In Thirty Seconds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The most grueling 30 seconds imaginable

Here are the next  30 seconds of my life. They are among the most gruelling, frightening ticks of the life clock I had ever known.

(5 seconds) : I was groggy. Nothing would click in except flashes, burning light and static sparks.

The glint of the steel train wheels and the screeching sound of metal on metal.

A vision of Honey, kicking and screaming, her face warped in terror as she was being dragged into the shadows by a clawed beast.

Skinny Martin reaching out begging me to help him. His face was pale blue and

his eyes cold with death. The slash in his throat gaped like a canyon pouring out black blood that looked more like oozing tar.

Blood washing in front of my eyes illuminated by flashes of lightning and exploding into a torrent of red rain.

The grim reaper gnawing on my soul and trying to rip its silvery roots from my body.

(10 seconds) : I could hear the fight between the two Rummies escalated. It sounded like bone on bone being cracked and crushed.

Sirens were blaring, far off and close at the same time, coming across the distance like long curling waves.

“What the hell?” blurted past my lips.

The sound of the dogs snarling and snapping seemed to fade. Then they were lost in the din of my confusion.

The Mountain’s yells became subdued, even soft. “Easy ...”

My own voice got choked up by phlegm when I tried to cry out.

Anger welled in my groin and surged into my gut like a tornado because I felt helpless.

The vibration of the steel tracks rippled through my neck and down my spine. I tried desperately to move, climb to my feet, but my hands, arms, feet and legs were numb.

My secretary Gerty was standing in the frame of a firey door scolding me like a school-boy for spending a night of lust with Honey.

I drifted back to my pack days in Korea. Alpha howled. “Get up. It's not your time!”  The rest of my pack joined in the chorus of chanting wails, echoing down through time.

(5 seconds) : Gradually I was fading into the oblivion of unconsciousness even though I knew that if I didn’t move; my head and body would be parting company. I could feel the cold of the steel rail on my neck. My body shivered involuntarily. My eyes were open and I could not see the sky, still, I could see stars glimmering in my mind. My stomach churned threatening to chuck up a week's worth of food. Funny how I lingered on the thought that I had not eaten since ... damn, I could not remember the last time I ate.

That warning, acrid taste in my mouth came. I fought it back and my mind was screaming at my body to move ....”MOVE LAME BRAIN OR ITS A COLD STEEL SLAB AT THE MORGUE.”

(5 seconds) : I screamed in my mind ... or maybe it was aloud.

I heard the chug of the engine drawing closer  ...  Closer  ... closer.

I tried to move but it was a nightmare where your arms and legs just refuse to work. The train engine became a smoking beast with flames bursting from its taloned feet.

(1 second ) : Insanity  ...nightmare  ...horror flick  ...death by decapitation.

(1 second): The wheels  ...biting. Grinding things so close I could smell the hot steel.

(3 seconds) : Then something powerful came over me... Something grabbed me.
Then oblivion. In the emptiness, I felt the heat of death upon my throat. My leg burned. The screech of steel on steel. A crowd of voices crying out in horror.

Submitted: March 31, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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Whoa! What a thirty seconds that turned out to be, DH!

Sun, March 31st, 2019 8:26pm


it's an excerpt from a novelette thanks for reading

Sun, March 31st, 2019 2:00pm

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