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Brian attends a team party but it's not wild time he is told to expect.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - House party

Submitted: March 31, 2019

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Submitted: March 31, 2019



Chapter 6

House party

Brian bolted through his front door. Missy and Angela were in the living room, tv on, books open, each with a soda. Angela was holding a tablet. A bag of bagel chips sat open on the coffee table. They both looked up as Brian rushed in. “Missy. Great, I’m glad you’re here.”

“I bet. What’s up?”

“I need help.”

“Finally admitting that, huh? By the way this is my friend, Angela”

Brian reached his hand out to Angela. “Nice to meet you.” Angela reluctantly took Brian’s hand, and as Brian shook it, gave Missy a confused look.

“Ignore him” Missy said. “My brother is a 40-year-old man in a teenager’s body.”

“Nice to meet you” Angela smiled, taking her hand back. “And it’s girlfriend, not friend” she added, smiling smugly at Missy, who smirked back.

“Missy, I really need help. I’m going to a party tonight.”

“You? You are going to a party tonight. Where? At who’s house?”

“Woody Bear’s”

“Wow, really?” Angela jumped in. “Lucky you. Wish I was going. Bet there will be some hot girls there.”

“Hey” Missy cut back in, smacking Angela lightly on her arm.

“How did all this happen? she asked, turning back to Brian.

“I made the team.”

You made the varsity basketball team, are you serious?”

“Today was cut-down Friday. Coach Miller posted the list of us who made the team in the locker room right after practice today. My name was there. Brian Ferco. So, apparently, every year on cut-down Friday, the guys who make the team get together at one of the players houses to celebrate. This year it’s at Woody’s house, so.”

“Whatever you do” Angela warned, don’t let them talk you into taking a bunch of shots and pounding beers.”

“Taking shots and pounding beers? Brian said with a horrified look. “I am not going to be taking shots or pounding beers.”

“Wow, you are going to stick out there like a sore thumb, Mr. Science” Missy said, and her and Angela laughed.

“I doubt Mr. and Mrs. Bear would tolerate alcohol.”

“I doubt if Mr. and Mrs. Bear will be around. These parties are usually beer bashes, or jock bashes in this case. As wild as they come. Beer, pot, topless girls by the pool and guys jumping off the roof into the deep end” Angela added.

“Topless girls and jumping into the pool? In October?”

“Okay, okay so maybe no pool” Angela laughed.

“So, what do you need my help for?” Missy asked.

“Everything. What do I wear, how do I act, what do I say to these people?”

“Keep the conversations to a minimum. Knowing you, you’ll end up talking about the atom or something”

“What should I wear?”

“Do you have any other clothes?” Angela asked

“They are all more or less like this.”

“Well, clothes second. First, we have to deal with that hair” Angela continued.

“My hair?” Brian said, running his hands through his uncut locks. “You know, Albert Einstein attended a lot of functions and he never worried about his hair or his clothes. They were distractions.”

“Yeah, well Albert Einstein never went to a party at Woody Bear’s house” Angela replied, typing Albert Einstein into her tablet.

“Oh no” she said, spinning the screen around for Missy to see.

“Well” Missy said, laughing. You have the same hair style as him, the unkempt look.”

“Like I said, clothes second” Angela continued.

“Trust her, Brian” Missy said. “She is going to be a fashion designer. What time is this party anyway?”


“Oh good” Angela added. “We have plenty of time.”

“What are you talking about that is less than 2 hours from now” Brian protested.

“You don’t seriously intend on showing up at this party at 7:00 do you” Angela asked.

“That’s what time it starts” Brian answered.

“Sweetheart, if you show up there at 7:00 you’ll be sitting all by yourself, trust me” she continued, laughing.

“You have no street smarts, do you brother?” Missy laughed too.

“No, and up until now I never needed any, thankfully.”

“You are a Greenville Dragon’s varsity basketball player now” Missy said, sounding semi-serious. “You think basketball practice is like going to class and the games are like the tests? This is your life for the next 6 months. Those guys aren’t just a team, they’re like brothers, and Mr. Miller is their super strict father. Why do you think they are so good? I still can’t believe you made that team wow, my brother got game” she laughed, punching Brian in the arm.

“And you can get us into the games for free” Angela added.

“Ow” Brian said, rubbing his arm. “Enough, my head is spinning already. So, if I’m not supposed to be there at 7:00, what time am I supposed to show up?”

“10:00” Angela quickly answered. “And even that may be too early.”

“If they want people there at 10:00, why do they say it starts at 7:00?” Brian continued.

“So, you’ll know what time to really show up. Come on, let’s go” Missy said.

Brian wheeled the car into the parking lot of the hair salon. “I texted my friend Theresa.” Angela said. “She works here. She cleared a couple of things so she can take you right away.” Theresa greeted the trio as they walked in, her and Angela exchanging kisses on the cheek.

“Theresa, this is Missy, my girlfriend.”

“Pleasure” Theresa said. “And this must be the guy rocking the Albert Einstein crop.”

Brian looked at Angela, who shrugged. “I didn’t know how else to describe you to her”

“Come on” Theresa laughed, leading Brian to a chair. Brian settled in, and Theresa snapped a barber’s bib in the air and wrapped it around him. “Wow” she said, balling Brian’s hair up with both hands. Look at all this thick, black hair.”

“Can you do anything with it?” Angela asked.

“Are you kidding” Theresa answered. “This is like giving Michelangelo an unformed lump of clay.”

“Actually, Michelangelo never worked with clay” Brian corrected her.

“Neither have I sweetie” she said, leaning in and laughing. “It’s just an expression” and she playfully tapped him on the shoulder. “Just relax, you’re in the hands of the master” she added as she lowered Brian’s head over the wash basin. She sprayed water over his hair and scalp, and the warmth made him close his eyes. “You guys go relax” Theresa said to Missy and Angela. “There’s coffee and tea if you want it.”

Missy and Angela wandered over to the waiting area. Missy picked up a magazine and started thumbing through it while Angela searched through a basket of nail polishes on the table, and, settling on Cotton Candy pink, started applying it to her nails. Occasional, they would look up, drawn by the sound of Theresa’s scissors dancing around Brian’s head or the sound of clippers buzzing through hair. Finally, Angela spun Brian around and started removing the bib. “Okay, girls, come have a look” she said, grabbing a brush to clean the back of Brian’s neck.

Missy and Angela walked over to Brian, still sitting in the chair. His wild shock was gone, replaced by a stylish head of hair.

“Hubba hubba” Missy said seeing Brian’s classy new haircut.

“Boy, you clean up nice” Angela added, then turning to Theresa “you are a true artist.”

“Thank you, thank you” Theresa replied, laughing as she bowed slightly. The group followed her to the register. Brian stared in the mirror. He moved his head around to check out different angles.

“I got this” Missy laughed reaching into her pocketbook as Brian continued to check out his new look. “And this is for you” she added, handing Theresa a twenty-dollar bill. “Well, brother, what do you think?”

Brian continued looking in the mirror. “Well, at least my hair won’t be in my eyes when I’m conducting my experiments.”

Theresa, Angela and Missy looked at each other then broke into laughter.
“Come on” Missy said, still laughing. “Let’s go.”

“Where now?” Brian asked, following her and Angela out of the salon.

“To get you some clothes.”

“But I have clothes on” Brian protested.

Angela looked at Brian’s ill-fitting, baby-blue button-down shirt and tan khaki pants. “Honey, those aren’t clothes, they’re dull, office cubicle duds.” Brian looked down at his clothes, puzzled, and checked the buttons on his shirt.

At the mall, Brian waited for Angela and Missy to get out of the car before hitting the lock button. They were walking ahead of him holding hands, occasionally looking back at Brian and talking among themselves. They both had huge smiles on their faces. Brian hurried to catch up, sidling up between them. “What are you two talking about?”

“You” replied Angela, laughing.”

“Don’t worry,” added Missy. “We are just trying to figure out what your style should be, so we know where to shop.”

“Now I have to have a style? When does this end?”

“In six months, now come on”

As they walked through the mall several girls passing the other direction noticed Brian, their lingering stares unnoticed by him, but not by Angela and Missy. “Looks like our boy is turning some heads” Angela said, and Missy nodded. Walking into the men’s store, they were immediately met by a sales clerk. She made a bee line right to Brian, ignoring Missy and Angela. “Can I help you handsome” she said, and Brian looked behind to see who she was talking to. Angela and Missy laughed. “Yes, you can” Angela answered for Brian. But can you please check back with us in 15 minutes?”

“Of course,” she answered, her eyes still on Brian.

“Come on lover boy” Angela said, pulling the still clueless Brian by his sleeve. Brian followed them as they picked out a shirt, pants, socks, shoes and a belt. They turned to Brian. “You’ll need to try these on, dressing room is right over there” Angela said, shoving the clothes into Brian’s hands. Brian looked down at the clothes, then turned toward the dressing room. Missy and Angela followed him. He stopped at the entrance. “Where are you two going?”

“In with you” Missy answered. “The dressing rooms are unisex brother.”

“Unisex, are you serious?”

“Don’t worry, they have doors on the changing rooms.”

Brian entered a fitting room and tried to close the door, but Missy held it open. “We just want to see the shirt on you, we’ll leave right after that.”

“I still don’t see what’s wrong with my clothes.” Brain protested again.

Angela grabbed a handful of Brian’s frumpy shirt. “This shirt is for a heavy-set man, see all this material” she said. “You have an athletic body, and you need to wear a fitted shirt.”

“Fitted shirt? But this shirt fits.”

“Trust me” Angela continued, laughing.

Brian hesitated, then reluctantly started removing his shirt.

“Wow, when did you get muscles?” Missy said, surprised at her brother’s new build.

“Oh, the guys have me in the weight room and coach Miller has me eating more calories. They said I’m too skinny.”

“Whatever they are doing, it’s working” Angela added.

“I had enough muscles to move around. That should suffice.”

“That does suffice” Missy agreed, putting air quotes around the word ‘suffice,” for the chemistry lab. But not for a Greenville Dragon’s basketball player.”

Suddenly the sales clerk appeared. She saw the shirtless Brian and bit her bottom lip. “I thought you might like to try these on” she said, staring at Brian’s lithe physique. Brian looked at Missy, who reached out to take the clothes from her. “Thank you” she said, but the sales clerk just stood there. “Thank you” Missy said a little louder, and the salesclerk finally turned to leave. Missy and Angela looked at each other and laughed.

Brian pulled the perfect fitting shirt on. His back, shoulder and bicep muscles popped out of the smooth material. He buttoned up the shirt and turned toward Angela and Missy.
“That” Angela said, adjusting Brian’s collar, “is more like it. Now the pants.”

“Okay, but now you two have to go.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have anything I want to see, trust me” Angela said, laughing. “Me either” Missy added, holding up her hand and laughing too. “But you have to come out and show us when you have everything on. Agreed?”

“Agreed” Brian nodded, closing the changing room door. Missy and Angela waited, and Brian came out shortly, as promised.

“Is that my bother?” Missy said walking toward Brian with her mouth partly open. His midnight blue, tight fitting shirt was tucked into dark, tapered jeans and his black leather shoes shined under the store lights.

“Am I good, or what” Angela added. “And surprise, surprise, Brian, you actually have a butt” she added, spinning Brian around and laughing. Brian turned his head to check out his behind.

“Now those clothes are definitely you” came the voice of the sales clerk.

“We’ll take them” Missy told her, and the sales clerk said “great” without taking her eyes off Brian. “I’ll take you at the register” she added.

“Oh, hold on, my other clothes are still in the dressing room” Brian said, turning to retrieve them.
“Best leave them” Angela said, grabbing him and pointing him toward the register. “They’ll dispose of them properly” she added, laughing.

“I guess I am wearing these clothes out” Brian told the sales clerk.

“No problem” she said. “I just have to scan the tags” and she picked up a scanning gun. She moved in close to Brian’s face. “Let me scan your shirt first” she said, making eye contact with Brian and smiling. “Now your pants, it’s in the back here” she said. “Now your belt...ummm…the bar code is on the inside of the belt in the front” she said playfully, twisting the belt to expose the price tag. “Don’t be shy now” she said with a wink, scanning the final price tag of Brian’s fresh new dudes. “Last one” she added, making a sad face and hesitating briefly before moving back behind the counter.

“Thank you” Brian said to her. “You’ve been a very helpful sales clerk.”

“Actually, I’m a wardrobe consultant” she said. “Here’s my card.” Brian reached out to take the card from her. “I put my personal cell phone number on the back” she continued. “In case you have any questions.”

Brian looked at the card. Staci Johnson-Wardrobe Consultant was stenciled on the front. Brian turned the card over. ‘Staci’ was written in hand on the back along with a phone number. There was a small heart drawn over the “i” in Staci. Brian looked back up at her and she smiled and winked.

Brian, Missy and Angela headed out the door to the car. “Wow” Angela laughed. “My girl was flirting hard.”

“Yeah she was” Missy agreed, then turning to Brian, “I think you’re ready for your party. But cut those tags off your clothes first” she added, laughing.


Brian pulled up to Woody’s house and checked the time. 10:10. Angela was right, he thought to himself, there are not a lot of cars here for a party. I guess I am too early. He hesitated for a few more minutes, then opened the car door and headed up to the house. The storm door was closed but the front door was open, so he pulled the storm door and walked in. The sound of laughter drew him to the front room of the house. Tray Timmons and Dino Adams were on the couch with game controls in their hands, frantically working the buttons. The game they were playing was on the huge tv in front of them. Tray saw Brian standing at the entrance to the room. “Ferco, hey, get in here man.” Dino glanced up at Brian, then turned back to the tv screen. “Hey Ferco” Tray continued. “Go grab yourself something to drink. Kitchen is down the hall to the left. When you come back you can have winners.”

“Winners?” Brian answered, noticing the water bottles in front of the two of them.

“Yeah. You ever play this game before?”

Brian looked at the tv. The characters whizzed around the screen in a dazzling display of light and sound and Brian wondered how they even knew what they were looking at.

“I’ve never played any video game before.”

Tray and Dino both stopped pushing buttons and looked at Brian.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Brian didn’t answer, and the sound of an explosion on the television made Tray and Dino turn their attention back to the screen.

“Aw, see what you did Ferco, you got me killed” Tray said, returning to rapidly pushing the buttons on his control.

Brian got a horrified look in his face.

“I’m just messing with you Ferco” Tray said, his face breaking into a smile. “You’ve got to learn to relax Ferco, take the lab coat off once in a while and let your hair down. Although I have to say, I like your new hairstyle.”

Dino looked at Brian. “Oh yeah, you did get your hair cut” he said, pausing. “I like the old style better” he added, turning back to the game.

“What, the shaggy dog look? Don’t listen to him Ferco, it’s a 100% improvement.”

Brian wasn’t sure why a haircut would be an improvement, but he smiled and said, “thank you.”

“You’re welcome” Tray said. “Now go get something to drink, and when you come back, I’m gonna kick your butt on this game just like I’m kicking old Dino’s butt here.”

“Check the score” Dino countered.

“Hold on…” Tray said, twisting his body as he worked his control. “There…” he said as Dino’s character exploded on the screen. “You were killed by Traymaster. That’s my screen name, Ferco, Traymaster.”

“Lucky shot” Dino protested, “that’s all.”

Tray and Dino turned their attention back to the game, and Brain got up and walked down the hallway, passing under an archway and into the kitchen. Woody was standing next to the island counter in the middle of the kitchen, pouring steak sauce onto a platter of steaks. He paused when he saw Brian, then looked back down and continued marinating the steaks. “I didn’t think you would show up, Ferco” he said, finally.

“You invited me” Brian offered.

“I know I invited you” Woody said, sounding annoyed. “I still didn’t think you’d show” he added, waving the bottle of steak sauce in the air.

“It would be rude of me not to show up after you took the time to invite me.”

Woody paused and looked at Brian, then went back to prepping the steaks.  Brian looked past Woody out the sliding patio doors at the back of the kitchen. Even at night Brian could see there was a lake behind the house, the full moon shimmering off the silver water. “This is a nice house Woody. What do your parents do?”

“They are both heart surgeons” Woody answered without looking up.

Brian could not help but be surprised.

“Does that shock you” Woody said, interpreting Brian’s silence. Brian assumed any answer he gave would be wrong. “They sound like interesting people. I would like to meet them someday.”

Woody stopped and looked at Brian. He set the steak sauce bottle down and scooped the tray of steaks up with one hand. “Maybe, someday” he said, licking steak sauce off the fingers of his free hand. “But not tonight. They’re not here. They’re attending a lecture on non-invasive, vascular surgery.” Brian was again, shocked to hear Woody use the word ‘vascular,’ but, again, said nothing.

“Anyway Ferco, never let it be said Woody Bear was a bad host. You’re here, so make yourself at home. My house is your house, anything you want, no need to ask, just take it.”

“Thank you” was all Brian could think of to say.

“I gotta go put these steaks on. You like steak Ferco?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Great, how do you like yours cooked, and don’t say well done. I refuse to cook a steak well done.”

Brian looked at Woody. “I’ll take mine the same way you have yours.”

Woody returned Brian’s look and almost smiled. “Alright Ferco. I’ll let you guys know when the food is done,” and with that, Woody turned and disappeared down the other hallway. Brian walked over to the oversized, silver refrigerator and pulled the door open. No signs of a party in here, he thought, just your normal refrigerator items. Brian looked for something to drink; bottles of water, a couple of cans of sugar free Redbull, a few Gatorade bottles, soda and diet soda. Brian took a bottle of water and closed the refrigerator door. He looked around the spacious kitchen. No sign of alcohol, save a couple of bottles of unopened wine, sitting contently in a four-hole wine rack resting on the counter. The sudden sound of laughter and an “aw, man” echoed down the hallway, so Brian headed back to where Tray and Dino were playing their game.

“Ferco, man, get in here and get ready for a lesson in game play.”

“Better learn how to play yourself before you take on a padawan” Dino replied, and Brian perked up at the Star Wars reference.

“Are we the only ones here?” Brian asked.

“No, I think everyone is here. Everyone except Kirk.”

Of course, Brian thought. Kirk didn’t come because he is Kirk.

“He’s at some function tonight” Tray continued, then looked at Brian. “His little brother is autistic” and Brian felt immediate shame for what he had just been thinking.

Brian looked around.

“Oh, they are all downstairs” Tray said, seeing Brian’s reaction. “We have a friendly pool tournament going on.”

“Friendly, huh” Dino said, laughing. “Don’t listen to him, Ferco, it’s cutthroat down there.”

Brian put his hand to his throat.

“Hey, are you any good at pool Ferco?”

“I understand the geometry needed to make a successful shot.”

“Great, you can be my partner” Tray said, elbowing Dino as he said it.

“Better take all the shots, Brian” Dino said, laughing.

“He’s right. I suck at pool.”

“If you play pool like you dunk Ferco you’ll destroy everyone” Dino said.

“Yeah Ferco, you have serious hops” Tray added.

“Hops, like they use in making beer?” Brian asked, completely confused.

“No Ferco, hops, you know, air, your jumping ability, man I am so jealous, and I never thought I’d be jealous of a short white guy when it came to basketball.”

“Ditto” agreed Dino.

“But you two are both proficient scorers” Brian argued.

“Nobody cares about proficient scorers Ferco” Tray said still concentrating on the game on the screen.

“Are you telling me you cannot dunk a basketball” Brian asked.

“Nope, I got a serious case of white-man’s disease” Tray said, laughing.

“Me too” Dino added.

Brian did not get the reference. “I just assumed it was the same as any other play on the court that resulted in 2-points” he said.

“Ferco, the fact that a dunk scores 2-points is only ten percent of it. The other 90% of being able to dunk has nothing to do with scoring” Tray explained. “You ask any boy, no any male, no, anyone who plays sports. If they could do one thing in sports, what would it be? Guarantee the answer would be dunk a basketball. Sure, some guys would say hit a home-run or throw a pitch 100 miles per hour, but 90% of them would tell you I want to dunk a ball. You can do what few guys in this league can do, Ferco, seriously.”

“Yeah,” Dino added. “And you can do it in traffic, which is even tougher.”

“Traffic?” Brian asked.

“Don’t you know any slang, Ferco” Tray said laughing. “Traffic, you know, a crowd of players around you when you go up to dunk. Traffic.”

Tray and Dino returned their attention to the game.

“So, when does the party start?” Brian asked, noticing the quiet of the house.

“What do you mean? This is the party” Tray said without looking at Brian.

“But what about the beer and topless girls?”

Again, Dino and Tray stopped playing and looked at Brian.

“Beer and topless girls, wow Ferco, what parties are you going to and can I come with you next time?” Tray said, laughing loudly.

“Me too” Dino added.

“No Ferco, this is it. The party is in high gear” Tray said, he and Dino turning back to the game.

Brain sat quietly, his eyes on the tv, trying to understand the game they were playing.

“Where is the rest room?” Brian asked finally.

“Right down the hall, you can’t miss it” Tray said without taking his eyes off the tv.

Brain stood up and grabbed his water bottle, remembering what he had read once about drinks being spiked at parties, but seeing Tray and Dino engrossed in their game, set the bottle back down. He walked down the hallway, passing a set of steps. He paused at the top, the sound of pool balls clicking off each other rising up the stairs, mixed with muffled conversation. He continued down the hall. There was music coming from a softly lit room and a girl sitting by herself, her eyes closed, head tilted, obviously lost in the mellow music. It was Doris. The sound of Brian at the room entrance made her open her eyes.

“Hello Brian” she said.


“Come in, sit down, keep me company.”

Brain moved to the chair opposite Doris and sat down. Doris smiled at him, then closed her eyes again.

“Do you like music” she asked.

“When I have time to listen, but I usually listen to classical music.”

“Oh, I love the Liebestraum No. 2 in C major” she responded. “It’s so erotic” and she looked at Brian, who dropped his eyes.

“I liked your answer to the Perfect Harmony problem in calculus the other day. You know there is a shorter solution to that?” Brian said.

“I know, I gave the long answer on purpose.”

“You did, why?”

“To keep Mr. Bennett on his toes” Doris answered, smiling, and again Brian dropped his eyes. “Are you enjoying the party?” she continued.

“Yes, very much so, although it’s not what I was expecting, at least, not what I was told to expect.”

“This I have to hear, what were you told to expect?”

“Let’s just say it involved activities none of us are old enough to participate in” and at that, Doris laughed out loud. Brian smiled too.

“You won’t find any of that here. These guys don’t drink, they don’t smoke, and they all watch what they eat. They have a single focus, winning the state title this year, and they won’t let anything stop them, not even you. Are you sure you’re ready for this?

“Yes, I am.”

Doris smiled and leaned toward Brian. “I love a man with confidence.”

They both fell silent.

“You and Kirk make a nice-looking couple” Brian said finally.

“You think so?” she answered. “I always thought he was a little too tall for me, that I should be with someone, well, someone your height. What do you think, Brian? Think we would fit together?”

This time Brian didn’t drop his eyes, holding Doris’ gaze. “I would be foolish to say no.”

“Yes, you would” Doris replied, leaning toward him and smiling. “Well, I represented for Kirk long enough. Time to turn this party over to you guys. Walk me to my car?” she said, rising. Brian rose with her.

“I really enjoyed talking with you tonight” Brian said as he walked Doris down the driveway. She pushed a button on her key fob, and the light’s lit up on a sleek, jet-black BMW.

“Well, this is me” she said.

Brian leaned over and pulled the car door open for her. Doris stepped behind the door, then turned to face him. “I real gentleman is so sexy” she said, then leaned and kissed him, lingering for just a second. She slid into the car, then steered down the driveway. Brian watched until her car lights disappeared around the corner, then he turned and headed back inside.

“Ferco, where have you been” Tray said. “Get in here. Dino, give Ferco your control.”

Dino slid the control down the coffee table toward Brian.

“Now, you sure you never played this game before, Ferco?”

“No, never.”

“I better not find out you’re lying to me Ferco” he added, getting a serious look on his face.

Brian, again, looked horrified.

“I am just messing with you, Ferco” Tray quickly said with a wide smile. “You have to learn to relax, man.”

Brian picked up the control and smiled.

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