The Two faced Boy (the boy of Many Faces)

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Sorry this took a while but here it goes (if you wanna know the insperation for Dona its based on my friend well personality wise)

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Magical Meeting

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



Chapter 6: The magical meeting

Today I’m meeting with Odin, I told him about a friend who may help with his question, her name is Dona. She has brown hair and lime eyes; she is a huge nerd however. She is a good friend of mine who loves history, she also has some weird way of telling a book’s age and page number by looking at them. We arrive at her library in a car, Odin was looking scared when I saw him in the morning, but he looked more intrigued then usual. I open the door and she is just standing there like she saw us coming. I looked at Odin he didn’t look impressed. “AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS THAT CREEPY” I thought.

“You must be Dona, I am Odin Demonslayer” he said bowing but his eyes were glowing.

“Nice to meet you I h-heard about you from Autumn” she said blushing a little

I was mad “he’s Taken” I think and for some reason Odin smiled can he hear my thoughts

“is something wrong Autumn?” Dona asked.

Then I knew my face gave it away “let’s just get inside” I say embarrassed

We walk in and it’s a mess as normal but, Odin picks up a book while we walk to her computer room which is a big black painted room, there are some papers with her deciphers on the ground and a ton of cords running into her computer, I rarely see this room. Odin then speaks up, “An angel will betray his kind and will be helped by a techno witch”. Both me and Dona look at him in confusion “What?”

“Where did you read that” I asked.

“that’s what the symbols on the paper read,” He said like it was nothing

“YOU CAN READ THOSE!” Dona yells in complete shock

“what you can’t? These are the text of magic. The text of prof….” his voice trails off then his eyes turn purple and he laughs, “well didn’t know that there was a witch still in this time”

I look at the two of them in confusion I want to say, “what do you mean she’s a witch?” but instead came out “wha…witch…she’s…?”

“what do you mean” Dona asks confused as me

“You’re a witch you use magic or at least your own type of magic” he says calm and not even a little confused. I ask Dona if this is true

“I guess I am” she says uncertain.

“w-w-we should get back to the question Odin had.”

“r-right” Dona said shaken

She started typing away in a search bar and opened an ancestry cite, and she turned around “what is this girls name?” She asked

“Sophie” he said “Sophie De…Mayflower” he looked as if she had a different last name

“okay well according to this tree it stops where she is so she’s ether no recorded children or…”

“dead she’s dead” he interrupted looking grim “how about her sister? Spring?”

“seems she did have kids and they lead to…” She scrolled down and I didn’t believe my eyes

“My ancestor is named Spring?” I asked.

“man, this is just like a B Movie so predictable” Dona said taking a sip of coffee. “your ancestor’s husband is prince shadow. Brother of princess Shade who was…Obliterated?”

Odin grimaced when she said Shade.

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