Cush Sovereignty: Black Righteousness

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Two hundred and seventy years before the fulfillment of the prophecy of Cush, Samuel tells the story to his grandson of their ancestors fighting to open the doors for that prophecy. The planet we once called Earth; how it was saved by an alien race from an apocalyptic explosion due to the negligence and greed of men. They become tyrants and humanity is now divided into three categories, Kompyutans, Wakatilians, and the Anakataas by this alien race; The Abenians. The Abenians came to help heal the planet along with their hidden agenda. This division of humanity is not by intelligence, nor by race but by DNA. A naïve, but humble young Wakatilians man from Lake Providence, Louisiana, Wanyenyekevu, a man without many words spoken but written, a poet if you will; travels halfway across the United States determined to do the will of his God, Sabaoth. Along the way, he is trained by an entity sent by Sabaoth and meets a group of men and women who follow him to his destination, Arizona. Wanyenyekevu is given a special gift from Sabaoth to see ten minutes into the future and his own gift of searching people's heart. Many that join him soon realized, they were born with their own gift but it takes the guidance of Wanyenyekevu to bring it out of them. Wanyenyekevu quickly discovers that the evilness of man's heart has unleashed the powers of the fallen angels of Sabaoth. Who is able to transform from unseen spirits to tangible flesh, The Abenians.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: March 31, 2019

Chapter 1: The People The year is 3190 in a place called Tallulah, Louisiana a paradise located in the northeastern part of Louisiana... Read Chapter

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