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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Games!

Continue these poems with people from five different websites! Give new readers juicy samples of your amazing work, and unite with a whole new writing community!

Table of Contents

Add Zest to This Poem!

Sometimes life is boring. It needs a little zest. Pizzazz, pop, power. Excitement and no rest. When life gets you down, step out ... Read Chapter

Spice Up Your Life

(In order of stanza):


Sparaxis (Teen Ink)

hullabaloo22 (Booksie)

Jezzy Jay (Booksie)

The Dreamer (Write The World)

debadityadutta (Commaful)

soothrain (Commaful)

zinariyapoetry (Commaful)

Christy Wisdom (Write The World)

catchy (Commaful)

RomanBoukreev (Booksie)

philmichaelwebs (Commaful)

alanasingh (Commaful)
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Life Be Like That Sometimes

Continue this poem with a brief poetic rant if you want, I guess.
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Life Gave Us Rotten Lemons

Credits (in order of stanzas): Bruvton Jezzy Jay (Booksie) Christy Wisdom (Write The World) The Dreamer (Write The World) doglsinwriter1 (Commaful) somebody (Commaful) susieq333 (Commaful)
soothrain (Commaful) in (Commaful) CatWriter (Booksie) Sohaaaaail (Booksie) RomanBoukreev (Booksie)
Read Chapter

Pie To The Face

Sometimes life throws a pie in your face. Sometimes you get lost in a scary place. At least you've got a free pie. Eat it! A ... Read Chapter

Life's Sour Lemons

Credits (in order of appearance): Bruvton Jezzy Jay (Booksie) hullabaloo22 (Booksie) Christy Wisdom (Write The World) Forrest Obzerveer (Booksie) u53rn4m3 (Commaful) soothrain (Commaful)
debadityadutta (Commaful) BloomedWilted (Wattpad) S-Ingrate (Wattpad) RomanBoukreev (Booksie)
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Life has a purpose, it's what everyone knows. We gather experiences, our knowledge grows. We do what we need, what we want, that'... Read Chapter


Credits (in order of appearance): Bruvton hullabaloo22 (Booksie) Kevin Broughton (Booksie) rene_koi (Commaful) X3 maenad (Commaful) debadityadutta (Commaful) Jezzy Jay (Booksie) X3 Derina Penn
(Booksie) X3 Roman Boukreev (Booksie) X4
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I want to find someone who makes time fly. I want to say hello and never need to say goodbye. I want to fall in love and become e... Read Chapter

The Perfect Match

Credits (in order of stanza): Bruvton, hullabaloo22 (Booksie), alexxxxx (Commaful), Derina Penn (Booksie), missmystry (Commaful), qimagine (Commaful), notice_me_maybe (Commaful), debadityadutta
(Commaful), sophiarose22 (Commaful), parislouise (Commaful), Jezzy Jay (Booksie)
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Recent Comments


With a sprinkling of pepper and a dash of spice
we'll start off an adventure that's sure to turn out nice.
Ice cream cones to cool us down if it gets too hot
and hotdogs with some mustard when it just is not.

Mon, April 1st, 2019 7:52pm


I love it! Thanks again for another amazing stanza!

Mon, April 8th, 2019 12:02pm


If your life is boring and you feel nausea,
Try to remember what you did or made,
You can recall something that you had not an idea.
If you start to recall and you don't see anything,
It doesn't mean that actually, you feel everything.
Life is a succession of your wins and your defeats.
Defeated from time to time, you can win at any time.
I don't believe that you have no anything that you're proud of,
But if you feel the sadness, you can't see it anymore.
You did something that you can proud of, don't tell me.
I know, it's real and you among good people's wings.
And you have some wins.

Mon, April 1st, 2019 11:10pm


I love this! Thanks for participating again!

Mon, April 8th, 2019 12:18pm

Jezzy Jay

So pack your bags
And go get dressed
The world awaits you
Better look your best

Get on that plane
Don't turn around
Who cares were you're going
There's fun to be found

Forget about your worries
Atleast just for today
Go do something crazy
Before your head has her say

Something like that
Jezzy Jay

Sat, April 6th, 2019 11:29am


It's awesome! Thank you so much for participating!

Mon, April 8th, 2019 12:19pm

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