys or her friend that is under the bed when she waited for her mother to tuck her in. Her mother doesn’t work but her father works seven days a week with his feelings of tiredness going on. Mother is starting the trend of hating Father when Mother came up the stairs with her mind tired and full of worry. Madrigal’s bed friend talked about things that little Madrigal didn’t know at the tender age of six. Her friend talked about Father doing the bad deeds that are behind the back of Mother when Father is hanging out with other women and doing things that are not explained for young, little girls. Father is doing other things that involve with the drink and the white powder that made Father insane and mad from time to time when Madrigal lied in bed with the illumination of stars that are on the ceiling from the lamp light that is next to her with the filter screwed around it. She looked at the stars that are there for quite some time before mother came in with dark circles under her eyes.

She is tired to the bone with conversations that are not talked about in front of her daughter when she smiled; making sure that her daughter is alright when she asked about her day.

“It was okay.” Madrigal said in her child like charm.

The Mother smiled as she folded the covers over her.

“Did you finish up that art project for Ms. Devaulle?”

“Yes, mommy,” Madrigal settled her little hands under her head.

“She liked it very much.”

“Okay honey.” Mother smiled that contending smile with the dark circles leaving her state of expression for a spell.

“Say your prayers.” Mother spoke to her in fine finesse. Madrigal did what she is told as the friend under her bed heard of this as it lied in the shadows. The night is short for Madrigal when she slept until five thirty in the morning when Madrigal got up. The thing under the bed lied in wait when the door to the house opened and closed to the sound of Father coming to the house. He dropped the lockbox full of tools on the table next to the door when Madrigal came down the steps to greet Father. Father smiled a false smile when he picked her up, twirling her around a little when Madrigal smiled for her Father. Father did not smell the foulness of bad around his shoulders when Madrigal smiled at Father. There are little words to be said on this morning.

There are things to be spoken when Mother woke up and came down the steps to get Madrigal ready for school. First, it started with the pinching of Mother getting on Father’s nerves when Father started to rub his eyelids, hoping for her to stop when he started to raise his voice.

“Honey, I have a long night.” Father moaned with his face slack and spoken, tired from the long night that he has suffered.

“No, we need to talk now.” Mother looked at Madrigal.

“Eat your cereal, honey.” Mother smiled at Madrigal when Madrigal looked at both Mother and Father with her mind thinking of all of this. Children are smarter than they appear when they listen to the problems with adults. They do suffer the periods of prolonged stress.

“What is there to talk?” Father wrapped his open hands on the table when Mother started to look at Father with that distrustful look of like finding out a bad secret underneath the sink in the family bathroom.

Mother is into the mood to fight. Father is in the mood to sit and triumph himself in solitude.

Mother does not want anything to do with it. Father wants everything to do with it.

“Do you want to know what I do on the weekend while on the week I suffer a lot of bullshit that I can make a mountain out of it?” Father’s voice started to rise when Mother looked at him like that rising flush in her cheeks that are turning fiery red.

“We have a daughter if you didn’t forget.” Mother flashed a menacing look in her eyes.

“I know that but I am the one providing the bread around here and I have to come home and deal with this bullshit?” Father felt like coming out of the seat when Madrigal looked at both of them with the cereal getting warmer. Madrigal felt this pain for a long time now when she felt a stinging pain in her heart. She realized that she forgot to put her name on the art project when she remembered this for some unknown reason. Why did she remember this when Mother and Father started to go neck and neck when Mother started to bite into Father like a pincer that is about to cut into the muscle.

Madrigal started to eat her cereal faster now when she started to see the cereal getting lighter in her bowl, stemming more milk when Madrigal looked at her with more worry now.

“I know what you do on the weekend and I know that you are a stupid son of a bitch!” Mother started to roar when Dad looked at her with his butt getting closer and closer out of the seat.

“Give me a cup and I’ll piss in it.” Father explained.

“That will show you when I drug test it.” Father started to smile a wicked smile with more of his red showing up around his irises.

“I guarantee you will come up dirty.” Mother sneered.

“You come in here coked out of your mind, bumbling into walls and peeing all over yourself and I am supposed to be responsible here?” Mother rapped her fingers on the table a little.

“This is a bunch of bullshit.” Father jumped out of the seat and strode around the table.

“I’m going to bed.”

“And sleep all day, you loser?” Mother barked at him while he walked out of sight.

“That is all your good for, just coke, beer, and sleep!” Mother screamed as the door opened in the hallway and then slammed closed with the echoes rattled upon the walls.

“Sorry about that, honey.” Mother reached over and cupped her forearm.

“I wished you were not here to see that.”

Madrigal did not smile when she started to eat her food a little faster now. Mother looked at her with some brazen concern before Mother smiled with her mind still at worry.

This family is ripping itself apart. Mother thought when she stared at the wall. Later on in the day when Mother picked her up, Madrigal looked out the window with the trees and windows zipping on by. Madrigal felt ill-composed when she didn’t talk to her friends as she thought of her bed friend that is tucked inside. Madrigal felt a tug into her heart when she felt like listening to music, turning her head to the back of the passenger seat when she looked at Mother that is still driving the car.

“Why did you leave home?” Madrigal got her courage up to say when Mother looked into the rearview mirror before turning her head for a quick second.

“What do you mean?” Mother wondered what that meant.

“When you were 16, you left home to get away from grandma. Why?”

Mother looked into the rearview mirror with her face all twisting into comprehension that she cannot explain to how she knows. This is not the first time that she had asked something that she does not know in the first place until she speaks. How does she get this information is only speculation of some act of intervention.

“I uh had some problems with feeling free. I need to get away from all of it.” Mother looked into the rearview mirror with her mind still wondering how she knows.

“I need some space and getting out of town was the answer.” Mother looked out to the front of the van.

“It’s like being in time-out with your mind wondering to the point of what life comes ahead.” Mom shrugs.

“Some people like to go out into the world to find their own selves.”

“And did you?” Madrigal asked when Mom looked into the rearview mirror. How did she know that?

“Yeah,” Mother replied.

“I felt a little better.”

Madrigal smiled when she looked out the window beside her. Mother looked out to the windshield when she wondered where she gets something that happened well over before she is born. Mother felt a little uneasy when she continued to drive as her daughter is sitting in the back seat with her backpack sitting in the seat that is next to her. She couldn’t wait until she gets home. She needed to talk to her friend when Mother pulled the van into the drive.

Madrigal is sitting in the room on the floor as the sun rays danced on her back. She sat in the room with the box that is in front of her when she looked at the wall with some instance of something changing when she closed her eyes and then opened them again. The box is latched with a hinge on it, bolted with a keyhole that kept her personal friend in the box when she reached into the space that is under her bed for the key that she found in the field in a time when she was playing hide-and-seek with friends. She found the box and hidden it in the crotch of a tree, getting the nerve to hide it from her mother and father when she took it home in her backpack when she had no homework to do. She hid it in the room when she looked at the key that is warm in her hand. She looked at the box that is on the floor when she looked at the key in her hand that is getting warmer and warmer in her hand, looking at the box with sweat starting to form on her scalp. She moved the key close to the lock when she thrust the key into the lock and turned it left.

The box opened when she looked inside of it with the red velvet lining that is stitched with nothing inside of it but a piece of cloth that is white and tarnished from the period of hundreds of years ago. Madrigal looked at the cloth that is in the box when she slowly looked up to her friend that is sitting on the floor as well in Indian style. She looked at Madrigal with her eyes of fiery red with little horns that are protruding from the top of her head. Her friend is the spitting image of her own image when her friend has some glints of sand that is upon her black clothing. The clothing is strange to Madrigal when her friend did not smile as she continued to sit there with her lips closed. Madrigal smiled when she presented the box to her.

“Do you want this back?” Madrigal asked the image of her friend with red eyes and black clothes when her friend shook her head when she looked at Madrigal with a little concerning in her shades of utter mere personality.

“You did tell her?” Her friend spoke inside the close room.

“Did you?”

“Yes.” Madrigal nodded her head.

“I wanted to see you before I do my homework.”

“Okay. I can help you.” Her friend shrugged.

“I won’t tell you the answers though.”

“Okay.” She reached behind her and grabbed her bag.

The night went by in circles with her friend asking her if she had some apples to eat. Madrigal nodded her head, reaching into the drawer to get the bag of apples that she sneaked into her room, throwing her the apple when her friend grabbed it out of midair. Her friend sat down at the edge of the bed while Madrigal continued to work on her math problems. The best side of all of this after hiding the box is that no one can see her friend when Mother walked into the room, asking her what she is doing when her friend sat there, not doing anything when Mother started to help her from time to time. Mother started to worry about her daughter with no friends coming over to hang out with her, working so hard and doing nothing else. It is bad for the brain to just be thinking about work. Mother left after on occasion when her friend sat there with the little red horns protruding on the top of her head, looking at Mother and her when Mother tucked her into bed and saying her prayers with her. Madrigal finished up her homework when Mother and she talked about things that happened at school today.

“Did you finish your peas?” Mother looked into her daughter’s eyes.

“Yes.” Madrigal replied with a smile upon her face.

“Okay.” Mother’s eyes creased when she looked at the desk and then looked at her daughter that is lying in her bed.

“I just want to know something?”


Mother looked into her eyes when she smiled.

“Who are you talking to up here?”

Madrigal felt her heart drop into her chest like an elevator that broke from the wire and plummeted down the pipe to a formidable doom.

“I talk to myself from time to time, mommy.”

“You know that is not okay. You do know that, do you?” Mommy warned her when her daughter looked at the ceiling with her mind wondering for a reason not to push it any further.

“Okay. I will see you in the morning.” Mother got up from the bed and kissed her daughter’s forehead when she retreated to the door.

“Mom,” Madrigal spoke from the comfort of the sheets.

Mother turned around with her eyes being tired of the day that is aspiring with all the drama that unfolded.

“What is it?”

“Is there a star in the sky for everyone?”

Mother cocked her head with her mind in thought.

“Maybe,” Mother turned off the lights in the room and closed the door to a small slit.

“Get some rest, pumpkin.” Mother left the door and shuffled down the hallway, yawning.

“She loves you.” Her friend has the time to speak.

“Yeah,” Madrigal smiled, looking across the room to her friend that is standing up against the wall.

“You want to sleep next to me?” Madrigal looked at her friend when her friend came to the bed and lied down.

“I would like to tell everything to you.” Her friend spoke in the dark silence of the room when she shook her head.

“But it would spoil the future for you. You know that.”

Madrigal didn’t understand what she is getting at when she felt sleep come on. She did less than twenty minutes later. When she woke up in the morning, her friend was not next to her anymore when she got up, stretching and yawning when she looked around the room, finding the box that is upon the floor when Madrigal got up from the bed and sauntered over to the box. She looked at the box with the key still in the lock of it. Madrigal looked at it for the longest time before kneeling down, pulling the key out of the lock when she felt the heat from the lock that is breathing fire. It is the key; that is the key to let her friend out again when she knelt down and tucked the box back under the bed along with the key. Madrigal looked at the darkness under the bed when she got up and left the room to start her new day. She had no time to lose.

She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, combing out the stuff that is in the sink when she continued to brush and brush. Madrigal looked at the top of her head in the mirror when she spat out the foam into the sink, cleaning off the brush with hot water when she grabbed the cup off from the sink. She filled up the cup a quarter of the way and then placed it to her lips, washing out the foam and taste from her mouth when she spat it out. She then went back into the room to collect her clothes when Mother got up from her bed with the clock still playing out the radio in mid-volume. She turned it off and looked into the arid darkness of the room when she sat there on the side of the bed, wanting a cigarette and wanting it bad. She got the strength to get from the bed, walking the other side of the bed and opening the door to lead her own body down the hallway.

She came to Madrigal’s door and saw her daughter getting her clothes in her drawer when she asked what she wanted for breakfast?

“French Toast,” Madrigal croaked when her Mother agreed, leaving the room when Madrigal closed the door to her room and got dressed.

Father came home less than an hour later and the red in his eyes is sufferable. Mother sat at the table, not looking at him when Father dropped the lockbox onto the table with Madrigal coming to the hallway with a smile upon her face. Father looked at her and smiled when Father took off his shoes.

“Did you get all your homework done, honey bear?” Father said when Madrigal thought for a moment when she lifted her eyes to the ceiling.

“Yeah, I think.”

“You think? Well, okay.” Father rustled the top of her head little. Father sounds little tired. He has been working long hours as of late. Father walked around her and came into the living room, moving his toes a little upon the floor. He sat down and turned on the television. Madrigal came into the living room and looked at him from the doorway.

“Did you brush your teeth?” Father asked when Madrigal nodded her head.

“Is that boy from school still bothering you?”

Madrigal remembered Tommy from geometry class. Tommy is a big brute with a strong odor and likes to knock the others students around with his big appetite for keeping everyone under his thumb. Madrigal hates Tommy to the core when she started to feel nervous and angry at the same time.

“Yeah; sometimes,”

“Well, when you get him collared you knock his block off from here to Milwaukee. I’ll get up and come to school to your defense. Okay?” Father winked at her when Mother came into the living room with the French toast whiffing out from the kitchen like glazed honey being cooked over a nice cooked ham.

“There will be none of that, missy.” Mother retorted with a firm manner.

“You confront your person and if they try anything then it is your defense to act, nothing more. Understood?”

Madrigal looked at her and nodded her head. Most of the time, Mother and Father are confusing to the point that she couldn’t keep anything in her head of what they are trying to speak to her in life. They go back and forth most of the time and it is bothersome to the point that she likes to possibility to keep to herself and let her figure it out in her own terms. Then she remembered what Father does from time to time when it sounded off like a dim bell that got higher in pitch whenever she remembered it from her friend that is under the bed. Why does her Father do it? She does not know the theoretical perspective of adults.

“The toast is on the counter and there is a clean plate that is in the strainer.” Mother instructed when Madrigal walked out of the living room with love and smiles upon her face. This left Mother and Father alone to talk, keeping it down with Madrigal in the next room preparing her morning nourishment in the manner that is joyous to a girl of her age.

They kept their voices down. That is good enough to make sure that she is not hearing.

Later that day, Madrigal sat in her art class with her box of coloring crayons that is on the table and her mind shaping in the little birdhouse and all the birds that is upon the construction paper. She looked at the dimensions of it in her mind when a few other girls are talking about little girl issues with their hair being all messy and saying things like, “poopy butt” and sparking up interests about sharing their coloring crayons back and forth. Madrigal is alone, she always has been when she looked at the construction paper, wondering why no one talks to her when she took the crayon and placed it back into the box to get another one. She tore some of the paper away from the coloring wax to purchase more so she can color in the roof of the birdhouse that is colorful and aspiring as a birdhouse can be. She wondered if there is something wrong with her, something that she is not seeing when she finished the roof of the house and exchanged the crayons in the box to start on the side paneling of the birdhouse. Her coloring is about a quarter of the way done when one of the girls reached over and grabbed a crayon out of her personal box, looking at the girl that did that when the girl said nothing and continued to work on her own drawing with nothing ever happening.

Who could do such a thing? Madrigal felt like confronting her when she shied away from that and continued working on her drawing like nothing ever happened. She felt composed – for now. Later on in math class, she had trouble working on her addition problems when she looked around for help from one of his classmates. They did even acknowledge her when she looked at Ms. Doris that is busy doing her paperwork up on the desk. Ms. Doris is a woman that has more fuss than any woman that Madrigal has ever met before. She is reasonable when she is on the spot but she has the meanness of a person that doesn’t like to be pushed when someone puts her in that position. Madrigal gulped when she got up, leading herself to the front of the class when she looked out the window for a brief spell to see a squirrel that is busy stretched on the side of the tree. Why is the squirrel sitting there on the side of the tree? Madrigal didn’t know when she met the front of the desk upon the woman that is busy correcting the papers that are on the table.

“Ms. Doris?” Madrigal asked with her shyness coming on full force in her voice. Ms. Doris looked up with her glasses on the perch of her nose.

“What is it?” Ms. Doris replied with the blandness of a person looking at a car accident and seeing nothing but the hollow shape of bent, twisted metal and nothing else that is in the darkness of the cab.

“I have a problem with 37.”

Ms. Doris looked at the paper that she copied herself on the desk when she looked at it and then looked at Madrigal.

“Okay, you see the 5 here and then you add 27. Now count 27 up five numbers and what do you get?” Madrigal thought when she counted 27…28…29…30…31…32.

32. The answer is 32.

“It is 32.” Madrigal didn’t question this when Ms. Doris smiled.

“Right, is there anything that I can help you with?” Ms. Doris looked at her like a boorish drone when Madrigal didn’t make any eye contact with her when she shook her head.

“Then you can go and sit down.” Ms. Doris concluded when Madrigal went and sat down with air coming out of her mouth.

“What do you think about old Doris, today?” One of the boys behind her spoke when Madrigal didn’t turn around to speak with him. She is surprised someone is speaking to her when she opened her mouth and started to shake a little.

“I don’t know. She is acting the same way she usually does.” Madrigal didn’t know the name of the boy that is sitting behind her. Is his name Scott or Brad, Barry maybe? She couldn’t remember. Madrigal felt like she is going to melt into her seat to get away from all of this. That is the only thing she said to this person that is sitting behind her when she went through the rest of the day in silence.

She came home after getting off the bus, leading herself in and shucking her backpack off of her. Father is up in the bedroom, doing his own thing which involved sleeping or surfing on the internet for any need of being nosey to his neighbors. Madrigal took off her shoes while Mother is in the living room, asleep on the couch with the television playing off some old television show that Madrigal has never seen before. She sneaked into the living room and sat down on the living room floor, fetching the remote off of the table to turn it to Cartoon Network so she can unwind from the period of the day that is overcoming. She watched it with the volume down miniscule, not bothering Mother that is asleep on the couch with a bottle that she cannot pronounce that is capped, lying next to her like a little baby when Madrigal left her alone. Madrigal got up from the floor sometime later to fetch the box of Graham Crackers from the kitchen pantry, going back to the living room when Mother stirred in her sleep, turning around to face the door leading to the dining area when Madrigal sat down and opened the box with the seal open on the first stack of graham crackers that are inside of it. Madrigal pulled it out and looked at it for a spell, turning it over in her hand when she pieced one out and bit into it.

She is quiet as a mouse when she chewed with her mouth closed, looking at the television with the animation channeling through the many suggestions that are funny and fun watching as she kept her laughter to herself as she continued to eat and eat as Mother continued to sleep with her snoring being on a minimal level. Madrigal heard Father up in the bedroom cursing in a high squeal when Madrigal looked at the banister that led to the second floor. She did nothing else when she thought of her bed friend that is up there in the box with the key hidden away. She didn’t want to talk to her now when the cartoon ended and the commercials started to play a new video game that is coming out next week. She didn’t mind about that when she got up and lead herself up the stairs where Father is, sitting quietly in the bedroom with his mind wondering on the internet with his face sweating a little. Madrigal didn’t see the pain that he is suffering when Father is in the room, looking at the amassed death that he took in one swing as he continued to sweat.

The deed is on the table, being swept from him when he closed his eyes and opened them. He felt like his heart is going to come out of his chest when he didn’t hear his daughter in the hallway when it is come forth and swept away in shadows when Father sat there with the screen burning back at him, hitting his soul in many jagged angles when Father continued to run this in his mind, over and over again:

What am I going to do? What am I going to do, please?

Father turned off the screen with the tower of the computer still running when he hung his head and placed his head into his hands. He is in bad need of getting a snort. He is of in bad need of wanting it so bad. Madrigal came back down the steps in quiet stride when she sat back down in the living room, looking at the television that is in front of her. That is when Mother woke up upon the couch with her mind wondering what is becoming of their marriage when she drunk herself into a stupor. She stared at the ceiling for the longest time when Madrigal found that she woke up.

Later on into the evening after dinner, Madrigal did her homework upon the desk with the lamp light on as her friend looked out the window with her clothes stitched in black.

“Did I ever tell you about the last person that I hung with?” Her friend spoke when Madrigal didn’t move upon the desk, still combing on the history of the western world that is in front of her in black text.

“No.” Madrigal sighed.

“I still don’t know your name.”

“I don’t really have a name.” Her friend shrugged in her black clothing.

“I was never born unto human.”

Madrigal stopped writing into her tablet and then looked up from the wood slab.

“What does that mean?”

Her friend continued to look out from the window and said nothing more for a few seconds.

“I was made to serve.” Her friend whispered.

“Nothing more,” She came from the window and sat back down on the bed, looking at her feet like they are about to detach from her legs.

“I was made unto the image of human, burden by the choices that they made. I existed when the time of mountains and iron was the pride of the lands. Kings ruled and they were the superpowers by greed, murder, and lust. I was the purpose of keeping everything one step ahead.”

Madrigal looked at her from the backrest of the seat.

“I don’t understand.”

Her friend looked up and smiled in the dim light.

“You don’t want to.” She shrugged with the smile still upon her face.

“I exist to see mountains turn into habitations, kings rusting into the dust when Monarchy swayed into democracy – or communism. Humanity has made weapons that can lay the world to waste, feared by the tactics of their so-called friendship. I know a lot of intent that is too young for you to know and know the future of the world like looking into one of your newspapers. I too know of you and I know of your future with just one look.” Her friend smiled.

“It spoils me to tell you, drives people insane when I say.” She finished with her hands upon the bed.

“What can you tell me of my future?” Madrigal spoke with her arm still on the backrest of the chair.

Her friend looked at her and smiled with the small horns jutted from her head.

“You don’t want to know.” She looked at her hands.

“It spoils all the fun to know.”

Madrigal looked at her for the longest time before she turned and started in on the work that is before her.

“You will be okay though.” Her friend spoke after a whole minute.

“You will be okay.”

Madrigal smiled when she continued her work until Mother came into the room, telling her if she got her homework done?

“Two more problems Mom,” Madrigal replied when Mother looked at her for a couple of seconds before leaving the room with the door still partially open.

Madrigal smiled when her friend came off of the bed, looking out the window to the stars that are aligned in the sky.

“A few stars burned out over the eons.” She said when she continued to look into the night sky that is cloudless with the moon being half full in the month that is almost halfway finished. Madrigal looked at her after she finished up, setting her things into the backpack when her friend continued to look out from the window.

“Thank you for making me wanted.” Her friend turned and looked at her with her friend’s eyes being all glassy.

“You’re welcome.” Madrigal smiled when she opened the door to her room and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Her friend looked around the room and then hunkered down to see the box that is hidden away under the bed. The key is on top of the box when she wondered why she keeps the key with the box when she got back up on her feet and then looked at the desk that is beside her. It is tranquil in this room. It is the feeling of being wanted that is springing her to feel something. That night when Madrigal went to sleep beside her, her friend did not sleep when she stared at the ceiling with Madrigal’s life flashed in her senses. She knew the beginning, middle, and end of her life – and it is filled with light and love when she laid there with the young sleeping soundlessly beside her when she started to sob in quiet breaths in the room. She won’t be alone for long. She won’t be.

© Copyright 2019 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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