Heaven's General

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this story, I use many Chinese titles. And I have edited the meanings of them a bit, so here a a list of definitions: Gong, Qinwang, Junwang, Wang = Duke (Below Emporer) Taizi = Prince Hanzi =
Duke (Below Duke) Zi= lowest rank of noble holding holder A-ge = Village leader Jiangjun = general

Chapter 1 (v.1) - War

Submitted: April 01, 2019

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Submitted: April 01, 2019



The Monkey King’s armies ravaged across the lands of Faraest. Of the almost 400 years of absolute rule by the Yang Dynasty. This was the first time that any force of power was able to instill fear into the royal families heart. Not to mention the first time a non-human group was even able to muster a force strong enough to attack anything more than caravans. 

Villages were wiped out across the lands day by day. The armies of the Monkey King pillaged freely across the Empire. At first, the Royals turned a blind eye to their terrorism. Thinking to themselves that the Monkey King was nothing more than a lowly bandit lord. But as the days past, the Monkey King’s army grew in strength. It was not until the fortress city of Reizhu fell that the Royals finally stepped in, but it was already too late. Having conquered Reizhu, the monkey King had solidified his power in the northern empire. 

-  from “Annals of The Yang Dynasty” by Qwan Fuzite 

Fang Rong rushed at his opponent. Attempting to bait his opponent into swinging first, as soon as he noticed his opponent crouch down, he faded back. The opponent, however, did not continue from his stance into a swing and instead rushes forwards. Running straight at Fang, Fang having thought of this possibility beforehand, dashes to the side. And struck his sword down at his opponent's sword. He bears down onto the sword with all his strength and manages to lock his opponent's weapon down. Feeling a small bead of sweat roll down his cheek, he looks at his opponent.

“Getting a bit rusty, aren’t you Tian?”

“No you’re just too strong for me,” he said with a sarcastic smirk.

Fang sudden realizes that he may have fallen into a trap, dashes back. He knew his opponent may have been bluffing him, but he wasn’t going to take the risk. Tian lifts his sword from the ground and laughs towards Fang. 

“Goddammit! I knew you were bluffing.”

“Then why did you run away?”

Fang gritted his teeth but kept his cool. 

“You better watch yourself. I’m going to be serious now.”

“Oh yeah? Well, come at me then.”

Fang ran towards Tian again, expecting him to once again thrust forward. Instead, as Fang got into range, Tian took a step to the side. Fang was quick to react and attempted to pivot towards Tian, but by the time he had turned, he could already feel the gust of wind go against his face. Fang could see the blade less than an inch beside his face. He closed his eyes. This was the end. 

The wooden blade than struck him lightly against the cheeks.

“I win again. You seem to be on a losing streak today Rong.”

“Oh shut up. You just got lucky this round. I’ll definitely beat you next round.”

“Are you sure? You’ve already lost 3 times in a row today.” Tian was ready to laugh it off, but upon seeing Rong’s face full of determination, he agreed. “Fine, one more round. But then we’ll have to go back, or else Chief is going to be angry at us.”

‘One round is all I need.”

Tian let out a small chuckle, “Alright then, let’s do this!”


“Sire, we can’t just keep ignoring the roaming bands pillaging our lands anymore! I request that you allow me to at least take a portion of our city garrison so that I could at least scare away the bandits. At this rate all of our fiefdoms small villages are going to be wiped out.”

“Absolutely not! Do you honestly think that our provincial capital garrison troops are petty enough to be used for the lowly duty of guarding an insignificant village? They should just stay here in Anjing, and protect our great lord!”

“That’s right. A meathead Jiangjun like you would never understand the importance of our Lord to our realms stability. His utmost safety should be our only concern. If a few villages have to be sacrificed to achieve this, then so be it.”

“And it’s not like having a few minor towns destroyed is going to affect the greater realm that much. Those villages can barely feed themselves, much less contribute to the greater wealth of our nations. Those bandits can raid villages for as long as they want, as long as the larger towns aren’t touched by them, we shouldn’t even bat an eye to their actions. For that would just be a waste of resources.”

Tch. This always happens. 

Kong Xian pleaded desperately with Junwang Yongfu, but his request was repeatedly shot down by the hawks beside the Junwang. This was due to the advisors fear of Kong Xian gaining favors from the Junwang. Scared of having their positions given to someone else, they were willing to sacrifice the realm’s stability, to protect their own interests. 

“If that is all Kong Jiangjun. Then you may leave the imperial court.” 

“Yes of course.” Kong Xian clasped his fists together and bent his back at the court advisors in a bowing motion. 

Only a few of the advisors bowed back at him. 

Walking out of the hall, Kong Xian found himself on the balcony of the Imperial Palace. Looking out from this balcony, he could see the city brimming with life. The central marketplace of the city was located right outside the Palace gates and stretched almost all the way to the north entrance. Kong Xian inhaled deeply and let out a deep sigh.

“Tough isn’t it?”

Kong Xian looked up to see Taizi Yongzhong. Immediately he lowered his head and bowed at the crown prince.

“Oh, no need to be so formal. No one is here anyway. Lift your head, Uncle Kong.”

“You are correct that no one can see me bow, but even so it would be rude for me not to.” Kong Xian gave a faint smile, but it quickly melted away as his frustration came back to him, “I just wish that I could just somehow make all those goddam advisors shut up. I swear one day I’m going to be unable to control myself.”

‘And when that day comes, I’ll be there to calm you down.”

The two looked at each other and chuckled simultaneously.

“Yes. I do hope so. Or else I may lose my head.”

“Now we can’t have that happening can we uncle Kong? What would the Yong state ever do without you? The second you’re gone, our friendly neighbors are going to start hatching up ideas against us again. Hui, Zhang and Tian are all going to be having the time of their lives.”

There was a period of silence after this. Both of them looked out at the city once again.

“My father has grown old.”

“So he has. No longer the man he was, when he was still known throughout the Faraest Empire as the Son of War.”

“He has grown infirm. The advisors see this too. And their dirty claws have been clasping at my father harder every day. The rate we’re going, I wouldn't be surprised if I was assassinated one day and Guangrui usurps the throne.”

“Please don’t go saying horrible things like that Yongzhong. The heir to the state saying things like that can not bring us good fortune.”

“Yes, yes. I know, but I’m just speaking my mind right now.”

“Well, I think I should be going Taizi. I still have to check how our frontlines our doing.”

“I only have two choices right now Kong Xian. I can kill my father and take the throne myself and attempt to reassert power in the court, or I need to somehow convince the supporters of Chancellor Guangrui to join the loyalist faction.”

“Well those aren’t really plausible options, but if we must, then the second option is the only way, no matter how impossible it sounds.”

Yongzhong nodded at Kong Xian, looked back at the city, and finally walked off. Kong Xian bowed at Yongzhong and took his leave as well. 


“I told you I could beat you if you gave me another chance.”

“Haha. I guess you were right Fang. we should really get going now.”
The sky had turned an orange color. The sun was just about over the horizon and lanterns in the village could be seen being lit up. 

Upon returning to the village A-ge’s house, their carefree and cheerful attitude faded away. 

“So you lazy kids finally decided to come back huh? You were just late for dinner, so I already gave portions of your meals away to a neighbor. It seems that there is probably less than enough for one person…”

“Fang Rong and I can share.”

“No, it’s fine. Tian can have all of it.”

“Hold on, I can’t do that.”

“No just take it. You did do beat me more times today after all. Just promise me next time A-ge does this again, I can eat all of it.” Fang Rong said with a smile, Tian seeing that the argument probably wasn’t going anywhere begrudgingly gave in.

“Tian can just eat it all A-ge.”

“Hmph. Good choice kid. At least you know that Tian is worth more than you.”

A-ge’s son and wife could be heard snickering, but Fang didn’t bother giving them the satisfaction of reacting.

“Hey please don’t-”

“It’s fine Tian. Just eat your food. I’m going to go rest up so that I have enough energy to spar again tomorrow!”


Fang made his way to his room. It was a small shack behind the A-ge’s family house and could fit around 3 people in it standing. He shared the same bed with Tian and could just barely fit in it. There were no lamps inside the shack, so when he closed the door, and the last of the moonlight had been blocked out, the room was pitch black. In the dark, Fang raised his fist into the air and renewed his vow he made to his parents. Just as he had done so every day.

“I will avenge you all.”

He thought about his posthuman parents. His siblings, relatives and everyone in his old village. Fang and Tian were both orphans of war. A common breed of people created through the horrors of war. Both of their villages were pillaged and razed to the ground by the southern monadic tribes. Stories about The Great Baijiao tribes sacking and destroying villages were not uncommon. But that did not mean the people were desensitized to the atrocities they committed. 

The night was still vivid in his mind. Ever since that night, he had been forced to live with a neighboring villages village leader or A-ge. Although he was grateful at first, the complete inhumane treatment from the A-ge has brewed a deep resentment from Fang against him. Although he was still a normal villager and was a son of A-ge in name, the whole village looked down on him, and he was treated as a slave by the A-ge. If only that night, if only he could’ve...

Fang Rong tried to stop thinking and attempted to sleep. Suddenly, he heard faint rustling sounds coming from outside his shack. 

“Tian? Is that you. How did you finish eating so quickly? Don’t tell me he only gave you enough for two mouthfuls?”

The sound stopped immediately.

Must have been an animal. A squirrel maybe. 

A few moments later, the sound continued again and gradually grew fainter and fainter.

It’s getting farther? The sound also sounds a little too heavy for Tian. Is it really just a squirrel… it’s probably nothing.

But the more Fang thought about it, the more suspicious he grew. A feeling in his gut just told him that something was off. He quietly got on his knees, moving the hay beneath him as little as possible. He grabbed his training sword and slowly opened the door. Looking out he couldn’t see anything at first. But then he noticed it. A faint silhouette was standing behind a bush next to A-ge’s house. He could see faint flashes occasionally as well. 

Is that a blade? Who is that? 

Fang decided to observe him for a bit more before acting. Another man suddenly ran beside him and ducked beside the man behind the bush. Fang could hear faint whispering come from the bush. Suddenly the new person turned his head to face Fang’s shed. This time Fang could hear what he said clearly. 

“Did you check the shed?”

“No. It’s probably just storage, so I didn’t bother. You can go check it if you want.”

“Yeah. I think I will.”

Oh no. What should I do? 

The man was getting closer and closer.

“Hey what are you doing man? Our only target is to capture the village A-ge.”
“I was just checking if they were anyone in the shed.”

“What’s the point? It’s not like a village A-ge can afford bodyguards or something. Even if someone was in the shed, it’s probably a stupid slave boy. Let’s just kidnap him and get out of here.”

They’re here to kidnap A-ge? 

Fang couldn’t help but feel happy at the idea of A-ge being tortured. But he also knew the consequences, if the village were to lose their leader. If they were lucky, the kidnappers are just bandits, and will only request a ransom, but if it was an invading force, this could be to destabilize the village to make it easier to conquer. Not to mention Tian may be in danger as well. Fang couldn’t just stay put and watch anymore. 

I have to do something!

He rushed out of the door, rushing at the kidnappers while screaming at the top of his lungs. Before the kidnappers could react, he had already swept one off his feet. Lunging at the second kidnapper, he was blocked and shoved off. 

“What the hell are you doing Fang? Have you gone insane? Are you really that hungry… Wait. Who are these people?”

Fang didn’t bother responding and focused on fighting the kidnappers off. Narrowly dodging a swing at his head, he returned a strike at the kidnapper. Striking him right in the pancreas, knocking him down onto the ground. Sensing an incoming blow to his left, Fang instinctively raised his sword to block. The force from the attack struck Fang onto the ground, but he didn’t suffer any injury, he had dropped his blades though. And before Fang knew it, the third kidnapper was already about to slash him right down the middle. Fang crossed his arms above his head, bracing for impact. 

He felt the blade hit him on the arms. They were… surprisingly blunt. Lowering his arms, he saw that it was a broken piece of the practice sword. 


“Shoot. I think I hit him too hard, my sword broke in half. Hmph. At least you’re ok Fang.”

“Quick son, go tie up the men. The third one up, I don’t think he’s going to be waking up anytime soon. Tie him up anyways though.”

“What do you think they came here for.”

“I heard them talking about kidnapping A-ge from my shed. They probably wanted to ransom him.”

“Well whatever it is, after one of them wakes up we’re going to be questioning him.”

“Well, thanks to Tian I’m alive, and we’re all safe now.”

“Fang, I don’t think we are safe. Just not yet. I don’t know if I'm just imagining things, but I think I just saw flashes of metal deeper in the forest.”

“You think there’s more of them?”

“I don’t know, but we should wake up the whole village just in case. A-ge, please send Fang Rong and me to go warn the village.”

“Uh, very well. You go do that.”

The village isn’t too big, so word spread quickly. And soon enough almost everyone had gathered at the village center. 

“There are invaders?”

“I heard that there’s a bandit army, and we are about to be attacked.”

“Bandits? Oh no, are we going to end up like Dongsu? I heard they were completely wiped out a few summers ago.”

“Dongsu? Really? Didn’t that village have over 2,000 people?”

“Everyone quiet down! We still don’t know the full picture of the situation, but our A-ge has asked us to keep calm while he figures things out. Any moment now and he’ll tell us the plan for tonight.”

The villagers were calmed down by this and waited patiently for their A-ge to come out. But as time passed, the seconds turned into minutes, and A-ge never appeared. The villagers, growing impatient, sent people to look for A-ge, but no one could find him anywhere. The villagers had no time to become angry. As soon after, they heard the sounds of horns blown to their south.

“That sound.” Fang Rong looked at Tian, and he could see the same emotions he was trying to contain inside him. Rage. Fear. 

“Fang, this is what we practiced our whole lives for. Today is finally the day we get our revenge.”


© Copyright 2020 ADozenEggs. All rights reserved.


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