The successor

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Once upon a time, there was a certain community that was so rich with wise men and fortified with serenity:it was a haven!

Once upon a time, there was a certain community that was so rich with wise men and fortified with serenity:it was a haven! There lived a charcoal-dark-mosquitoe-legged man(perhaps,you wouldn't want to have anything to do with someone you can hardly differentiate from a tooth pick or a sewing niddle).But this man was being sought after by so many people for counsel because of his undescribable and unimaginable wisdom.(next time you want to buy ground nut, don't judge by it's container but it's contents). Moreover,as the time for him to go to the land were no one buys or sells neither is wisdom anymore useful,he was worried about whom amongst his three coconut-head children was a carrier of his wisdom-DNA. He became skeptical the more because none of these children looked like him.Anybody would hardly believe that they were not the products of marital unfaithfulness. Come to think of it,what communion has sewing needle with coconut? Well, he knew they were his children,only that nature has its own method of administration which no man can dictate. For him to see and know his “true child”,he resolved to conduct an “interview” for them. On that faithful day,he called the first one and asked him:my child,how many times will you make a mistake before you can learn your lesson' and he replied:'papa, twice is ok. The first will be an accident while the second will be the mistake,were I will learn my lesson.He also called the second who said once was enough for him to learn his lesson.And finally,he called the third child, asking him the same question,and here is what he said:’papa, I will not be wise to wait until I make a mistake before I will learn my lesson.What if I don’t survive the impact of my one mistake.Others mistakes should be enough for me to learn my lesson. Who amongst these three children do you consider is wise? Not a few persons want to learn from the mistakes of others until they make theirs.Perhaps,so that they can have something to write in their blank diary and a scar to make reference to.

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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