My guardian angel

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Just a short story about angels and demons......

Submitted: March 29, 2019

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Submitted: March 29, 2019



It was a cold, dull, spooky Saturday night. I was in bed. Suddenly I heard a cracking noise my cup of water fell down on the floor and made my green crocodile carpet slightly wet. ''What was that?'' I said inside myself. I picked up the glass of water that had fallen on the ground. I looked around my room side to side there was nothing to be seen not even a shadow. I lay back down on my bed but still afraid, the clock was ticking no sound, nothing at all but silence! I closed my eyes trying hard to sleep I don't know how it happened but I fell asleep roughly about 15 minutes.

Then something woke me up it felt like a jinn. Could it be black magic again? I was once under black magic who knew maybe I still was I started to get visions of the future I could see an angel with her golden wings staring at me with a nice warm smile I think she kind of was trying to tell my something but I could not hear because unfortunately I can’t do channeling because I wasn't that psychic enough. ‘‘Was she trying to tell me something?'' I asked myself. Then it was gone.

Suddenly I heard a humming noise, voices far away from town what could it be? BAMM!! I jumped! And quickly got up from bed. I had finally got the idea that my house on 7 Chaplin road was haunted! 7,7,7. Again and again the number 7 had always been my lucky number but not for this one I guess not for the house that I lived in. With demons and spirits no. It wasn't that easy being psychic either dealing with all this.

I finally had enough and decided to get a coffee. I walked through my long corridor but almost at the end I stopped....... what was that!! I had seen the golden angel looking towards me with her golden wings.

''Dear child fear not, I am your protector, I am your guardian angel.

I shall unleash all the black magic and give you my power.

Oh dear child, know that I am always with you, to guide and support you.

So fear not!!''

........ I was shocked, surprised and couldn't believe my eyes. ''Thank you, thank you, thank you my angel.''

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