The Void

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What happens when you're lost in your own illusions...?

It was cold... I felt the dark air with its chilly-ice feeling spread throughout my body. What I’m guessing was an hour passed, and I finally decided to open my eyes. Immediately, the dark corridors of my bedroom greeted me, and I sat up. What had I been feeling other than a dream..? I huffed out a sigh and flipped the sheets off of me, standing up.

My brown-and slightly blonde- hair fell out of place, flowing over my shoulder like a miniature stream. If I were to guess, it was probably frizzy and tangled, as always. I liked to keep it a bit under my shoulders, but my natural curls always made it look a bit shorter. I realized my heart was pounding and tried taking a few deep breaths in order to calm myself down. Breath in….breath out, I told myself. Inside I knew that dream was probably much more than just some crumby old leftover from the gourmet beautiful dream I’d had yesterday.

I took a step forward and was surprised to find that my body was unusually heavier than usual. Not for weight, but it was as if I were too weak to hold myself up. I sighed once again and went to the closet, opening the smooth, deep-brown wood to see my reflection. My hazel eyes seemed a bit darkened, my lips were also cracked a bit, whereas my skin was a bit pale. My hair, as I thought, was frizzy and messy. I opened the drawer of my dresser and pulled out a black t-shirt. I also pulled out a pair of deep gray pants, which reached a bit above my ankles, grabbing a pair of socks afterward. I closed the drawers and left one of the doors -the one with the mirror- and stepped back into the center of the room. I tried my best to clear my mind as I slipped my pajamas off and pulled on a bra and a shirt. On the shirt were little white and silver marks, which I had added to make it look a little less dark. The marks represented a crescent moon, along with the smaller ones being stars. 

After pulling the pants on, I sat down on my bed and pulled the socks on. I grabbed a pair of boots, which I could run in without hurting my ankles or getting sore, and slipped them on as well. I went to the bathroom, brushing my hair, teeth, and applying my deodorant. I returned to my closet to grab a sweater. Since I lived in New York City, and it was around December or January, I’d probably need one. One sweater, which was relatively my favorite, had deep purple and brighter green stripes. The sweater was soft, easy to put on, and pretty during the winter. 

I grabbed my phone from my desk and the small white headphones I usually used to listen to music on my way to school. I grabbed a winter hat, which was a dark lilac, tugging it on over my ears, which I’d already put my headphones in. I grabbed my backpack and put it on, pressing play on my music and sticking my phone into my sweater pockets.

The day went by quickly, and when I went home, I’m guessing I got sidetracked. I wandered to the park, which was a peaceful place around this time. It was darker, since it was around winter, even if it were only 4:30. I sighed and leaned against a tree, looking up at the sky. I’m guessing that I closed my eyes a bit after that, and eventually fell asleep for a few minutes.

Except, when I woke up, there wasn’t a sky in front of me, but instead there was endless darkness. I lifted my eyes and they widened even more. The endless darkness was better described as a void or abyss. I noticed that I wasn’t standing, but rather floating. I looked around for some form of exit or even entrance but found nothing but a small purple light bordered my body, while a small gold emitted from my eyes. I squinted in every direction, hoping for a small light of some kind. I eventually saw a very small glimmer in the distance and tried to walk, failing. I tried kicking but just spun in a vertical circle. I also tried to use my hands alone, which took me forward a bit. Instead, with a bit of frustration, I used both my hands and legs to pretty much swim in the direction of the light.

I got lost in my thoughts, memories of my parents, who had passed away when I was about 12, from there I’d taken care of myself. I was doing this swimming motion for a while before I started feeling tired. Slowing down and eventually stopping, I felt a soft voice behind me.

“Are you lost...Venus?” The voice was female, but it sounded a bit distorted and sad. “It’s better that way…”

I swirled around, keeping in mind where the light was behind me, “Who’s there?” I yelled out. As soon as I did, there was a small light that appeared in front of me. It was a feminine-figure, with a deep cyan shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. The face had pale skin, which looked dark because of the void’s shadows. The eyes were nothing but dull gray. Her hair was also a deep black, and her under-eyes were tired, and puffy. “Who are you, and where are we?”

“The Void of Lost Hopes. Who I am doesn’t matter right now...Neither do you, Venus. This place is all that’s meant for you, right? Living alone...Abandoned by your family and left as an outcast in school…”

“How do you know my name do you know about my family!?” She was about my age, and I noticed a black substance sinking out of her arms and legs, even her eyes, and disappearing into the void.

“The Void contains information on everyone like me, like you, like us….There’s no easy way to leave, as you must be aware. It’s a void for lost hopes, after all.”

“Then I’ll keep going. I’ll keep going and never give up until I get out.” I said and felt a surge of energy in me. My glow brightened, and the girl sighed. The gray in her eyes seemed to dim, and a pair of keen-green eyes were under the blanket of shadows that still covered them.

“I’m Penny.”

“I’ll be going, Penny. Why don’t we get out of here?” I offered her my hand. She smiled but didn’t take it. I turned back to where I was already heading, and she followed.

We were moving for a few more minutes before we got tired. Penny seemed used to this, but I was far from it. A deep purple filled my vision and I suddenly felt tired. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was in….
My old home.

It was like a cabin in the woods when we lived there; soft, warm, cozy, and so very happy. However, when my parents caught ill, I spent days trying to treat them before they had died.

“Venus…” The voice I was hearing, it was my mothers. I looked down, and suddenly, I was twelve-year-old me again, at my mother and father’s bedside. “You’re a splendid young lady, don’t let us hold you back…” Her pale face was still as beautiful as ever, and her blonde hair had become messy.

Instead of her arm falling, the whole image vanished, and my mother was suddenly standing, with me -seventeen me-, in front of her. She looked me in the eyes with dark, soulless navy eyes.

“Look what you’ve become, you disgrace of a child.” Her words hit me like a gun, and I felt a tear run down my face. My light dimmed a bit, and I felt the will to live even more of a burden. “You let us go. Were we really that worthless to you?”

“ don’t mean you?” My voice was trembling, and I felt tears start running down my face. “I still miss you...I visit your graves every day...Don’t say things like that...please.”

“Why shouldn’t I? They're true, aren’t they?” Her last words were a shout, and her body turned into a small sphere of navy, which slammed itself into me, around my heart area. My light flickered, but still glew. It was dim now, but still alive.

I opened my eyes again and was in front of Penny once again. “Let’s go..” Nothing else escaped my mouth, and I started heading the direction of the light again.

Another half hour of our movement passed, and the light had only brightened about two or three inches. Penny went in front of me, but something forced me to stay.

“ is hard at home, right?” This was a male’s voice, and I turned around to find him with pale skin, brown hair, gray-filled eyes, and a deep green shirt. He also wore a pair of gray sweatpants and more multi-task tennis shoes. “In here, we don’t have any burdens… No school, no taxes or monthly rentals, nothing…”

“Who are you?” I said, my light brightening a bit from the rush of determination I had in me.

“Flint..” He sighed more than spoke.

“If you’re going to try to talk me out of going home, don’t even try, I’m matter...what.” I lost my consciousness then and appeared in another blank space. In front of me stood my headmaster and the apartment-man who usually came to collect my monthly rentals.

“You’re such a burden, Venus. Why don’t you just join your parents.” The headmaster said. I tried my best not to let them affect me, hunching my shoulders and lifting my hands to cover my ears.

This vanished as well, and I felt myself cry for a moment. My light was even darker now, and struggling to even stay alive.

Before it could actually go out, I remembered my home, my loving parents and siblings, and it blasted back to life.

“Reality may be hard, but at least it’s real. That’s something my mother always told me. She also always told me to never give up, no matter what, and to remember what I’m fighting for.” I saw Flint’s eyes brighten to a cyan blue.

I seized their wrists and threw them forward towards the light, which was widening. Swimming after them, I felt my own light become brighter and brighter. Penny and Flint couldn’t keep up, so I gripped their wrists, and they held back.

Swimming as hard as possible while pulling them with me, we were almost there. I propelled Flint forward first, him disappearing into the light, which was dimming. As soon as a bit of the light touched him, his color returned, and he vanished through it. Next, I threw Penny through. The light was closing, and I pushed my hands between the openings. I felt something in my head change and squeezed my eyes shut.

Everything fell silent...Except for the occasional honk of a horn or hum of a car. I opened my eyes and blinked. I was in my bed again, still dressed in my outfit from before. I stood and looked out the window at the city. Good old noisy, and bright New York City. I smiled. I turned to my closet and opened the door, looking at myself; gasping at what I saw.
Staring back at me was a girl with lilac-purple eyes and silver-white hair. I had somehow changed from that….dream? Nightmare? What would I call the Void other than ‘The Void’? I sighed, opening the other door and getting ready for school.

Whatever it was, The Void had reminded me of how much I needed to believe in both myself and my abilities.


The End….?

Submitted: April 02, 2019

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