I don't know how to describe this thing... okay, I'll try... wait... How about: "Insanity and adventures of one me on one imaginary competition?" Huh? How do you mean no? Well, then you describe it, I'm out of ideas :|

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The story is not suitable for age under 16, potentially depressing, disturbing and shocking scenes, auto destructive scenes, the use of a... Read Chapter


Another silly morning of my life and there were too many of them if you asked me. I knew that, if they saw me, questions would be directe... Read Chapter


The new challenge required us to go north and the vehicle was a train. Although it sounded easy we had half an hour to get on a train tha... Read Chapter


The next day we went from the north to the west in an unusual manner- with a balloon. In addition to the group there was another expert m... Read Chapter


The next day we went to the next city with karting cars. More or less we all arrived at a similar time, it was interesting to drive in a ... Read Chapter


I went into the room and left things on the bed. Through the window I looked a city that looked like a completely foreign place, not as t... Read Chapter


DISCUSSION What "Ready For Action- Before The End" and this story have in common is that both have begun- in a dream. Yes, I dreamed ... Read Chapter

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Book / Literary Fiction

Book / Literary Fiction