The dark room

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I used to imagine myself inside a dark room screaming and crying my heart out.

I have been getting an internal and external force. No but seriously what could it possibly be? Walls cracking, fear of the dark and warning signs. They were the worst part in my story. Because in my story no one could bare this pain. I literally feel haunted in a house that’s unguarded and not secure. But is it really true or am I just getting delusions? I could not tell but it really was shocking, frightening and frustrating for me. What I was going through felt like it came from high above or even from… GOD. Maybe he was protecting me that’s what the warning signs were for because every time I had a negative and wrong thought of wonder the walls started to crack like it was only for me maybe I was the only one experiencing this. Oh and the dark room? It is extraordinary because I am glorious the power of my imagination had drived me insane that I should have been distinguished and admired by now in my opinion. I’m exalting myself for a reason.

I can describe my metaphor thought:

I’m inside a dark room and finding it so hard to get out, I feel trapped inside my own darkness, my loneliness. There is a an old chair that is in dust and has spider webs underneath it I was sitting on the chair looking straight towards the old discolored rusty window I see the light of the bright radiant moon vanishing and sinking into the room. But me? I’m not in the light in fact I can’t feel a thing I’m so unconscious of my body, living like a corpse, I’m dead. All I’m doing is crying out loud, in pain from my heart and hearing my screaming voices in my brain I’m screaming so loud that my throat is hoarse but NO ONE can hear me and that’s what hurts and kills me the most.

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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