Mornings are the start to a fresh new day, but what do you do when mornings are the worst part of your day?

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I tried to go back to sleep but instead found myself lying wide awake on my bed. Another day. Another long, tiring day. All I can think about is how exhausted yet awake I am. Physically and emotionally drained. I just want to lay in my bed forever. I contemplate whether today will be a good or bad day. I have hope that it will be good, but something tells me it won’t be. Something always tells me it won’t be. I close my eyes and can still see my pink ceiling. I don’t even know what a good day feels like anymore. Everyday is bad, and on a rare occasion it’s average. Tears roll down my cheek as I realize how awful things have gotten. An all time low, even for me. I miss waking up excited, ready for my day. Instead I wake up and everything inside me begs me to stay in bed. The sound of my alarm clock goes off again. I want so badly to stay in my room all day. I want to be alone forever. Days wouldn’t be so bad if it were only me. Instead I get up out of bed and begin to get ready for another bad day.

Submitted: March 31, 2019

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Depression mixed with duty? That morning feeling well captured!

Sun, March 31st, 2019 8:22pm


Beautiful beautiful !

Wed, September 18th, 2019 6:40am

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