No More Victims!

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Gettin' really tired of the television altogether...I SWEAR YOU CAN'T ESCAPE PC BS UNLESS YOU WATCH NATURE DOCUMENTARIES!! My article about our proclaimed 'victims'...

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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Submitted: March 30, 2019




If you're like me, then you may be wondering...Why does everybody in America have to be a victim?!

Everybody, stop your whining! You HAVE rights, here, stop spitting on them by pretending you don't!

Women (I mean Feminists) you're all equal to men, and if there is anybody out there who won't hire you because you have breasts instead of testicles, you just found the one jackass in the business world and he'll get himself arrested without your incredibly embarrassing marches with vagina hats. Just because you saw one incident, it doesn't mean all men are attacking all of you!

African-Americans, you were declared equal in the SIXTIES, and just because one jerk on the block says the 'N' word once, it doesn't mean your entire race is being discriminated against by all of ours. That's why we have something called "hate crime laws." By the way, why is it that you can say "we're black and beautiful" on television, but if my grandpa said "we're white and beautiful" we'd be called racist? Just because history tells a sad story, it doesn't mean you have to relive it! If you want equality, you can have it! NO ONE is going to stop you!

Hispanic community, you're no exception! Just because we don't want to learn Spanish in our own country, it doesn't mean we're against your whole race!

And LGBT+, don't even get me started. Guess what? Just like women and any ethnic group, you have rights. Yes, I see protests on gay marriage, but you know that marriage was started by religious groups, so they have a right to have their own opinions, too. And just because someone says the word 'faggot' in front of you, it doesn't mean you have to take offense. My friend is gay, and when someone called him a queer, he just goes "I am THE queer!" He didn't cry about it. Oh, and for the record, LGBT+ discriminates against a whole fast-food chain for being Christian and supporting traditional marriage, and yet you'll rally in the street to support Islam? You know what a lot of Muslims will do to anyone LGBT, right? Well, THEY GET THROWN OFF BUILDINGS. Trump made efforts to backfire on one of these horrible, pointless deaths in Iran!

Furthermore, not every white man, veteran, or upper-class citizen is a privileged bigot. Using liberals' own logic, "we're all humans, we're all people, we all have rights." They have a right to be against your opinions, just as you have the right to be against ours. Now, there are bad people out there, but it's not the ones who have more money or army status than you. It's more like the ones who REALLY want to throw people off buildings.

Next point, as a defense, American liberals say they rally to help reach the Middle East? Uh, you know you're in America, and all you're doing now is blocking traffic and pissing people off.  If you want to make such a difference, GO TO THOSE COUNTRIES. I remember the story of one kind woman doing so, trying to make a similar statement...then was raped and murdered. What are the odds, huh? Actually, they were pretty high.

Democrats, you say we've taken a step back in human rights? Yeah, we have, thanks to YOUR so-called victims! We've had equality for a long while, and now you're just asking for supremacy! News flash: you don't get to shut everyone up, or make a global movement because of one minor incident between individuals. The right of free speech (The First Amendment, if you don't know) does NOT have any exception! Not even for your feelings and out-of-control hormones! And so many people have that right, using it to voice discrimination that doesn't exist, but try to silence us first. We ALL have free speech, but there are bars called "common sense" and "common decency."

If you think you're discriminated against for your skin color, sexuality, or gender, it's your fault. If a group of people doesn't want you to join them, it's probably because they don't like you, not because you're a woman/African-American/homosexual. If someone does make a derogatory advance against you, that's bad, so report it to the police and move on. Don't force it on the whole world, or everybody like your enemy!

So we don't want illegal aliens in our country, that's not racist, it just means people should come in with a green card. So we don't want abortions, that's not sexist, it just means we don't want to have people killing other humans. I mean, I personally don't care about the abortion topic, but either side has a good point.

The point being, you have rights, and nobody but terrorist groups are trying to take them.

The only victims in this country are the victims who are killed, raped, robbed, assaulted; racial discrimination exists, yes, but it's not such a big problem that we need to act so crazy about it. So, Democrats, why don't we stop whining about the one backstreet bully and focus on the REAL problems today?!

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