Fire Wind Red (Part 2 of 5)

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The second short story in the Fire Wind Red series. After the first killer has been discovered Redordo must deal with the aftermath and must head home to her egg.

Submitted: April 02, 2019

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Submitted: April 02, 2019



The moon filled my eyes as he hobbled over towards me, “That human did not have a chance to shoot at me, only a chance to attack with a hand ax. Bah, a flesh wound nothing more, he did get to knock me down briefly as he flew by. Chasing after you, with a jump like that he must have saw a hunt worth having. That’s a neat illusion with the dragon thing.” I was still in shock by what had just happened as I stood there naked covering up as best I could. Fran-Kin walked over to me and handed me a blanket he was wearing, “come, let me get you to the fire and warm you up.” We walked for a moment in silence past the body of Tonk, past the line of trees and he sat me down by the fire and handed me a mug. “thank you, I… I have never been so... angry, I know what happened in the past, and I know the pact that was created but, he was so joyful about the chance to kill me. I have never seen a human like that before. Not in person anyway. How do you deal with people like that?” Fran-kin shrugged, “It is not something humans really deal with. They don’t have the time or care enough to worry about anything past their own village let alone these killers that roam the lands in hiding taking people as they will. It’s a tough life out here in the wilds, but not much better in the city. Everyone out for themselves. I always thought that the pacts and treaties would make the world a better place but not so much. The crime has made everyone overly fearful and mistrusting of others making everyone on edge. You helping to uncover what Tonk was doing will probably clear up a lot of fear and solve some missing persons cases. We should go into the next town and see the Psychometrist I think her name is Ellie, she can read those bones and see who they may have belonged to.” I frowned, “are you sure she will help?” Fran-Kin smiled, which was a touch startling, “heh, you and she will find you have a bit in common as you are both a bit different that you seem.”


As many times as I have carried and moved dead things putting Tonks body in the cart and driving towards the village gave me the creeps and made my stomach turn. I was all to happy to get out of the cart when we arrived in the small town and I could move away from the cart. Fran-Kin walked in to a small outpost had a tired looking man behind a small counter in a small ramshackle house at the entrance of the village. There were no markings on the building but when Fran-Kin talked to the man behind the counter nodded a few times and the two of them headed out to the cart and the man and Fran-Kin looked at the body of Tonk for a few minutes. Fran-Kin waved me over. As I walked over to them the man stuck out his hand, which I took, “Morning miss, I am Terrance, as I was telling your friend here, this man was wanted in question for some recent disappearances, but he has been hard to find and its even harder out here to find proof of someone doing a crime.  I will be taking care of the body for you, and once you two have confirmed the evidence with Ellie we will inform any families affected by this tragedy.” I nodded, “who else looks into these types of things who we can talk to? I want to make sure that we can leave someone behind who can look in to more of these types of cases.” Terrance shrugged, “you guys are the first. There is no law out here, no government to speak of. Everything goes through me as the city elder. I am more than happy to take care of these monsters on the backend if you will, but tracking and capturing, no people to help with that.” I nodded again, starting to question my involvement and how deep I was getting into this mess. We all shook hands and headed over to the center of town to find the house where Ellie lived.

It was a tiny house, so small in fact that we would not be able to fit, as the house only came up to my chest. We knocked on the door with a finger and within a few moments a tiny woman stepped out of the house. “hello, can I help you?” I smiled at the tiny woman and her tiny bell like voice. “Are you Ellie? We were told you might be able to help us.” She looked at us both for a moment, “yes I guess I could help, but I would prefer you come inside. Let me adjust the house to fit you.” The house stared growing as she said that and soon enough it was big enough for use to fit inside and sit comfortably in the chairs that Ellie directed us to and offered us some tea. “So, what brings you to my tiny door?” she was barely visible in the oversize chair as she sat across from us. I took a sip of the tea and started, “I was hoping you could help identify something we found, well somethings, they are a little creepy, but we really need the help.” Ellie tilled her head and looks at us for a moment, “and what do I get out of this?” Fran-Kin grunted, “you get to give some closure to families and peace to those who have died.” Ellie nodded somberly, “That is a very good answer. I get so many who want revenge, power, money or some other self-serving truth that I have to ask a test question to see their real purpose.” I grabbed the bag from my side and opened it up and handed it to her. For the next hour we watched her touch and moved the bones into two piles. “this pile is human,” she said pointing to the smaller pile, “and this pile,” pointing to the other pile, “are all animals, I am assuming you want to know who the humans were?” We both nodded at the same time. “ok, it will take some time to confirm identity of the bones, but I can confirm that there are 4 victims here and all of them human, and I can feel that they were all local.” I nodded, “can you tell how they died or see who killed them?” she looked at us sadly, “I may be able to if they saw the killer before they died, but it is not always clear. You may need a necromancer to find out exactly who killed them.” Fran-Kin grunted. “I know one who might be able to help, but I rather work with you.” I agreed with Fran-Kin and we took our leave to let her work with the bones. Fran-Kin and I went to a local café and got some food on my dime. “I think we need some people to help us if you are going to make this a thing you do.” I looked at him for a moment in shock. “What? I am not doing this, its just this once, I need to go home, I have a family, a life, I can’t be out here hunting killers that I can’t do anything about even if I catch them. There is no prisons or place to keep them and we can’t just go around killing people who have murdered others.” Fran-Kin chewed for a few moments thinking about that. “Well I have two thoughts first, we can talk to the necromancer, maybe they would know what to do with evil souls, the other options are we turn them over to whatever local authorities we can find and hope for the best.” I chewed my steak slowly thinking to myself, “ I think there is another option, but we would need a sponsor, someone with money, we can get someone to sponsor a rehabilitation center for these people or at least a place to put them away where they can’t do any more harm. But that does not change the fact that I need to go home.” Fran-Kin grunted, “well, how about this, I will try to find a sponsor for what you suggest, we get this issue taken care of and then you head home, check in and then come back. How does that sound?” I sat for a moment thinking, would that be worth it, would hunting theses monsters to protect this world and potentially my own child be worth this amount of travel? I mean it’s not much of a question at the end of the day. “Fine, I will go home after we have this issue taken care of. After that I will return and see who I can get to replace me and see what you have gotten figured out. But I do have one question, what do you get out of this?” Fran-Kin shrugged, “I am tired of wandering around without any purpose besides transporting hunters from one place to another. I am ready to do something useful.”


That evening we headed back to Ellies place and knocked on the still enlarged house. She opened the door looking very tired and warn around the edges. She had us sit down again and she sat and stared off into space for a few moments before she started to speak. “I... I have not seen such things before, as what happened to these poor people, they did not die peacefully, He took his time with them making sure they did not die quickly. For all of them I could confirm that the same man did the killing, a man they all knew, he hunted them down for hours, as if a game while they ran through the forest in fear. I have their names and the name of their killer. It was a man named Tonk hunted them and then took his time killing them. Here is the list of names of those killed. I would like to work with the city elder to reach out to the families myself if that’s ok?” we both nodded, “look I am trying to put together a group of people who have special skills that can help find killers like this and find ways to stop them from terrorizing locals by putting them away. Would you be interested in joining us? They may not be much money in it at first, but you will be helping people all over this world.” Ellie sat the staring off into space for a moment, “yes, as hard as it was to do, to feel what those people went through, I am glad ii was able to find out who their killer was and be able to give their families some sense of closure to what happened to their loved ones.” I smiled, “yes I feel the same way, what Tonk did was horrible and he stole these peoples lives and their family’s lives. I was grateful that I was able to figure it out in time before he struck again. But I got lucky, I may not get as lucky next time and having people with a unique set of skills that can help capture these monsters.” Ellie nodded solemnly<, “I like the way you think. I would like to get started working with the city elder tomorrow morning, for now I need rest. Let me know if you need anything further, or if we are going to be moving somewhere else.” “we will let you know. We are not leaving until this is all settled. I will have you and Fran-Kin work together to find a sponsor for a facility to keep these monsters and I will be going home for a few days but after that we will figure out how to find more of these people to stop.”

The next morning, I left the café after a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast and went to check in with the team. Fran-Kin was writing letters to some of his contacts and muttering to himself. “what’s wrong?” “humph, we will need a faster means of communication if this is ever going to work.” “ok how?” He looked thoughtful for a moment, “we need to find a scryer, some one who can transmit information over long distances to other scryers, it would take a bit of work to set up, but it would be faster than these letters.” “I agree, we would need to do some legwork to get this kind of system set up. Who would we need to talk to so we can start building this network?” Fran-Kin shrugged, “Well I think that some of my contacts might know. So, for now letters it is and maybe we will gain some more information. Like where the nearest scryer is. I think I have things covered on my end, you should check in with Ellie and then you should be cleared to head home the mountains are only a half day away. That should give you a better head start towards home than where you started from.” I smiled at him, “yes, it is better than where I started from. I will be glad to see my home again, even if it for a bit. I will come back to finish this and put something in place with you that will prevent others lives from becoming destroyed like these poor peoples.” We nodded at each other and I left to go find Ellie.

I Found Ellie at the city elders building talking to him over his counter. “I have managed to reach out to the relatives that live near here who knew some of the victims but there are more two city’s back towards the hunter’s village. I would need a transport and some protection to the village and back again.”  Terrance nodded, “yes that would be possible, I have a cousin who has a sword and a horse who can help you out. Once you get back, we can maybe we can set up a more long-term arrangement for travel to areas around here and beyond.” I walked up to Ellie, “so it looks like you are making headway here?” she smiled, “Yes, it is looking very good, I will be following up with the last families over the next few days.” “good work! I am glad you decided to help with this issue. I am leaving for about a week to take care of some family things. Please help Fran-Kin out as need may need some help with some of the details of the set up of what we are trying to build.” Ellie gave me a smile, “take care of your family and we will be here waiting for you when you return. I will be more than happy to help that grumpy old dwarf as needed.” “thank you, Ellie, and thank you Terrance for help us out. I will see you all in about a week.”

Flying home over the mountains was so much easier than flying out here was, the wind was in my favor and the 2 or so days of riding before flying the rest of the way helped as well. Before I knew it, the rocky crags of Drangonfell loomed up in front of me. I soon saw the cave where had made my nest. I landed gently and could soon smell the jasmine that my sister loved to spread all over. I climbed into the cave and made a small roar to announce my presence. I was happy and surprised when I heard to roars in return. I walked into the back room and saw my beautiful pink gossamer colored sister playing with a small purple dragon who has some emerald green streaks down its back. I new where those streaks had come from and smiled to myself. “welcome to the world little one, I am your mother, Redordo  Dragonspawn, have you uncovered your name yet?” the little dragon walked up to me and started sniffing me gently, it nodded its head in approval, “yes you are my mother, I can smell me on you, and no I have not uncovered my name, I wanted to meet you first.” I smiled, his voice giving away his gender but not his name. “How many days since the shell little one?” he smiled, “it has been a whole day, and aunt Dronomo has been teaching me language and hunting. It has been a fun day. But I missed you without even knowing you. But I am so sleepy now, I need a nap if that’s ok mommy?” I felt my heart warm as he spoke, and I realized in that moment that I had to protect him all the more and staying here was not going to do that. I needed to take him and my sister with me back to the real world and finish what I had inadvertently started.

The next morning I shared some of the meat  I had left from my travels with my son and sister and we feasted in silence for a while before my son spoke, “So mommy, aunt Drooy said you could help me find my name? and how to fly and hunt? Can you do all those things?” my sister laughed at his excitement and looked bemused at me. I smiled broadly showing all my teeth, “you are very eager to learn and grow little one, and I am very excited to teach you all these things and more. But we are going to the world of men so there is a certain order of what I want to teach you.” My sisters face gave me pause, “what are you saying? You are not taking him to the world of those savages? Of those dragon killers? I will not let you just up and leave me behind while you galava…” “hold, on just a second there my dear sister, take a breath, first of all you are coming with me, and second the world out there is not so far away as it once was, and humans are killing other humans for pleasure, like our elders use to. I for one do not want those monsters turning their eyes this way, and we will eventually need to move among them again one the little one is older, there is simply not enough food here anymore.” My sister looked like she was going to say something and then just sighed, “I wish I could argue, I wish Runie was here. I… want to help you in any way I can since he died and left you alone. I will support you in this but only if you promise you will not kill anyone.” I flinched when she said his name, I still hurt so badly, but I shook it off, now was not the time, “yes I can promise that, I am not going to kill anyone. Just food for the hunt with my little one. The Barkin beasts still run rampant and are massive monsters of the deep. We shall head to our new home in a weeks’ time, but for now we have some training to do little one, don’t we?”

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