Encounters With Ghosts And Shadowpeople

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This is a short article of the things that have happened to me over the years. Whether it was supernatural, or just my mind playing tricks on me, well, you be the judge.

Submitted: April 01, 2019

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Submitted: April 01, 2019



Over the years, i've had had my share  of experiences with what i guess my be called the supernatural. Seeing the shapes of people out of the corner of my eye, or hearing noises when there was no one there. Things falling off the wall, or the movement of items that i didn't move, but somehow ended up in a different place. Let me start with some ghost encounters i've had.

In the early 90s, i was living on the second floor of my moms house. It was five rooms, and it was easy to maintain. In the hallway was a door that led to the attic. I always kept it lock. The things that were up there was only Christmas light, and a few other items that were used very rarely throughout the year. But, sometimes when i had to go up there, my cat would sneak up behind me and wonder around the attic. We had four small doors in the walls of the attic, they were used for extra storage. But the times when i had them open, he would scoot around me and go in to have a look see. Sometimes the only way to get him out was getting some of his dry food to coax him out.

One night, it was in the summer and it was warm and a bit muggy. I really don't like to use the air conditioner, so i had a fan on and the windows were open. Lying in bed, i heard the sounds of footsteps coming down the attic stairs. I had the bedroom door open so i can  to let the air circulate around the upstairs.The stairs would give that creaking sound like you would hear in some old movie. Besides, the house that i lived in was built in 1911, so why shouldn't the stairs creak. 

Upon hearing this, i thought that my cat had gone up the stairs without me knowing. And i was thinking to myself that i wasn't in the attic all that day, but maybe my mom was, and the cat got up there without her knowing. I get up from the bed to go into the hallway. I get to the attic door, by this time i didn't hear any footsteps or even a meow. I unlocked the door, and as i opened the door, there was no cat, but what it was, it was a very cool breeze that blew by me. Now remember, this was a warm muggy night, and the attic was hotter then other parts of the house.I turned on the lights to the attic, and i climbed up the stairs to see if the cat was there. But, he wasn't just me, the Christmas decorations, and other items. And maybe the spirit. 

This other story happened about a year later from the first. Again, i was lying in bed, and i had my face turned towards the wall. While you are lying in bed, you know that feeling when someone sits at the edge of the bed, the sheets and blanket gets pulled down towards that person sitting at the end of the bed because of their weight on the bed.

Well, that's what happened. I'm lying on my side, and i felt someone sit at the edge of my bed. Their weight pulling the sheets and blanket away from me. I thought it was my cat. So, i said, "Lucky, get off the bed." in a half sleep tone of  voice. I felt what i thought was my cat get off the bed, but then again, i felt the weight on the bed, this time more about my waist area. So, again i said," Lucky, get off the bed.", now i'm more awake. I'm still sleeping on my side, facing the wall, when i felt that weight again. This time, it was right up against the back of my head. Now, i'am awake, and the weight that was behind me didn't feel like the weight of an 8lb cat. This felt like human weight. I turned around slowly, as i was turning around, i said very slowly, Lucky, is that you?", i was hoping maybe the cat had gained some weight. I turned around and nobody was there. No cat, no spook, no ghoul.

In the apartment that i live in now, over the years, i've had had some things happen here also. One night i was awoken by the sound of something falling to the ground. I get up from my bed, and i get into the kitchen. There on the floor, was the kitchen clock. The silver frame that surrounded the clock had come off. But the inner frame, which is black, made the clock look better because i have two small pictures that are in black frames under where i hang the clock. There was no way that clock should have fallen off the wall. I had the nail bent up  in an "L" shape so you had to lift the clock up and off the nail. I checked the nail to see if it was still in the wall, and yep, it was still there. Maybe the spirit felt that the clock would look better if the silver frame was off also.

Another thing that goes on in my apartment, is that about once a week, or every ten days, i will hear a single knock on either my front door, or on the bathroom door. It doesn't bother me none. If they need to use the bathroom, as long as they flush the toilet.

As for shadowpeople, yes i have seen them in my apartment. They are small about 3-4 ft in height, and have a human shape to them. The ones i see tend to hide by the oven that is near the hallway leading out the the front of the apartment. Or, i have seen some slither across the floor, also in the kitchen. If they like being in the kitchen so much, why don't they cook for me once in awhile. 

I also had some neighbors in my building say they to have seen shadowpeople, or things. One lady told me she was lying in bed working with her laptop when at the end of her bed, she saw something hop along the blanket, like a rabbit.

Now, here is the kicker. We have a tenant in our building who is a ghost hunter. As i write this article, he is in upstate New York doing an investigation. I should know, cause i'm watching his cat. But that is o.k. his cat is really friendly. We have talked about these things that i have experienced as well as other things involving ghosts. So, maybe if he has the time, he could do some snooping around our place.But, in previous conversations, he is a bit leary of doing investigations where he lives. He feels that it could bring other entities into the building and might make the situtation more "interesting."

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