The Two faced Boy (the boy of Many Faces)

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This one is longer because of flashbacks

Chapter 5 (v.1) - The flashback

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



Chapter 5: The Flashback

After I slept the day Autumn yelled I knew she was right. I tried to sleep again I found myself watching not a dream but a painful horrible memory. I watched as my younger self walked to a house well as Autumn would call it a cottage with stone walls wooden door and thatch roofing. Young me knocked on the door and he held a box. This day is painful to remember. “Hey Sophie, open the door I got something for you.”

“what now Odin I need to help my sister with her packing she’s moving out you know” Sophie said from the other side of the door.

“Yeah I know could I help you out?” I asked.

She was just as I remember (well this IS my memory) she had blonde curly hair and brown eyes her sister is a twin of her and she has brown hair instead of blonde. “sure I guess just don’t summon your “Dog” I still have burn marks in the walls” she said

“I told you” I said. “He didn’t mean to fire”

“well, I didn’t know he cooks his own food” She shrugged.

We got to Springs room and she had three boxes were stacked next to her bookshelf and Spring yelled “NO DOGS IN MY ROOM!!”

“He’s not here calm down.” I said

“Sis stop he is here to help you” Sophie said before Spring could insult me

“Fine I’m tired anyway”

My young-self snaps his fingers and his eyes glow yellow and the objects all over the place were packed into boxes or were cleaned up and in a minute, everything was done I smirked. Then Sophie and young me walked into the kitchen. I know what will happen, but I don’t wake myself up. “so, it will be just you in this house huh?” I say trying to strike a conversation

“Yeah but my parents would like it” she said smiling

Then young me bends his knee behind her and asked, “May I join you?” she turns and cries saying “Yes” But, then an explosion blows up the wall next to us and I summoned a shield on both Spring and Sophie to protect them from the blast. The blast however knocks me out cold and I collapse. Then thousands of soldiers came in the broken rubble and grabbed Sophie but couldn’t find Spring. I saw that younger me stood out of the rubble and looked weak.

“Odin Demonslayer son of angel, you are under arrest for dealing with a demonic figure” said the knight that had Sophie

“*huff* And who sent you and where did you get that information*puff*” I said opening one of my eyes

“we were sent by the King and princess to take you to marry princess Shade. Come with us without force and we will not harm this girl” The knight boasted.

“Fine I will come with you but do not harm her” Young me said while stumbling over

This is where the nightmare begins “don’t forget me and protect Spring for me” Sophie said and she pulled out a bow and jumped away from the knight and shot him in the face. But, as soon as she shoots she gets shot with a crossbow.

“NO!” I yell. Then my eyes turn yellow and red I summon spikes and knives and stab everyone of the guards killing them I then summon a gigantic dragon and it shoots pure dark and light magic toward the kingdom and I start to laugh.

I wake-up in a cold sweat and I hear a buzzing from my phone and Autumn texted me she asked “what kind of flower did you get me was it magic” I respond with no and wonder if she could be…  

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