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Cerena was the perfect customer service person for Bill Bishkee;s office. Beautiful, friendly, professional....and ancient and powerful.

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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Submitted: March 30, 2019






BILL BISHKEE GOT OUT of bed to the sounds of his kids getting up and milling around the kitchen.  Oh crap, he had forgotten to get another box of Frosted Flakes.  Welp, there goes the economy, the culture, and Trump will not make America great again and Bill Bishkee could blame himself.


He slicked back his dark hair, picked up a bottle and was about to spray it on himself when he was not his after shave it was disinfectant for mouth sores and smelled like something that would stop your car engine.  Bill shook his head, and went out to greet the kids.


Several years ago Bill had gotten his business off the ground, working technical systems for small businesses and it was doing good enough to afford him a respectable life.  He had stabilized his home life...then he met her.  She was perfect, great looking, very easy going personality, sense of humor, and they dated for about three months and Bill knew she was a keeper.  Two years later they had a daughter, then a little boy.  As time passed things had been almost flawless, and one morning Bill thought to himself better watch it because when something is too good to be true...


The call came after Bill had been a little late at work.  Slightly wet highway, a pokey miserable idiot on the highway going twenty below the speed limit, Mighty Man in his big souped up truck, and Bill's wife caught int he middle with no place to go.


Of course, of COURSE the slow poke was fine and mighty man was bitching because his precious man toy truck got scraped up, but Bill and the kids got to go to her funeral a few days later.


If it had not been for the kids he would have cashed it in.  Waking up to a pillow where she used to be and smelling her clothes when he opened the closet was almost too much.


For days they all slept in the same room and comforted each other, then Bill could no longer stand the house.  He moved them to Ashford Heights and they got a slightly smaller house, but much brighter.  Bill was happy  there and so were the kids, but there was a bit of a problem with some bullies over at the RV park who liked to mess with local kids.


Bill's daughter, Sandra, was a little on the chubby side and had a slow metabolism.  But she was a very kind and sweet girl and Bill would not put up with having her bullied.  His son Ethan was an energetic, happy boy who liked to sing.


They were the lifeline keeping Bill going.  His business was great, bright, pleasant and profitable, but without them it would be hollow and useless.  They had no idea how much he needed to come home to them at night.


Every time he saw her picture on the nightstand he began to sob into his pillow.  He would get up and just look at her.


How could circumstances been so cruel as to take away the best thing in his world?  One idiot cruising in a daze down the road, another petting his ego....and who loses?


Bill dropped them off at school, not because he had to, but because he wanted to.  There was that smug little Jonathon, short blonde hair like a porcupine, thin face, and his five little minions, grinning all big by the side of the property, giggling fools too scared to mess with him or the big kids, just bold enough to mess with the weaker ones.  They knew not to mess with Sandra or Ethan.


Jonathan had a bigger brother Darrel, who was the local trouble maker, drinking, abusing girls, breaking into houses, stealing...and his uncle was the Sheriff and never seemed to notice anything.  That's what kids do, ya know, they get into trouble.


Mess with  Bill Bishkee's kids and they would learn about trouble.







ON THE SPOT where Bill Bishkee had his house standing, millenniums ago, there was no house, no lawn, and no driveway with Bill's car and his deceased wife's little mini van.  Instead there was a small rocky hill.  In front of the rocky hill was a stone fortress manned by huge, towering men with massive muscle structures,  their women, and smoke rising from smelting houses where all manner of metal tools were being forged, including swords, spears, and an array of weapons which would be forgotten by history after their brutality had been performed.  In the middle fo the fortress was a temple, made of fine stone, with a blazing fire which sent sparks into the air.  Sacrifices were being made, and men and women were chanting, bowing down to summon her.


Across the vast expanse of mountains she came, towering over them.  At her beginning, she had been the very soul of female perfection in a living being, heir black flowing hair radiant around her perfect face, and her blazing eyes showing as her power emanated forth.  For millenniums she had been the soul of knowledge and wisdom, and she had walked among worlds among their living inhabitants, ruling them in her great power, executing the orders of Lumaris, Cretius and at times, Protos.


Then Lumaris had spoken to her, and for the first time in history, she had made a foolish choice, joined him in his quest, and attempted to overthrow Cretius, the master of the known universe.  Worlds had been destroyed, innumerable lives lost, and when Cretius banished Lumaris, he had also banished her.  Her limitless, timeless beauty had faded into a white haired vile looking hag, and her freedom had been taken, banished to a little planet where she and Asroth languished in rage.


Her names were many but she was known among the people of Xerrek as Cirque, and they bowed before her for her favor.  Asroth had stood before her as Hannoch, the father of Xerrek, had given the written language to his people and Asroth fumed at the human inhabitants of Earth.


"Look at these insects!"  Asroth had railed.  "Mortal, small, weak!  We shall not be subject to these creatures, we will make them subject to us.  We will become as gods to their limited minds and we will rule them."


In her hatred of Mankind, Cirque had beheld them on Earth in their cities and and towns.  "We will make them numerous, powerful...then pit them against each other to author their own destruction."


Asroth taught the people war, strategy, tactics, violence.  He gave them the sword, spear and arrow, and he taught them to organize armies.  With their own lust for power and land, they turned on each other and their world became a hell of violence and men fighting men.


Xerrek grew into a strong man and when Asroth saw how he had grown, he came to him as he was hunting and stood with his wings stretched out and beckoned to Xerrek.


"Come to me, forsake the God of your father Hannoch, and I will make you strong, and you will rule the worlds of Earth."


Xerrek had considered Asroth's power and apparent deity and had bowed before him.


Protos watched as Xerrek pledged his loyalty to Asroth.  When he had walked away, Protos appeared by Asroth in the woodland.  Asroth turned to him.  "Are you disappointed dear brother, that  human mind has rejected you, Cretius and the light, to follow me?"  Asroth mocked.


Wind blew the trees and Protos pointed to Xerrek.  "This day I curse you with a curse, and all of Asroth's children.  Those who bow to you will bear your mark, and your power will come to them with a great price.  They will walk in darkness, accursed, and know no peace."  Asroth laughed.  Xerrek's eyes glowed as Asroth's for all to see, and from the curse came those who ultimately folklore would condemn as vampires.


But as the nations grew strong, and war consumed the people, their numbers became great, and Cirque found herself looking down on them from a hill.  Suddenly the weight of her decision filled her mind, and as she watched them fight, Cirque asked "what have I done?"






Bill Bishkee heard his phone ring and he picked it up.  "Bishkee and associates?"  He said.  A pleasant sounding woman was on the other end of the line.  Bill had posted an ad on social media looking for someone to run a small department since he was able to pay someone to take on the extra and this lovely sounding lady wanted an interview.  Bill agreed, and ten minutes later he was shocked at who walked int he door.


The few other people in the office, most of them working for other companies in cubicles, stopped to stare at the woman.


Her hair was jet black, flowing in long curls down a perfect, flawless frame, her even and statuesque body topped by a face that could have been a supermodel.  She trotted purposefully along in tall high heels and her grip was shockingly strong as she met Bill.  "I'm Cerena."  She smiled.


Bill interviewed her as men passed his office and stared at her, and it was plain she was more than smart enough for the job.  She named her wage preference and punctuated it by promising to bring more clients.  "I know how people think and I can bring you people and make your business hum."  Cerena said.  Bill smiled.  Bill smiled.  "I give a ninety day period to see if you lie me and I like you and if that works and you DO bring new business that would be great.  You could start tomorrow."  Cerena shook his hand, stood up, and after some small talk she made her way tot he door.  


As Cerena walked out of the office, heads turned and watched her go toward the exit.


Ed Wynn, a sales associate in another office in the same room, looked at Bill.  "Opening a new talent agency for models or trying to find a hot date to prove you still got it?"


"Neither.  I posted an ad online looking for a customer service person and answered."

Ed watched Cerena walk out of the room.  He turned to Bill and grinned.  "Buddy boy, if you can hire a chick like that, then  you still got it."  He said jokingly.


Cerena was ready to go the next morning, and Bill began showing her how his small company worked and getting her ready to deal with customers.  As he talked to her and worked with her, he got the distinct sense something was very different about Cerena.


They finished the computer paperwork and she began to zestfully engage his clients on the phone, almost as if she had known them for years.  Bill became engrossed in his daily activities of keeping things moving and almost forgot about Cerena.  He was fishing through a file on is computer when he accidentally found a picture of his wife, and he stopped, stunned to silence and just sat.  


Bill felt his insides melting in pain and he began to fight back tears.  He did not want to have a melt down in the office room in front of fifty other people, all but one of whom did not work for him, but he was on the edge of sobbing when Cerena walked in.


"Hang in there Bill."  Cerena said pleasantly.  She came over to him.  "Do we need to take a break and have coffee and pull it together?"


As a knee jerk reaction, Bill accepted, knowing he had to have a break.  He left the office with her and Ed Wynn pleasantly gave him a thumbs up.


Bill felt awkward going to a coffee house with Cerena after having hired her the day before, but as they broke into friendly conversation he began to feel more at ease around her and their light hearted personalities meshed as they laughed and talked, and returned to the office.  Bill really wanted to invite Cerena to meet his kids, but he thought it was absurd starting to date an employee he had just hired.


Ed Wynn danced into Bill's office after lunch.


"I'm Ed Wynn of Shmoe and associates, here to introduce you to Bill Bishkee, the most impressive man in the world,   Wyzat, you ask, well buhcuzz in less than twunny fo  hours mistuh Bishkee has gone from hi howya doin with a supermodel to lunch.  Hi Bill, our non existent viewers wanna know when  you asking said super model to dinner.  And his response is..."


"Bored today are we, Ed?"


Ed grinned.


"Are you kidding, I have to pay for television now, but instead this sizzling romance is budding in front of me."


"There is no romance Ed.  I felt kinda down so we had coffee and went back to work.  She handles in coming customers and I handle main business, simple wimple."


"I betcha by the end of the day you two are doing something.  You, single, two kids, a three on a scale of one to ten, her, single, no kids, a ninety two on a scale of one to ten.  sorry Bill,  I'm kidding, you are average, but then, I don't rate men.  I'm not gay."



"Yes Billiam?"

"Go to work for your company who's cubicles are down the floor four offices."

"Gotcha Billy boy, but I'm betting a full case of beverage on it.  End of the day Billy buddy."


Bill shook his head amusedly and as he resumed his work, Cerena walked into his office and gave Ed the upper hand by seeing a picture of Bill's kids on his desk and she cooed "oooohh, are those your kids?  They're adorable!"  Bill could hear Ed in his mind.  "I don't drink booze anymore but remember, the beverage is one full case."


At the moment that Bill Bishkee was about to check his bank and make sure his minor cash fund had enough in it to show Cerena  good time, Darrel was hanging out with two of his fellow trailer park boys, watching a local store where an overweight girl had gone to shop.  They were watching her car and drinking beer while making fat jokes.  When she came out of the store they looked at each other and laughed.  She saw them and got hastily into her car and drove out of the lot.  Darrel gave chase in his pickup truck, with the boys shouting and making gestures as they drove up on the terrified girl.  


Yelling at her and pointing they oinked like pigs and yelled at her as she tried to dodge their truck and outrun them.  She was up to seventy miles per hour when her car began to cough and she knew she could not get away.  Darrel got along side of her and his friends wailed and shouted out the window as other drivers shook their heads and drove around her and went on.  


In tears, she dodged off to an exit and Darrel skidded to a stop and backed up to follow her.  The terrified girl drove to her apartment complex down the road and Darrel pulled in behind her, blocked her escape and the boys piled out of the car.  They got onto her car, jumped on it, danced on it and shouted to her, then Darrel kicked in a window and drug her out of the car as neighbors closed their blinds and curtains and ignored her cries for help.


Later that night she would be found walking down the road, her money  gone clothing torn, bleeding and bruised.  When the local sheriff spoke to her his reply was "boys do things like that, sometimes they get into mischief.  I  know Darrel and he's a good kid, I think you exaggerate the situation a little but I'll make a report."


As Darrel drove home from his latest reign of terror he spotted Sandra Bishkee going to a car with her brother Ethan and he smiled.  "Now there is a cutie pie, boys."  He grinned.


Cerena joined Bill that evening and introduced her to Sandra and Ethan.  Ethan looked at her then looked at his dad as if to say "okay, so you're really pushing for a hot new one now, huh dad?"


They went to an upscale restaraunt and the night was lively and pleasant, Bill being amazed at how well Celine and his kids got along as if they were old friends.  They talked about the kids and their friends and Cerena discussed many people she had known, and so many experiences Bill began to wonder if she was making some things up to make it more interesting, but she was lively, good natured, and he didn't really care.  He was glad to have someone that he and his family could enjoy being with since their mother had been gone so long.  As they walked out of the restaraunt the wind picked up and began to blow while huge billowing clouds gathered over head and Bill drove Celine back to her car and she retired home for the night.  


As soon as she was gone Ethan high fived his dad.  "Alright Dad!"


"It isn't like that Ethan, I hired her and she is an employee.  She was being nice because I still miss your mother.  We aren't in love."


"That's silly Ethan."  Sandra corrected.  "Give them a week or so.."





DOWN THE ROAD from Bill's neighborhood was a hill on which a lavish mansion stood, with tall windows and stone fences around it.  There was a lit swimming pool in the back yard, and a stage for musicians.  


A small deck sat atop some rocks where a large man enjoyed working on his computer.  The rock he sat upon he though little of but he had no idea what had transpired on that spot thousands of years before he sat there.


At that time Xerrek descendants had worshipped Asroth, who had corrupted their gene pool and giant men, mutants, and others had polluted the land with violence, warfare and genocide.  More human life had been destroyed at that time than any other time in the history of man.  Cretius sent Protos to report to him the condition of Earth and he had decreed the evil must come to an end.  


A blue moon that rotated the Earth at that time had destabilized and began to glow light blue, then yellow, then orange, then deep red.  The foliage on Earth wilted and died and the water tasted of poison acid.  The moon had exploded and within hours earthquakes shook the entire planet, shattering it's surface and molted rock, superheated water and gas exploded into the air.


Life perished on the planet and as his mighty city was consumed by flames, Xerrek, the favorite human of Asroth, shook his fist at the skies and bellowed in rage.  Asroth danced and played his wind instrument at the deaths of countless humans.  Cirque felt more grief than she had imagined possible.


When the disaster subsided and Earth began to recover from the destruction years later, Cirque bowed her gray, haglike hair to the Earth and begged Protos for forgiveness for the part she had played int he horror she had beheld.  


Protos ascended to Cretius and told of her contrite attitude.  Protos told her he could not guarantee the outcome and that she may be destroyed for helping Asroth in his quest to turn man against man a destroy  them.  To his surprise, Cretius felt sympathy for his daughter Cirque, and Protos returned to Earth.  


"Cretius has decreed that if you will finish the days of man making reparations for the damage you did he will forgive you and restore you to your former position.  He has no desire to see you face your destruction."  


Cirque wept in gratitude and Protos touched her.  As he did, she stood upright, her grayish white hair melted into flowing locks of soft black, and her statuesque beauty returned, her haglike appearance gone.  "You must walk among them, and remain here, but you will be powerful still and your cursed appearance is taken back from you.  Be as you were."


Asroth mocked her later.  "So you went crawling to Protos and begged for forgiveness."  He scorned.  Cirque turned to him.  "King of fools.  Look at you.  Once proud to roam the universe as master of all fire wind and sea, now reduced to an ugly king of vampires and mutants.  You watch man grow to millions then you are happy to spill blood and listen to the screams, yet you learn nothing.  You are beneath a child in your foolishness.  I shall be happy to destroy you with my own hands at the end of this age.  Be gone." 


Cirque gestured and a bolt of fire shot from the sky and blasted Asroth away.


A few thousand years later Bill Bishkee stood in Cerena's office door.  "Me and the kids are going to Family Fantasy Land this weekend and they wanted you to go.  They took a real shine to you."


Cerena smiled.  "I'd love to!  That sounds great!


As Bill walked back to his cubicle, Ed Wynn passed by and quickly said "You da man, Bill Bishkee."


As Bill got ready to finish his last paperwork of the day and enter the data into his computer, Sandra was standing by the window of her shool watching the billowing clouds, and when the rain let up she ran outside with Ethan to wait for Bill.


As she did, Jonathan and his bullying friends began making fun of them.  Ethan boldly got in front of Jonathan and soon they were shouting and Sandra tried to stop them from fighting.  She put her books down on the ground and Jonathan looked at her.


"Horses carry things better, but then a pig wouldn't know that."  Ethan shoved Jonathan and yelled at him and Jonathan, now joined by several other bullies, laughed at him.


Sandra tried to fight back along with Ethan, but she was knocked to the ground, her Hair yanked, her clothing torn, and both of them were punched and kicked.  


Suddenly a car horn blared, and the bullies turned to see Bill storming toward them.  He was red in the face with rage.


"HOW DARE YOU LAY YOUR FILTHY HANDS ON MY DAUGHTER!  Bill raged.  Suddenly the school principal and two other staff members appeared, running toward the scene.  Bill was too angry to hear what they said and he had his fists clenched as he nearly was upon Jonathan, who backed hastily away and the principal got between them, almost knocked down as Bill smashed chest to chest with him accidentally.


"We saw what was happening Bill, please, let us handle this, please!  If you act in anger you could get in alot of trouble Mr. Bishkee, please let us handle this!"


Bill suddenly felt himself freeze in place, and he looked at the principal, and in a hushed but angry tone, he said "you better.  You damn well better.  Cause that little brat is not going to want me dealing with it, and neither is his no good set of parents."


Jonathan stood paused, not sure what to do, then he became aware of the woman, walking toward him, more beautiful than any adult woman he had seen, but with eyes that seemed to radiate as she passed the others, came up to him and looked into his eyes.  Jonathan stood frozen.


"Jonathan, my oh my.  Are you bullying girls again?  Such a bad boy."  She sat on her knee and looked into Jonathan's eyes."


"What do you want, bitch."  He asked.  "You going to spank me?"

Cerena smiled.  "Oh no!  Why would I paddle your little worthless bottom when all you would do is go home and tell your big brother Darrel, who is himself  almost done bullying people...forever...and about to show you what happens to bullies?"


Cerena got close to Jonathan, in mock affection and as she spoke, none of the other seemed to notice her.


"You see, Jonathan, I have seen alot of people do bad things, of my jobs is to make them feel bad about them.  So since you like to poke fun at little ladies for being fat...I think,...Cerena looked mockingly surprised..."that you should try being one!"


Jonathan sneered.  "You dumbass[ broad.  You gonna make me into a fat girl?"


Cerena smiled mockingly.  "Oh Jonny, Jonny, so much you have to learn about women....."  her eyes radiated fiercely..."especially me."


Jonathan was about to spit at Cerena when he realized his surroundings had changed.  He was no longer in the school yard, but he was in an old house, and looking in the mirror.  Suddenly Jonathan let out a yell of horror and shock.  He touched his face, then his body and realized, it was for real.  He was no longer himself...but a very fat girl with a pimply face.  Inside his head he heard Cerena's voice.  "Don't worry, little Johnny, Auntie Cerena will let you come home to your little boy body in a few days."


Suddenly Jonathan heard a voice yell up the stairs, a man's voice, he recognized as the uncle of the girl who's body he was in.  "Hey fat cow, get down here and eat,  as if you need it."






Thirty minutes had passed and Bill was still angry, as Sandra sat in the back seat of the car, Ethan's arm around her.  Cerena, in the front passenger seat, glanced back at her, and Sandra suddenly felt better.  


"So dad told you we want you to go with us to the Fall fest this weekend, right Cerena?"

"Of course!"

 "Awesome."  She replied.


As the van moved down the road, Bill turned to Cerena and their eyes met.  He felt better, knowing that she had helped the mood.  "So I saw Jonathan staring at you like a kid about to get whipped.  What did you say to the little shi-brat?"


"I told him I was going to have him visit a girl I once knew to find out what it was like to be bullied."


"That's threats to kill him or let me kill him?"

Cerena looked very chipper.  "Nope, just my lady like charm, special kind."

Bill was about to chuckle when the he felt wind blast the car hard and nearly knock it off the road.  The storm suddenly had turned violent and thunder blasted, lightning flashed violently and Bill pulled off the road as the trees were blown wildly by the winds as they got stronger and stronger.


Sandra began to cry and Ethan looked around terrified.  "Dad what do we do?"

Bill looked at the clouds and he was about to turn the van around when a line of cars suddenly passed him speeding the other way, and one of them passed another, lightly clipping the van, which slid sideways in the wind.  On impact the engine died.  

Ethan and Sandra huddled together and Bill felt his heart begin to pound as black clouds overhead began to move dangerously.  He tried to restart the van, but it did not want to run.


"I don't know, I think that guy hitting us screwed up the wiring!"


Suddenly Sandra let out a scream and Bill's stomach knotted.  Just to the left of the van the clouds swelled, and began to spin and a a black tail rose in the air."


"DAD!  A TORNADO!"  Ethan shouted.  Bill tried again to start the car, cursing at it.  The engine would not do more than spin.  Bill heard the battery weaken and go dead, and he looked at the terrified faces of h is children in the mirror.  


Cerena watched the funnel cloud spin and the van began to buck and move as the tornado loomed over their heads and the funnel cloud crept their way.  Cerena shook her head.  "That's no good."  She said.  


Cerena opened her door and Bill and the children suddenly looked at her in shocked horror and screamed together "CERENA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!"


Cerena calmly stepped out of the van, walked toward the tornado funnel and as the little family watched her long hair flow in the wind she stood calmly as the funnel cloud came toward her.  The wind around them roared with fury, so loud they plugged their ears, and debris was flying around them in circles.  Cerena stood calmly as the funnel cloud came toward the van, black, towering, roaring mightily, and she raised one hand as if to forbid it to come closer.  The funnel cloud flew apart and vanished into the clouds, and the wind began to die down.


As the roar of the tornado went behind them, and after what felt like an eternity, Ethan said "dad, I'm pretty sure Cerena is not your every day woman."


Cerena returned to the car and as three set of eyeballs stared at her in shock, she started the van with her left hand and got a hair brush out of her purse.  Brushing her hair she looked at Bill, who's mouth was open.  "Cars fine, you need new spark plugs and wires...well maybe a new battery."


At the house minutes later, Ethan and Sandra were walking into the living room silently, still shocked by what they had seen.  Bull slowly got a cold drink, opened it, and looked at Cerena.

" could...a tornado like that...just..."


Cerena looked at him as she sipped on a wine cooler.  "My name Cerena is a euphemism for Cirque, which is an old moniker for circumstances, a name given to me by an ancient race.  I'm actually an immortal living as a human being because I made a huge mistake and sided with Astroth in the antediluvian era.  The tornado was nothing.  Didn't want the van messed up or the kids hurt.  No big deal really.  We should wash it for this weekend."


With that, Cerena walked into the living room.  


"I want to see Hotel Transylvania two tonight, if you kids are up for it."  Cerena said.  The kids nodded in silent unison.


Bill stood in shock at what he had just seen and heard.  His customer service specialist had intervened for Sandra against a bully, and stopped a tornado from coming down on his van right in front of him.  Now she claimed to be an immortal, and was watching cartoons with his kids.  For a moment he could hear Ed Wynn in his head "ha, hey Billy boy, she really IS a goddess!!"


While the kids snuggled with Cerena on the couch, Bill looked up  Cirque in ancient mythology and found her, a long haired powerful being with glowing red eyes, full of wisdom and having lived for many centuries among human beings.  He read about her and came into the living room and sat down next to her.  He was astonished still at what he had read.  A powerful super being sitting casually with his kids watching a movie.....seriously.


When the movie ended, the kids  and Bill turned to  Cerena.  Bill said to her  "there is so many questions I would like to ask you...abut time, history...the universe.  But why would you live as a mortal woman?  Where do you go from here?"


Cerena smiled.  "I can show you if you want me to."  She told Bill.  He smiled.  "Please."  Sandra an Ethan looked at her.  Ethan looked anxious.  Are you and my dad like..."  Cerena smiled.  She stood up and turned to them, and suddenly she was not Cerena anymore.


The room faded into a dark, color swept space seemingly without depth and filled with colorful galaxies and stars.  Cerena became the image of herself, Cirque, a being possessed of knowledge and power, an her long hair flew graciously as if in wind, and her eyes glowed red.  She had a flowing, beautiful gown on and looked like a dark angel.  Bill sat on the couch, surrounded by the images and the kids whispered in amazement as they beheld the vision of Cirque in the universe many thousands of years ago.


They saw a very handsome manlike being, his eyes glowing brilliantly, his hair a golden color, with light radiating out from him.  It was Lumaris, the greatest being in this part of the universe, and they also saw a lovely blue being with wings like a butterfly, who was Asroth.  They did not know how they knew, but they did.  Lumaris spoke to them.  His voice boomed with echoing power as he spoke.


"I will own and control all things and know all secrets of this universe and all others.  I will dethrone Cretius and rule supreme."


Lumaris stretched his hand out to them.  "Join me and I will make you more powerful than you can imagine and you will rule with me, side by side as brothers and sisters, not as servants of Cretius, bowing to his will and control."


Asroth contemplated what Lumaris said as did Cirque and they bowed to him.  He then turned to Protos, who stood in the fires of a sun like planet.  


"Protos my brother, most powerful leader of worlds, join me at my right hand."


Protos's eyes glowed with rage and he answered angrily.  "You fool, you have the greatest power in this universe and you would dare to take him who set it and it's worlds before you and challenge him?  I shall not join you in this vile act of disloyalty!"


Suddenly the scene changed and There was a bright bolt of lightning that filled the space around Bill and the kids, and they huddled together as Cirque showed them her memory of Lumaris, in the space of a second, blasting into the light surrounding Cretius and being blasted back through space to a small planet, as they exchanged energies and fire, causing earthquakes which destroyed planets and their inhabitants.


They saw Lumaris, Asroth and Cirque standing in the midst of wreckage and flames, with millions of screams surrounding them.  A great light towered above them, and a voice spoke to them almost louder than the little family could stand to hear.


"You have sought to dethrone the one who gave you your office Lumaris.  I banish you to this planet and revoke your freedom.  You will remain here, in the wreckage that you created, and hear the torment of those you harmed, and your followers will remain with you."


Cirque shrank into an old hag, and Asroth became a disgusting, batlike creature.


The scene changed again and they saw Earth below, with human beings in small primitive surroundings and Asroth stood on a mountain over them.


"We will dominate and rule these insects.  These vile creatures shall be our servants."  Asroth raised his hands and balls of fire burned from his fingers.  "Show them our power, become their gods, and let them multiply.  Let them turn and destroy each other.   Ahhhh, what  a game to  behold, it will be!"


The scene faded away and the room returned, with Cerena standing in front of them.  Ethan stared at her with wide eyes.  "Whoah."  He said.  Sandra asked "so that's it, you have to be a human now?"


Cerena looked sad.  "Only for a while, then some things are going to happen."






JONATHAN SPENT several miserable days being called a pig, a fatty, and listening to mockery from the girl's uncle, and he was ready to cry and scream for mercy when he found himself waking up Saturday morning in his own body again.


Saturday the Bishkees went to to the theme park, then they went to movies that night.  Cerena sat for a long while with Bill in the living room and talked about many things on his mind, then she returned home to attend to personal business.  


Monday morning Cerena brushed her hair, put on a nice skirt and blouse and headed to her car, in the dark parking garage beneath her apartment.  She turned the key in the ignition, well aware of what was about to happen.  The car would not start, and outside the car was Darrel and two of his trashy buddies.  Cerena stepped out and looked at him.


"So you didn't get enough with the girl from the store, or the others you attacked."  Cerena said.


Darrel smirked.  "Look at this boys, this bitch thinks it's smart."  He got in Cerena's face.  "We like having fun with smart bitches."  He sneered, and one of the boys zapped Cerena with a stun gun.  She crumpled to the ground and he picked her up, throwing her into the truck of a waiting car, and quickly zip tying her hands and taping her mouth.  They drove down the road into the woods, and stopped in a remote spot of thistles and weeds with a rotting mobile home in the middle. Cerena lay in the trunk and the two hillbillies yanked her out and drug her to the mobile home as Darrel lit a cigarette and followed.  They slammed Cerena into a chair in a room where the molding walls had pictures of man girls, tied, crying, clothes torn, and battered.


Derrell got close and blew cigarette smoke in Cerena's face.  "We come here to have fun with bitches like you."


Cerena calmly regarded Darrel.  "I know, and your little uncle denies it exists because his little inbred, nearly retarded little friend can't do any wrong in his eyes."


"You been doin some talkin, bitch."  Darrel said mockingly.  "When we get done with you you won't be able to talk no more."


Cerena smiled.  Well, while I can, do you want to hear a nice little story?"


Darrel and his buddies roared with laughter.  "Sure sweetheart, tell us a story."


Cerena smiled.  


"Once upon a time in a universe you trash were hatched in, there was a blue planet with a great leader named Onan.  Onan ruled a very happy planet of people almost like humans who had no crime, war, poverty or evil on their planet."  


One of the thugs smirked.  "Sounds boring."  He said.  Cerena smiled.  "It gets better.  One day an evil, self centered monster, much like Darrel here, started a big fight and the planet got destroyed and killed almost all of Onan's people."


Derroll mockingly slapped his forehead.  "NO!  What happened then?"


Cerena hissed mockingly.  "A mighty being named Protos came to Onan, who was very very angry and said 'I have a new job for you.  Go to where Asroth has been banished, and I want you to sit in a kingdom behind two huge gates.  When evil people are sent to you, I want you to slice your nails into their flesh and deliver to them the same pain they inflicted on their victims.' he told Onan."


"Wow!  So where is Onan now?"  Darrel asked.


Cerena sounded sad.  "Onan has fiery eyes and flames falling from his mouth, and he is waiting for you, and your little hatchlings here, right over there by the kitchen."


The thugs gasped in mock horror, looking toward the kitchen.  Their horror turned to amazement, then terror as the kitchen seemed to shimmer, then it faded to black and an endless abyss of darkness filled the room with two massive gates in the middle.  The gates opened slowly and the the mockery turned to shrieks of terror.  Cerena transformed into Cirque and rose from the chair, her eyes glowing with red fury as a towering monstrosity with flaming eyes stood and roared with ear splitting fury at the three shrieking criminals.  


A monstrous hand stretched toward them and they were drawn toward Onan, who drew them into is abyss as Cirque walked out of the mobile home, which burst into flames and she faded into the parking garage, back into her clothes and her car started, the door opened, and she flipped her hair into place and drove to work.


That morning as the phone rang, Ed Wynn walked past Bill Bishkee's office and winked playfully.  Bill was about to turn and talk to him when he found Cerena standing int he doorway.


"So."  Cerena said pleasantly.  "I'm up for a buffet lunch today, how bout you, Mr, Bishkee?"  She smiled.




























































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