Ruby & Nolan's Great Adventure in Space Book:1 Science Project

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How does a family cope with making a life-changing the decision? We have all had to make them at least once in our lives. Does the family become closer, or drift apart?
This fictional story lets you peek inside the lives of one family of four that makes the decision not many families have ever had or ever will have to make. They agreed to leave the comfort of their home, families, and Earth to journey to another planet many light years away.
The whole family makes the journey together. However, this story is mainly about two pre-teens adventures on New Earth.
Ruby and Nolan climb the hill by their home to check on the Solar Panels and find two of them mangled and broken beyond repair. Checking, they discover a beautifully colored rock and decide it would be a great science project. With a little difficulty, they slide it down the hill and hide it in their hideout wood box.
When their rock starts growing, they realize it isn't a rock: its an egg. Nolan is hoping for a pony, even though he knows ponies do not hatch from eggs. Ruby thought it might be a chicken, but she is a little concerned about its size. What could go wrong with their science project? After all, it is an egg, whatever is inside will be a baby?

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The adventure begins

Submitted: March 30, 2019

  “Come on Ruby, hurry up.”  Nolan cried. Frowning, she quickly turned from the sink; the front of her wet apron co... Read Chapter