Cosmic Knight Episode 30 Villa on argue

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Submitted: March 30, 2019

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Submitted: March 30, 2019



Hello guys. Very very sorry for this much delay. In last episode a new character Neo was introduced. In this episode there will be more info about who is he. Guys I still haven't received any comment about what the hell if.... So I request you to please give your valuable suggestions. By 27 March 2019. So let's start with this episode.

Max and the major landed on a earth with there ship and Neo. The place where they landed in an airbase which was quite high tech. As they landed a paramedic team surrounded the ship and slowly Neo was taken to the base. Max was with him and they moved from the corridor to a room full of hi-tech equipments and machinery. They placed Neo on an examination table, and some people in doctors' suit take over Neo and Max was asked to move out from there.

He exited form the room and outside he saw that Leo was coming towards him as he was near to him he said "How's he?" Max replied "He is fine King." King said "Max where you got him?" Max replied "Sector 9 planet D-49." King said "Any evidence what had happened?" Max said "Negative." King said "Inform me as he is awake. Need to go." And he walk but was interrupted by Max "King where?" King replied "Babysitting."

A few moments ago at residential area the group and Victoria was standing at the entrance.

Victoria: Guys enter in.

(They entered in)

Sabrina: What a place.

Shooter: It's huge.

Charlie: Magnificent.

Kyra: It so beautiful. Just like Disney.

Justice AJ: Marvellous.

Victoria: Guys let me give you your villas' keys.

Eagle: What we are going to live in villa.

Python: Are you kidding. No joke please.

Troy: I have never seen this before. It's too good.

Victoria: It's not a joke. Every group will get a villa where they all will live together.

(Victoria took the keys and walked towards the villa and the group followed her.)

Victoria: Here we go this is your house. But before moving there are some rules.

Falcon: What rule?

Underdog: All rules accepted.

Victoria: Wait wait wait. Listen first thing you can't leave this place.

All: Done

Victoria: Second you need to live her in peace and harmony. If you don't you will be punished.

All: Done done.

Victoria: Third and the most crucial you guys will need to survive till end.

Romeo: Mean.

Victoria: The most important thing for survival is what?

Underdog: Hope.

Blade: Oh! Desi SRK she asking in life not film.

Victoria: Food. You will have to make your own food.

Sabrina: Done.

( Rest were mouth shut and started arguments with Victoria.)

Victoria: I can't handle this. Need to call Leo.

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