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Late at night, I go to bed.

I sleep away my pain and dread.

I dream of happiness and love,

and fantasies my mind thinks of.


I dream of crimson peaks,

And madman story speaks,

Old tales of brave knights,

Nightly talker takes flights.


I dream of watching a sunset,

And my favorite childhood pets.

I dream of my old home.

The place that I used to roam.


I fly through the night sky,

along with a thousand fireflies.

All of my troubles evaporate in the atmosphere

and I hope they never reappear.


My sheet becomes a cotton cloud,

or tightening up, becomes a shroud.

Calm my worries, let me be

and in to happiness flow free.


But when I wake I turn away

I cannot face the light of day

The shadows shield me, to elaborate

They don't let my emotions detonate.


Although my dreams are pretty odd,

often confusing, always flawed,

I grow eager knowing that every night,

holds a different adventure in sight.


Everything I touch turns bright,

I had never seen this much light.

A flower blooms amidst the dark,

Oh, such a wonderful dream,

that was my heart.


Nothing is more easy than love,

Nothing more uphill,

Nothing more enlightening,

Nothing more insipid

and so this dream taught,

don't relentlessly pursue outside,

something that exists within your heart


Except that most nights I don't dream,

My life filled with

Sleepless nights,

Loud thoughts,

Silent screams,

Stifled dreams ,

But when the dreams come ,

Even rarely,

I embrace them,

Even if I don't always know what they mean.


Those rare moments of liquid silver,

The ones that burst into supernovas

At the skim of fingertips.

Those dreams that take away from

An endless abyss of ebony,

Asphyxiated in tenacious tar.


Lost in the souls of one another

Looking for my lost lover

Liquid courage creeps into my veins

Making it look so easy or perhaps it seems

My dream suddenly stops in a blur

Was that me or just the pain I endure


Whenever my chest rejoices, flashing like glitter infused clay

My laughter swinging ethereal,

in heliocentrical ballet

Barefoot I flounder cautious, awaiting claws swirling on chalk;

Fearing that these

heartdrums are nothing

But the thundering

of my alarm clock


Submitted: April 01, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Bruvton. All rights reserved.

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Ah, this one has to be my favorite so far, Bruvton! I love the uniqueness and diversity of all the different verses.

Mon, April 1st, 2019 8:05pm


Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I love your amazing contributions!!

Mon, April 8th, 2019 11:49am

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