The Bull by the Horns

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My thoughts on creating a tax payer oversight committee in the American government. They only are able to wage unjust wars because we continue to support them with our tax dollars. This needs to STOP! And, only we hold the power.

The Bull by the Horns
Today, we are living in a world growing more divisive by the day. This is especially true in the US. We have a vast and over reaching government lead by a president speaks, primarily, off the cuff and who is openly mocked by mainstream media, as if for sport. Either you are with “the left” or you are demonized for being different. God forbid you support the president! Then you put yourself at risk of bodily harm by overly emotional youth, mainly, full of ideals with no experience in reality. Feminism is en vogue once again as it was in the 1970’s. Backbiting and vicious behavior are the norm, among the proletariat, today.
The notion of our government being, of the people, by the people and for the people, is an idea completely lost on the “Millennial” generation, left to stagnate by their parents, Generation X, and utterly forsaken by their grandparents, the Baby Boomers or Hippies. The latter who started a peace movement but did not follow through. Our tax dollars are being used, by the billions, to overthrow foreign governments and install puppet dictators who are appointed, and thus obedient, to the US. Not to mention the mass murders that take place to achieve such ends.
Change must occur but in the book, No Mud No Lotus,, Thich Naht Hahn says that “Without a community, it’s harder for a person to change anything.” There has not been an American “community” since the end of WWII. Currently, the builders of this country are reviled for creating the land that is now being exploited to satisfy a bogus morality of Political Correctness. The late, great George Carlin said that, “Political Correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance and it’s especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance.” This dogma seems to be the line in the sand that divides the whole of American culture, today.
Yet, we continue to fund this destructive and dangerous machine. What we seem to have forgotten is that the US government depends, entirely, on the spoils of taxation, for it’s existence. And, there is nothing in the American Constitution that requires the taxing of the population. We would have our government on it’s knees if a mere ten percent of the proletariat did not pay taxes, for one year. But, the more the better.
Our “representatives” in the House, make some one hundred seventy five thousand dollars a year, as a salary. How do our representatives represent us when they earn a salary some five, six or eight times that of their constituents, per year? That is not representation. That is exploitation. Anymore, it appears that folks get into politics for the boost in lifestyle that being a “civil servant” affords them. Fed by kick backs, ear marks and pandering to “special interests”. No taxation without representation, is as true today as it was before the American Revolution.
American’s have lost their way, the way that the founding fathers, intended for us. However, we can change course anytime, if this is done before amendments are written that curb our freedoms given by the original founding documents. The Bill of Rights must be guarded, protected and defended. For these rights are what make America the most desired place of residence in the world, for now. Somebody once said that the American government was never designed to stand and grow at the rate that is has. It was meant to falter and land in the hands of The People. Our government was not supposed to be an oppressive force above us, it was meant to prop us up being a system that compliments the lives of it’s citizens. We have let it grow out of control.
I think we can all agree that our country is excessively involved in other countries’ business. It is not a giant leap to say that we are complicit in these dealings, as taxpayers. It is kind of ridiculous that we don’t have a say in how our tax dollars are spent, or that we would allow unrestrained politicians to wage war in then name of us, the American people. And, to determine their own pay rates! With junior representatives “earning” six figure salary’s while the median income of Americans households is less than half that. Considering that the majority of households are dependent on two incomes, we are decisively getting an unfair deal. So, the American  government is using our tax dollars to wage proxy wars around the world, giving billions of dollars to an already bloated military budget all while setting a wage for themselves that eclipses the average two income household of the majority of Americans. It is time we have some taxpayer oversight.
The only way we are going to get some control over governmental spending is if we come together and demand it. However, a country that emphasizes the individual isn’t geared for this. 
We have a hero complex, in America. This is exacerbated by a dominant Christian religion that is waiting for the return of one man to “save” them. Our films also highlight the hero. With most featuring a particular “star” that from the beginning the audience knows will not be killed, will survive the war, plague or apocalypse. Ton Hanks and Denzel Washington and Will Smith are a few that come to mind.
The House of Representatives has a Committee on Oversight and Reform but to ask people to police themselves when they hold the key to tax revenue coffers, is unrealistic, if we expect justice. These troubling offenses that our government commits will cease when taxpayers have a say in how our money is spent. But, we must stand together when seeking an oversight committee of our own.
In Washington DC there are lobbyist lobbying for many different clients, spending hundreds of trillions of dollars per year. Yet, not one is lobbying for the American people. Quite to the contrary, the American people are the last thing on the mind of these lobbyists. To attain an oversight group, all we need to do is short the spoils of income tax, one year. And, the more of us that withhold taxes from the federal government, the more intently they will listen. What better change could one make in the world for their children than giving them some control over their government? If America is truly a democracy then a tax dollar oversight committee seems to be a given. It’s surprising that the founding fathers did not write one into the American Constitution. Though, they might not have imagined that one would be necessary.

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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